Tuesday, November 17, 2009

weekend pictorial

Despite a rainy, dreary Saturday, this past weekend was a great one. I started the weekend off with a difficult hill workout. How did I recover? I met friends for a delicious brunch at the New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park - all the way up at the very tippy top north end of Manhattan.

Wendy enticed us back to her apartment by claiming it was a "short" 4 1/2 block walk once we were out of the park. Oh, and she promised pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. So we sludged through the rain and I saved Kamillah's life a dozen or so times since slick bottomed boots plus wet leaf-lined hills don't mix so well.

At least I got to see beautiful fall colors like this:

Dripping wet, we settled into Wendy's apartment and caught up with her husband too. I have to admit I ate more than my fair share of cookies (uh, they were small and I did all that life saving back in the park).

Still wet from our earlier trek, we made our way back to the subway where Emily and learned where the A train ends!

I did a little shopping, had time for a short, short break on my couch before I had to get myself ready to go out again. I was double-booked for the evening - Ute game with the alumni chapter versus dinner with some of my favorite friends. Luckily dinner was just a few blocks from the game watch. And unluckily, the Utes didn't make it too difficult for me to leave after an hour since they forgot how to play football.

So I met up with these fun people and had a fabulous night!

I then finished the weekend with a 3 mile run on Sunday as the sun was setting over the Hudson and the leaves were popping more vibrantly than they have all fall. I wish it could be 60 degrees and sunny for at least a few more weekends because it makes running so much more enjoyable.

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Tiffany said...

Perfect weekend, I'd say, rain and all!

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