Monday, May 24, 2010

Randomy Monday

  • this week kicks off a month of weekly bi-coastal travel
  • first stop: San Diego
  • when I checked the 10-day weather forecast for San Diego it claims there was a 4.2 earthquake 11 hours ago
  • otherwise high 60s and partly cloudy
  • is it weird of me to kind of want a little small earthquake while I'm there?
  • I have a morbid fascination with being apart of catastrophic events
  • I haven't admitted this much to people but on 9/11 I was weirdly disappointed that I was at home in midtown Manhattan that day rather than at my office two blocks away from the World Trade Center
  • weird, I know
  • to be clear - I am not wishing any type of crazy earthquake on Southern California later this week, I just have a fascination with how I will act and react in extreme situations
  • after San Diego I head to Portland for Memorial weekend
  • the weather there will be low 60s with chance of rain
  • I will be fulfilling an 18-month old promise to visit a friend who left me friendless at work when she moved
  • I'm still a little bitter about that, the perfect work friend is hard to come by and she was a great one
  • we both liked making planned trips to the candy jar to reward ourselves for hard work
  • hard work like, not making unscheduled trips to the candy jar
  • in our new offices I don't even know where the candy jar is!
  • I find that a little bit tragic
  • speaking of my new office and treats, we no longer have vending machines on every floor
  • to get a snack or soda I now have to take two elevators to the vending machines
  • the vending machines are pretty fancy and they all take credit cards
  • but that is probably to compensate for the fact that no one will manage to have correct change when a bottle of soda is $1.50 and Red Bull is over $2
  • I've only had a Red Bull once
  • To combat a threatening migraine
  • Tiffany provided it
  • She is kind of a Red Bull pusher
  • Last Christmas she kept trying to talk my dad into trying one so he could keep wandering the city with us
  • we put him in a cab instead
  • it was a good thing because our next couple of stops were all closed
  • sure, it was Christmas Eve but still, didn't Shake Shack understand that we were all craving a shake?
  • sometimes it is weird for me to think about the completely opposite end of the weather spectrum than the one I am currently experiencing
  • like being bundled up in a parka, hat and gloves seems odd when all I needed was a scarf this morning
  • although it is easier in the spring and the fall to wrap my head around the extremes, but in the summer when it is sweltering and I can barely stand to wear shorts and a t-shirt, winter will seem really bizarre
  • speaking of Christmas Eve, Tiffany and I split the last box of the most amazing cocoa covered French truffles sold at the Christmas market at Columbus Circle - the box contained 4 bags and we each took 2.
  • My first bag was devoured pretty readily over the holiday by me and my guests
  • then I somehow forgot about the second bag for a while and when I rediscovered it I have managed to ration the truffles out in singles or pairs
  • I still have quite a few left
  • the way they melt on your tongue is pure heaven
  • the first time I tried this type of truffle was in a chocolate shop in Geneva with my sister. We had not yet learned that dark chocolate is the greatest kind and were skeptical when the chocolatier urged us to add some to our sampler box. But once she handed us free samples, we were hooked.
  • wish I had one here at my desk now
  • instead I have the remains of my tuna sandwich that I need to take to the pantry to throw out before my office is overpowered by the tuna smell
  • actually, it is too late, all I can smell is tuna
  • speaking of tuna, those vending machines I mentioned earlier have tuna salad kits
  • I find that a little odd
  • other things available in those fancy vending machines: ice-cream, burritos, 4-minute meals from Fresh Direct (these are pretty good) and White Castle burgers
  • That's right - White Castle!
  • that was pretty much the talk of the office that first week - everyone was fascinated by the decision to put those in there and who would possibly eat them
  • this is getting kind of long
  • but I still want to talk about my weekend so hang on for a bit, Sunday I did absolutely nothing so this shouldn't take too long
  • Saturday I did two 30-minute runs - the first one was good but the second one felt much harder
  • between the two runs I went to the eye doctor and to Brooklyn
  • the eye doctor lectured me a bit about wearing my contacts for too long - this particular pair has been with me since early March
  • I don't wear them for more than 8-10 hours at a time but they really should be thrown out every 4 weeks
  • sometimes eye exams make me a little anxious like I'm getting the answers all wrong
  • also, they give me a headache
  • Brooklyn was fun - I visited Fort Greene park to picnic with a friend and her energetic 1-year old who can spot a ball a mile away and is not afraid to steal it from any old toddler's stroller
  • I also bought a new pair of running shoes on Saturday
  • mine aren't worn out yet but my more experienced running consultants advised it is a good idea to start rotating in the new pair before the old pair are completely done
  • I noticed a big difference in my second run with the stiffer shoes
  • went to a farewell dinner Saturday night at a Cuban restaurant
  • wasn't really excited about going but went anyway and enjoyed myself
  • although I found it weird when a couple of different people commented on how dressed up I was
  • I didn't feel especially dressed up and wasn't any more dressed up than anyone else in the room
  • in retrospect I am going to chalk it up to my post-run glow - if there is such a thing - since I had to rush through the shower and get ready phase to make it to the dinner after that second run
  • and like I said on Sunday I did nothing
  • unless you count the hour and a half I spent hunting for vacation deals for my sister and her husband over the phone
  • or all the crap tv I watched
  • I've primarily blamed this on my allergies wiping me out
  • but if I'm being honest, I was just feeling extremely lazy
  • lazy enough for a no shower day
  • but hey, I took 2 on Saturday so that should count, right?
  • no?
  • okay, I don't really want to end on that note but I've run out of nonsense to type
  • unless anyone wants to suggest a good place to eat in San Diego
  • I'll be back two more times after this in June so any and all suggests are welcome
  • I'll also be in Utah a couple of times in June
  • oh, and briefly for a layover on my way home from Portland
  • I better get back to work now
  • Have a great week!


Tiffany said...

I still have my second bag of truffles too! Slowly rationing them, as well.

And I will always remember trying to push the Red Bull on your dad. He was *this* close to giving in.

Annie said...

maybe you should get a candy jar of your own. people would possibly come visit you. but then what if someone you didn't care for came by too often. if i had a candy jar, i would just eat all the candy. because i can't control myself and because i wouldn't want any unwanted visitors. so maybe you should stick to not knowing where it is, and go two floors away for the vending machine.

Donna said...

Oh what I would do for a cocoa covered French truffle right now...

ps- occasionally I see your comments over on FMH and I always find them very insightful. :)

Mary said...

I always like to see where that crazy Guy Fieri has been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I did not know the show before going to San Diego last time, but go here:

Search for the term San Diego and 6 good looking places show up.

Anonymous said...

*I* would eat the White Castles! I would only be sad that they aren't Krystals..

I will ALSO be in Utah in June! Small world!

Anonymous said...

Karl Strauss in San Diego has amazing mac and cheese and other selections, and a friendly bar where a lone traveler can enjoy a meal. Freds (super casual) has great carne asada tacos. Also love Lou and Mickeys.

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