Friday, February 12, 2010

more snow 2010

To send you off to a weekend of love. Or at least to a long weekend free of work and full of the Olympics, here are a few more photos from Blizzard 2010 (imagine a dramatic male voice over right there). To sum up the storm, I will paraphrase a conversation I had with my sister that evening:

Her: Be honest, if that storm was in Salt Lake would anyone get out of work early?

Me: No.

Her: Would the airport have closed?

Me: Of course not. Although flights may have been a little delayed. The thing is, the infrastructure of this city is barely hanging in there on a good day, so the smallest thing can knock everything off course. There are just too many people to move around.

Her: So, a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan . . .

Me: Exactly.

Not that this storm was the smallest thing. It was definitely an event. But the City whisked the snow away almost as quickly as it landed (in Manhattan at least) so unless you went to Central Park, it was impossible to tell how much snow had actually fallen. I never heard a total but I think it was far less than the 12-18 inches that was predicted. And by mid-day yesterday, the bulk of the sidewalks were completely dry.


(the worst part about snow in NYC)

(these guys made me want to go running in it, until I realized I would probably fall)

(how many snowmen do you see being built in this photo?)


Bob said...

Great photos. I was especially impressed with your use of B&W, until I noticed that it was the scene that was B&W. I think there were only two photos where I could not find at least one small splash of color, where everything else was in shades of gray. The one with the green light as the only point of color was really powerful and evocative of the kind of day it must have been. Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany said...

Gorgeous photos! I agree with Bob, I thought some of them were in black and white too!

Artax said...

I agree too. Very nice photos.

Ma said...

I also agree that your photos are great. Central Park is gorgeous with all the snow. It's fascinating to see your photos (past and present) with the different seasons in Central Park.

katie said...

I LOVE every single one of those pictures. So cool!

KimcheeMandoo said...

i love the photos! have a great v-day with your fairy-godkids!

alison said...

Oh, I do miss the park. I do not, however, miss that awful slush! Hope your feet are staying dry!

Krista said...

Wow. GREAT shots! Great composition and framing in some, in addition to the fab use of colour contrast.

I am so jealous of your snow!! I live in Ottawa, where we are having a record low for snow - so I'd even take the wet slushy stuff!

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