Monday, November 09, 2009

Raffle Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my blogwarming party. With 32 comments received in one weekend, I think my blog feels sufficiently warmed. Which is good because I sort of feared losing the blog-affirming support of comments when I went private. Especially since my mom rarely comments. And if you can't rely on your mom to say something nice. . . well, I guess I just have to rely on you guys and luckily you pulled through.

For my raffle I got really fancy. I wrote all of the names of those who commented on a piece of paper in the order that the comment was made (multiple commenters got multiple entries) and numbered the names and smiled really big when the number hit 32. Because, you know, I really like comments.

As a side note, has anyone else noticed how cell phones are the new social crutch? I don't remember what one did in the past while waiting somewhere awkwardly or while being ignored by those around you other than just stand there (seriously?) but these days I've noticed that pretty much everyone consults their phone. For example, arrive at a restaurant before anyone else in your party? Just pull out your phone/blackberry/iphone and look at it with an impatient look on your face and voila - now everyone in the vicinity will realize your friends are just a few minutes away and are just late. You are the thoughtful punctual friend. Feeling left out of the group's conversation because the restaurant/bar is too loud to hear anyone not sitting immediately next to you? Pull out your phone and check your email and text messages to see if anyone else in the world is thinking of you at that moment - or at least give others the impression that you are wanted/needed/desired by someone not in the room making you oh, so very important. Waiting for a bus? Scroll through your emails and again, others will view you as important.

I will confess that over the weekend when I found myself in a couple of these situations, I did in fact consult my blackberry for moral support and often, to my surprise and joy, there were your comments filling up my inbox. It was fantastic! This is what popular bloggers must feel like.

Anyway, on with the raffle. I suppose for this to qualify as an actual raffle (instead of just a different word for blog giveaway) I would have had to sell you tickets and then pulled out your number from a bucket. But since this is a virtual raffle (and my blog), I get to decide the rules. So I assigned you all a number and then I used that random number generator thingy and right before I told it to go, I considered cheating and giving the prize to the commenter whose comment made me laugh out loud when I read it. Luckily I was standing in my living room at the time and was not in one of those other social situations because it might have been difficult to explain had someone inquired (especially since none of the people I hung out with this weekend have any inkling that I have a blog, especially now that I'm private). I mean, there were some other great comments so how could I play favorites and not love that lemoniepants wanted me to send her pumpkin waffles with "star trek fancy glitter" [even though I truly have no idea what that means]? Or that Customer Support has suggested some intriguing substance called "homemade buttermilk syrup" to pair with my waffles? And how could I not love getting compliments on both my shower curtain and my plate? Surprisingly no one complimented my awesome Jay Leno outfit.So I hit Generate and the resulting number was:

And guess what comment was number 26? The funny one I wanted to cheat and give a prize! Good job randomizer! In case you are wondering, that comment came from KimmyGoat who said ...
"Thank you for sharing. You have SO MADE MY SUNDAY! For what it's worth, I will forever assume Leno wears denim shirts off-stage because of you. It's a hoot! My choir trip was to Disney World in 1995. Karaoke (in the hotel bar) also featured prominently."
You made my Sunday as well KimmyGoat. And the emphasis is mine because I had never made that connection before! I mean Jay did admire my ensemble as I walked down the stairs (right after he called me a "woman" which totally baffled my 17-year old self who had never previously been referred to as a woman) by asking if I was in town for the 90210 auditions. Clearly he did not actually watch 90210 because if he did he would know that neither Brenda, Kelly nor Donna (and not even Andrea) would never have been caught dead walking around in home-made patchwork denim shorts, knock-off brand birkenstocks and that Guatamalan print hat, let alone willingly walked into a live national television broadcast looking that way. And if you watch my reaction to his comment, I was clearly insulted by the comparison. I was a few years away from my frequent 90210 watching years. In high school I hated the show and the girls at school who imitated it.

Oh, and bonus points to Kimmy Goat for using the term "it's a hoot" because that is a phrase that has always delighted me when my mother uses it. I put it in the same category of her question "are they getting thick?" when asking whether a couple is getting serious.
And what has Kimmy Goat won in my raffle? I would like to give her a big stack of homemade pumpkin waffles still steaming from the waffle iron but logistically I think that would be a little difficult since I don't make it to Nebraska too often (although I did go there once in law school during an extreme blizzard! Fun times.). Instead, she wins this:

That's right, a jug of maple syrup to be poured over waffles and pancakes and whatever else she chooses. Except, a new jug, not the one out of my fridge. Just email me your address and I'll have it delivered to your door in time to impress your Thanksgiving guests (if you have any) or to keep all to yourself to enjoy its deliciousness.


NannyGoat said...

I'm the MomGoat and I think it would be nice if KimmyGoat brought her bottle of maple syrup with her to my house for Thanksgiving!

Emily said...

I didn't get a chance to check in over the weekend, but I wanted to say that I think the blog redesign looks fantastic! You did an amazing job.

KimcheeMandoo said...

My crackberry is definitely my crutch. Especially since it has Texas Hold 'em on it. I hate gambling for real, but like playing poker, so this works well for me. I also peruse through photos when I'm "waiting" for people or transportation.

s00z22 said...

Hi! Congratulations KimmieGoat! I didn't get a chance to check in either, but I love the idea, I love the new design and i love the video of you and Leno :) Looking forward to more!
Go Number 26!!

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