Thursday, November 12, 2009

odds and ends

  • Things are suddenly busy at work.
  • I keep getting evites in my email inbox
  • which makes me paranoid that maybe I'm slacking on the whole reserve a date thing for my annual dessert party
  • I've picked a date, I think, but sending an evite out more than a month in advance seems pretensious to me
  • or anxious?
  • the date I have selected is December 12th - that is one month from today!
  • I'm already exhausted by everything I need to get done and wondering why I do this to myself
  • I just saw the trailer for the movie Date Night and I think it looks fun - Steve Carell and Tina Fey. Check it out:
  • I would also like to see Up In the Air
  • I don't understand why the best movies come out during the holidays when people have the most stuff going on - more parties, more travel, more shopping, etc.
  • there are never good movies in February or March and seriously, what else is going on during those months?
  • but I guess a lot of people like to see movies over the holidays
  • I don't mind it but I'm usually trying to cram in time with friends and family and I don't feel like movies count for that
  • I may have to go to London for work next week
  • I've never been to London so that's exciting
  • But I'm afraid it will be a crazy short trip with no potential for extending since I'm flying home for Thanksgiving on the 21st and the meeting is on the 19th
  • I'm looking forward to spending a week at home for Thanksgiving
  • my sister already thinks I'm being overly ambitious with what I want to do while I'm home
  • maybe because I told her we are going straight from the airport to the Utah football game
  • and I'm going to St George for a couple of days
  • and all the usual running around to catch up with friends and family
  • I'm going to the opera tonight and I remembered to bring my opera glasses!
  • I'll be seeing From the House of the Dead
  • I know nothing about it
  • I've been growing my hair out for reasons I've never quite figured out
  • other than I see women with long full hair and I want it
  • and laziness
  • I haven't had a haircut since June or maybe May?
  • but I forget that my hair doesn't look like the women I covet when it is long
  • I also hate drying it in the morning so most days (like today) it is pulled up in a twist
  • or a ponytail
  • I do like that it is long enough to be pulled up in a twist
  • I'm supposed to run a 6k on thanksgiving morning but I've been having a hard time running lately
  • either my breathing (been changing the dosage of my asthma medication) or my knee or ankle hurts
  • plus, ever since I recalibrated my ipod so that it is accurate, I have been discouraged about how slow I really am
  • I never thought I was fast, it is just painful how slow I really am
  • I had a brief crush on a boy
  • I use the past tense because last night I saw him again and realized I was just grasping at straws
  • he reminded me of someone I like on the Food Network - Aarón Sanchez
  • If he had any interest in me, I could revive the crush, but I don't get that sense so I'm just letting it go
  • having limited options can taint my perspective anyway
  • I think I have developed an addiction to solitaire on my blackberry
  • I'm not kidding, I have recently started playing during boring conference calls
  • when a partner caught me, he showed me that he was playing soduku on his blackberry
  • It really does help me listen better because my mind doesn't drift off to run through a meadow while people drone on about boring blah, blah, blah
  • I played a lot of solitaire in law school on my laptop during class
  • I can't believe Thanksgiving is two weeks from today
  • sorry this was the most boring post ever, I thought I had more interesting things to say........


michele said...

hey have fun if you get to go to london for a couple days! i recommend jerry springer the opera. hope to get together when you are in town.

Tiffany said...

I want to see both of those movies! And I hope you have fun in Utah, ambitious plans and all. And London? Swoon, short time and all.

P.S. I love solitaire.

lemoniepants said...

good holiday movies mean good rentals in the worthless jan-mar part of the year.

Annie said...

i cut my hair two weeks ago for the first time in 15 months. i only trimmed it an inch. it doesn't do anything even if i do try. so i keep it long. an i agree about the movie thing. not that i go to many anyway!

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