Monday, November 02, 2009

My Weekend (in random form)

Ed.: Shoot. I just wrote a really long list style post about my weekend and when I hit publish, this is all that was left of it: UGH! It is now too late for me to start uploading the photos and re-writing it. I switched to this new editing format on blogger and it is just giving me headaches. Anyone else have problems with it? Great, it is just me. 
Well, enjoy this little excerpt from my weekend where I talk about the marathon, a headache and soup. All the parts about my costume and trick or treaters and what I'm currently reading vanished. As did the photos and they take ages to upload so I'm not re-doing that. Great first post in private land, right?

  • It made me feel bad that I missed the year when two friends were running because I was sick. (Sorry Ali and Ruby!!)

  • The friend I was with has ran a number of marathons including the NY a couple of times. She said this last mile where we were standing was sometimes the hardest so we cheered loud.

  • We got everyone around us to clap and cheer and yell along with us.

  • People wear their names on their shirts so we yelled their names and encouraged the walkers to push through to the end and got really excited when someone started running again.

  • It felt like we were contributing.

  • Only problem was I woke up with a head-ache I couldn't shake and yelling over a police barricade wasn't helping.

  • My friend and I also got in a territorial stand off with an Italian woman who didn't speak English.

  • She kept trying to squeeze us out of our viewing spots. 

  • At one point she had her elbow jabbed into my friend's ribs and my friend started yelling at her. The woman ignored her.

  • Later, when she moved to the other side of me where there was some room, she tried to take up more space by shoving into me. 

  • I still remember how to box out from my basketball days (thanks Dad!) and she decided to yell at me for standing my ground. In Italian. 

  • Good thing I'm not willing to judge all of Italy for her rudeness because she was a jerk.

  • When I started getting light-headed and slightly dizzy I walked home to try and recover.

  • I must have been dehydrated because I drank about a gallon of water in the process of nursing my head back to tolerable levels of pain.

  • And I had to cancel plans with a friend and I felt really bad.

  • So I made soup.

  • But I did something stupid (didn't cook the onions before adding them) and it didn't taste as good as I would have liked.

  • Now I have a ton of sub-par butternut squash soup in my fridge and freezer.

  • And that was my weekend.

  • I cannot believe you read all the way to the end. (Except there wasn't much to read after blogger got rid of most of it!) 

  • Thanks for logging in, hopefully my next post will be a bit more exciting.

    Tiffany said...

    I'm sorry you lost your post, but I sure love the way you are running your private blog. It was so easy!

    Annie said...

    don't ask my mom about pushy italians. by about day 2 in italy she told me she was done being nice. maybe it wasn't all italians though. there were a lot of germans there. ok, i feel better blaming the germans. most italians are nice. i'm going to come watch the marathon one year! how fun.

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