Monday, June 14, 2010

random catch up (and yes, all my posts are now random)

Hmmm, looks like it is about time I do another random, rambling post so the two or three of you that still pay attention will keep paying attention and not wander off like all my other readers . . . ahem, let's get started.
  • That "ahem" was not just figurative. Due to allergies run amok I have to resist the urge to clear my throat ever 3.5 seconds.
  • I'm resisting that urge right now.
  • I have post nasal drip issues caused by allergies which not only cause an almost uncontrollable compulsion to constantly clear my throat, but also makes my voice hoarse
  • oh, and also? it restricts my breathing capacity to the point where, when I'm running, I feel like I'm breathing through a very tiny straw.
  • Like a coffee stirrer kind of straw - not those big fat McDonald's kind
  • why does McDonald's have the best straws?
  • actually, do they still have those straws? I haven't been in ages. About once every couple of years I get a nearly uncontrollable urge to get a McFlurry - the oreo kind.
  • Wow, an oreo McFlurry would do wonders for my raw throat
  • see, there is that uncontrollable urge! There is a McDonald's Cafe with a walk-up window on my walk home.
  • the old fashioned McDonald's shut down and I thought woohoo (because I'm cruel like that about franchise food) until a few weeks later it opened as this fancy looking McCafe with a more modern color pallete and design
  • the internet advises me to sip water each time I want to clear my throat, like right now
  • that's a lot of water
  • of course, it would help with the whole preventing kidney stones thing, right?
  • also - I finally bought a netti pot
  • don't know what that is? well, don't judge based on the description because it is truly awesome, it is a saline nasal irrigation and it clears sinuses and relieves post nasal drip for about 20 minutes (for me)
  • the one I bought at duane read has a suspiciously phallic looking spout - gross, I know, but I had to tell someone because it is also pretty funny
  • called my doctor Friday desperate for an appointment or drugs or anything to help me breathe better since my race is barreling its way toward me with increasing speed - it is this Friday!!
  • no one ever called me back and when I called again this morning I was told I could have an appointment on July 21st - I would hope my allergies will have cleared up on their own by then
  • the doctor (through Ida, the woman answering the phone) was eventually coerced into calling in a prespcription for my post-nasal drip
  • she was surprisingly reluctant to do so
  • it isn't like I relish in the thought of spraying inhaled steroids up my nose
  • last time I did that I gained a pound for each spray almost instantly
  • 10 of those pounds are still hanging around
  • I'm also supposed to take Zyrtec
  • Hopefully this will all kick in well before Friday to allow free breathing for my race
  • running 12.4 miles in 24 hours while breathing through a coffee stirrer is not my idea of fun
  • I'm not even sure running 12.4 miles in 24 hours is my idea of fun - I'll have to let you know about that once it is all over
  • speaking of running, the guy helping me at the running store in my debate between purchasing a hat or a visor recognized me and added me to some secret store list that gives me a 10% discount each time I'm there
  • I told him with my upcoming race stopping in has become more of a compulsion, "just in case" I need something
  • I decided on a hat
  • I liked the hat I looked at at lululemon earlier in the day better because it had a pocket - a hat with a pocket!! But it was way too big for me despite the "one size fits all" claim
  • and it was a woman's one size fits all hat
  • have I ever mentioned my small head to you before? my siblings think it is endlessly funny to mock my small head
  • don't complain to me about your big head now, a small head is equally challenging in terms of proportion and proper fitting head wear
  • for example, each graduation ceremony I walked in (3 total) required me to wear some dumb hat and despite taking my head measurement, each mortar board was too big and always flopped to the side in whatever direction my tassel was weighing it down - it also just slid around at will on my greasy, stick-straight hair - awesome for photos!
  • my head is just another part of my anatomy that seems out of proportion with the rest - unusually large hands (for a girl), extra small feet (for my height), disproportionately long legs and arms, extra short torso and small head.
  • I'm not complaining, it is just odd when I start looking at it all and get surprised I don't look like a freak with everything being either too big or too small
  • new subject - or maybe back to an old subject
  • Saturday night I did my first night run - I set off at 930 pm hoping the heat had died off from its earlier muggy ickness I experienced on my morning run (Saturday was my last 2 day run!) - my allergies weren't as bad and I was surprised by how many people were out running and strolling and riding bikes along the Hudson River
  • I even ran further south than I had originally planned to explore the newly opened park near Chelsea Piers (hadn't run south in a while)
  • I felt good, like I was in a groove and I felt confident about my race
  • upon my return I shared an elevator with 3 people heading to the roof for a party, as I left the elevator (earphones still in but with the music at a low volume) I overheard one of the girls comment "she must be a runner . . . "
  • I really wish I could have heard the rest of what she said
  • I felt validated being recognized as a runner but have had fun playing with ways to complete the sentence like "because she was dripping in sweat" or the more obvious "because she is wearing running clothes/shoes at 1030 pm and what other loser would be doing that on a Saturday night?" or my favorite but least likely to be true "because she has that leanness of a runner" ha!
  • oh, thanks for all of your support through the great sink explosion of 2010, my plumbing woes followed me to my hotel in San Diego but thankfully have not returned in my apartment (knock on wood!)
  • fyi, the apartment has been thoroughly bleached
  • the hotel in SD had a gurgily sink that was just taunting me and a really slow draining tub
  • yes, I complained but not until check out. I was too busy with work and otherwise lazy to ask for a new room while I was there - I just didn't want to bother shifting all my stuff to a new room for such a short duration
  • my flight to San Diego had a 2 hour delay sitting on the tarmac out of JFK
  • I think I'm now at the point where I'm just resigned to that sort of thing since there is truly nothing I can do about it
  • I worked some on the plane but I've also managed to read a few more books than usual so that is a bonus
  • yesterday I babysat my cousin's 6 month old baby
  • he was super smiley and adorable and when I took him out of the stroller when we got to my apartment he put his chubby little arms around my neck and just hugged me - my heart melted significantly
  • and the memory of that hug really helped get me through the part where he was so tired he didn't know how to fall asleep and just screamed and screamed
  • eventually he fell asleep and timed it well before the hug memory died off
  • just 3 hours alone with a baby gave me a renewed appreciation for moms - I delusionally thought I could do laundry, pay my bills and finish cleaning up while he amused himself on the floor . . . none of that actually happened until after he was asleep and then really only the folding laundry part
  • work is crazy and I should really wrap this up and get back to it now
  • right after I order dinner because I am starving
  • posting may continue to be light since I head out to Salt Lake on Wednesday for my race and I am sticking around out there through early next week so I can mark off turning another year older with my family and Utah friends but I'll try to catch up about the race soon


Artax said...

Good luck with the travel, with the race, and with the year turning thing.

katie said...

Hope ragnar is great. If by chance you're on Amanda's team, I think you'll also be on my friend Kamille's team. She use to live right around the corner from me and has been my girls dance teacher (as well as Liz and Mickeys kids).
Have great time.....and happy early birthday.

Annie said...

oh the good old netti pot. dan had sinus surgery and we got one shortly thereafter. he loves it. i love that it works! i hope your allergies let up a bit!

have fun on friday and saturday. i am incredibly jealous! one day:)

and yes, happy birthday!!!

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