Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I am really stuck as far as writing goes lately. I have plenty to say but the words just aren't coming together for me lately for some reason. Hopefully I can push out of this funk soon so you don't all wander off and figure out there are better blogs than mine to waste your time with.

In the mean time, have a fabulous Cinco de Mayo. I hope yours is filled with guacamole, good burritos and plenty of refreshing margaritas (virgin or fully loaded, whatever you prefer). And if you need some inspiration as to how to celebrate - try this salad. It is delicious and quite festive.


lemoniepants said...

i'll think of you at cafe rio this afternoon.
ha! finally i can eat somewhere awesome while you drool instead of the other way around.

please eat a cupcake for me today. i really want a NYC cupcake.

Anonymous said...

I really miss reading your posts...

No pressure... OK, some pressure...

Looking forward to reading them again soon! :-)

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