Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I'm going to a fancy dress-up holiday party Friday night (unless I freak out about my dessert party and decide to stay home and bake instead) and I'm trying to decide what to wear. Here are the choices:

I wore Option 1 to a wedding this past summer and Option 2 to a wedding a couple of years ago (big difference in camera quality from 1 to 2, right?). If I wear Option 2 I wouldn't go quite so literal with gold dress and gold jewelry. I'm not promising I will take your advice, but I'm curious to know which you think I should wear. Take my poll!

Which dress should I wear?

Option 1

Option 2 free polls


Tiffany said...

I voted. And then I refrained from voting a second time.

KimcheeMandoo said...

I saw option 1 in person on you. Really beautiful. Not sure about option 2.... Maybe it doesn't photograph as well as option 1? You know I'm always honest ;-)

Kelly said...

I'm on the edge of my seat ... which one did you wear? Pictures?

Kelly said...

Also, I'm looking forward to a post about the holiday dessert party.

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