Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

Too bad I am one of the few suckers who trudged into the office today. At least I'm wearing jeans. Not that it matters since there are only about 5 other people currently on my floor. The snow wasn't too terrible for my walk in but it is getting and worse and worse outside so hopefully I won't be in the office too long.

Curious about what it really looks like out there? Or at least how it looked at 830 am when I was walking in? Here's a photo tour of my commute. Enjoy!

Let me start the tour by telling you that I love snow. I mean, I seriously love snow. I love watching it, I love sledding on it, I love tilting my head back and catching it on my tongue, I really love snowboarding on it and yes, I even like walking in it.

That being said, my love of snow is directly linked to the type of snow I grew up with, aka, "The Greatest Snow on Earth" (it is true, it's on the Utah license plate and there was even a lawsuit over it! (okay fine, the lawsuit was over infringing on the "greatest show on earth", but that's not really the point)). Utah's snow is a dry, powdery snow that is a thing of absolute beauty. It is light, it is fluffy and did I mention dry? I never really understood the whole dry snow thing until I moved to the East Coast and discovered what wet snow looks and feels like.

Mostly, it feels like this:

Wet, cold, sloppy and not as amenable to snowballs and snowmen. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good New York blizzard. Quite the opposite. The biggest drawback to snow in Utah is having to drive in it (although I don't really mind that). But in New York? I just have to pull on my snow boots and tromp through it.

What always surprises me here is how many people carry umbrellas in the snow. Until I'm soaked because, like I said before, this snow is WET! And yet, I never end up carrying an umbrella and just try to tuck my hair under a hat and into a scarf to try and stay dry.

But the absolute worst part about walking in a blizzard is the wind. I have probably mentioned the secret portal to the arctic circle that is located on the corner outside my building. I live right on the Hudson River and that creates a pretty severe cross wind that has been known to not only blow over a few garbage cans and sent me chasing my hat into the street but has also wiped out neon signs of neighboring retail establishments and shattered the revolving door into my building. That's right - shattered! Gusts of 50 mph are not unusual. And they are part of the forecast for today.

And even though the wind has not really whipped up into its peak quite yet, it is gusting which means turning down the wrong street can result in being assaulted with hundreds of tiny needle-like icy "snowflakes" piercing any exposed skin - basically my face. At one point during my walk, I turned a corner to walk east and immediately rethought my route at the same time as a couple of guys did the same and one of them said "Hell, no!" Luckily, the next cross street wasn't quite as wind tunnel-ish.

The only way to really appreciate the bitter wind that is blowing in every direction in a photo, is to look at the sides of buildings and signs:
Oh, and these are the north sides of signs when the worst wind was blowing from the east.

But like I've said, I like the snow so I still managed to enjoy the walk . . . no idea why I closed my eyes.

When I was almost to work, the snow shifted from something wet, heavy and sleety,

to this stuff:

It feels a lot like a hail/snow hybrid. And it stings when it hits your face although it is less needle-like.
If you are getting snow wherever you are (and if you are on the east coast, you definitely are), stay warm and safe and dry. As for me, I'm looking forward to leaving early and maybe taking a detour through Central Park.


Annie said...

we are heading to st. george and vegas next week. 60's and maybe some low 70's. ahh heaven!

i agree with you about the wind. the sun is shining here today but there is a slight breeze. i could do without it! stay warm, and dry!

alison said...

Go home now before it's too late! I hope you have lots of peanut M&Ms and popcorn at home!

lemoniepants said...

ok, technically it REALLY is the greatest snow on earth. 'cause of the oceans and stuff.

Tiffany said...

That self-portrait is the cutest! Stay warm and dry!

Tiffany said...

Close your eyes or not, I'm loving that pic of you. it's pretty and abstract and artistic. =)

Mary said...

I agree, that picture of you really is cool. The wind, not so much.

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