Monday, December 07, 2009

private blogging

How have you been?
I have a little confession to make - I feel comfortable saying this here because we are hidden behind lock and key and password protection so none of the bad guys can get in.

I hate private blogging.

Hate it.

While I am the biggest of skeptics when it comes to get rich quick schemes and really any type of home sales thing (I believe they are all ultimately pyramid schemes - sorry if you are in one), I simply do not trend toward paranoia in the blogging world. The only reason I made the incredible difficult decision to blog privately is due to a job application process that demands a bit more discretion.

However, I find private blogging completely unmotivating.

I am sorry.

One of the thrilling aspects of blogging for me was the sense of community. The opportunity to learn and grow from reading snipits of other people's lives and find a connection with strangers. I have also been surprised to find myself drawn to people online with whom I may or may not have become friends with had we met in real life. I have also received a huge amount of encouragement from my readers to keep writing in the form of comments (oh, how we all crave comments, right).

Not that my comments have dropped off or anything since moving to private. I've actually been impressed with how much people continue to read.

It is just that I somehow don't have as much motivation to write. Maybe I am just in a writing slump that is completely unrelated. I have a handful of posts sitting in my drafts pile that I will try and just finish and push out and maybe that will help push me through my slump.

But mostly I just wanted to say hi, I'm still here. Pretty busy with work and December madness. My dessert party is on Saturday and I have to confess, I am not that excited this year. I keep looking at it as a bunch of work without a lot of upside. I don't know why my attitude sucks.

Maybe because I spent all day yesterday decorating my apartment and couldn't really get into the spirit of the whole thing.

Maybe because two sets of lights died.

Maybe because there weren't any fun holiday movies on tv to help alter my mood.

Maybe because I know I am going to be cutting it all a little too close since I haven't baked or prepped one thing and I don't even have a realistic list of what I'm making this year!

Maybe I am just irritable because I now have a weird hip injury that sprang out of nowhere.

Maybe I just feel like the response to my evite have been lackluster . . . .

Or maybe I should stop complaining, be grateful that I have been blessed enough to have a very good year filled with wonderful friends and just enjoy the opportunity I have to do something I normally love (baking).


David said...

I can understand how private blogging would not be as exciting. Even if you are getting the same level of interaction as when it was open you still know in the back of your mind that nobody can just stumble onto your writing.

Tiffany said...

I can certainly see why private blogging is frustrating. And I can understand a writing slump, too! But never fear, there's some great shows on TV tonight, burned out lights can be replaced, and you have the red velvet cupcakes that people dream about all year!


alison said...

Sorry you are in a funk. I really insist that you check out Fa la la la lifetime. The movies are just terrible, but in a fabulous way. I taped like 6 of them this weekend, and am currently watching "A Boyfriend for Christmas" starring that girl from the Practice who isn't Lara Flynn Boyle. I think they play constant Christmas-themed movies every weekend until Christmas, so it's not too late!

Kelly said...

I have been feeling a little lackluster this season too, despite the fact that I have nothing but blessings in my life. Know that you're not alone. Also, I'm sure your party will come together and everyone will have fun.

I can't wait for the recap!


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