Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fun Stuff

Lest you think my return to blogging is going to be all cancer all the time, this post is going to be the fun catch-up photo-packed post I intended to write yesterday.

On September 16, 2011, I became an aunt for the third time. Meet Victoria:

Here she is again during her first trip to New York City for Thanksgiving:

In December I once again used more butter and sugar than is generally advisable and hosted my tenth annual dessert party. It turned out to be one of my favorite parties ever. I especially enjoyed the end when I was able to sit down and talk with the last of my guests until about 2 am.

For Christmas my parents and I celebrated with my sister and her husband Christmas Eve and the drove to Yellowstone on Christmas day for my dad's dream vacation.

I say it was my dad's dream vacation but really, my mom seemed to enjoy herself as well.

Okay, I'm going to just go ahead and share a bunch of photos from Yellowstone because it was all so magical and beautiful I can't just pick a couple.

Everyone did snow angels:

This is the part where a nearly had an anxiety attack when I thought this bison was going to climb up on the walkway and charge me:

To my relief, he just wanted to get on the other side:

So much laughing that trip:

Waiting for Old Faithful:

I talked my mom into trying snow shoeing with me . . . and she loved it!

It helped that seeing this was one of the rewards for our efforts:

One of the best moments was this one, curled up on the cozy couches in the lodge, drinking hot chocolate and eating yummy snacks.

I suggest booking your winter wonderland trip to Yellowstone soon. It was one of my favorites.

Speaking of winter wonderland, I did a lot of snowboarding this winter. Including my first trip to Maine!

It was beautiful and fun despite the fact that I was nearly taken out by a migraine and ended up fighting naseau throughout our fancy dinner (meaning, I didn't eat at the nicest restaurant we went to).

More East Coast riding at the beginning of February with friends at a tiny little resort called Bellayre.

Friends old and new to enjoy it with:

And to tow me through the flat parts (skier friends can be useful!):

I spoke at a conference in Dallas in February which gave me the opportunity to spend the weekend catching up with friends and getting a tour tailor-made for my entertainment.

This place was bizarre but my friends knew I would love it:

I was taught in the correct form for "hook 'em" by a couple of alums.

And like I said, took in the local attractions (I'm sure the photo is crooked because I was laughing too hard):

In March it was off for more fun in the snow - a Utah ski vacation with three east coasters who were in for a shock with all of the vertical and powder:

Like I said, deep powder can be an adjustment for ice-riders from the east!

We stayed at Solitude (how fun to be a tourist in my home-state!) and one night several of my local friends joined us for dinner at The Yurt.

We snow-shoed to the Yurt:

Here it is!

And then we enjoyed a five course meal and lots of laughter.

Leaving the Yurt:

Post-Yurt there were some antics in the snow:

And of course there was all the snowboarding: The Canyons, Solitude, Snowbird and back to Solitude again. Here I am at the top of the Tram at Snowbird, the day I decided to take up ninja riding:

My black diamond companion . . . he thought he was so much better than me in Maine but I'm faster on powder!

Unfortunately I had to take a number of conference calls and keep an eye on email.

One of my better falls of the trip:

This was the first day of spring:

Honeycomb Canyon may be one of my favorite places on earth:

And finally, here I am feeling rather bad ass:

There have been many other fun things over the last few months like hosting a visit from a friend that included seeing the Green Day musical on Broadway - American Idiot. It was amazing! And I was never even a Green Day fan! Other than that we mostly ate that weekend, one of my favorite pass times.

And for Easter I finally went and saw the Highline here in New York. I highly recommend it, especially with the warm weather here at last.

Now I believe you are all caught up!


Suz said...

All of your trips look like so much fun. I am glad you have returned to the blogging world. Best wishes on your Rock 'n 'Roll race in June. I have done the one in Phoenix for 3 years and highly recommend it. I will keep you in my prayers as you rock 'n' roll cancer too.

Annie said...

i've missed your blogging. please don't wait so long for the next post!

i've lived in utah almost all my life and have never been skiing. i'm embarrassed to admit that. but it is true.

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