Tuesday, November 03, 2009

just like us

As you may or may not know, I am not celebrity obsessed. I don't read gossip magazines and there have been many times in my years in New York when I know I am looking at someone famous but I haven't a clue who that famous person could be.

But that is not what happened this morning. This morning I knew exactly what star I encountered, even if I was a bit reluctant to call it until someone else confirmed the sighting. But I find this is often how it is in New York - you see famous people in the most unexpected places looking altogether normal and you think "wait, that can't really be [fill in the blank with famous person]."

For example, a number of years ago my sister, her now husband and I were walking through Central Park on a bitterly cold January day. I was walking a bit ahead of the pair of them and mostly stared past the two men walking toward us until they had almost passed us. Just as the shorter man's identity registered with me, I turned around to look at my sister who quietly mouthed "Was that Sting?!?!?!?!" Yes, Erin, that was Sting. Jaymon saw the same thing we did but was not convinced - why would Sting be walking through the park with that normal looking guy? was his defense. Because stars are just like us is the answer one of those gossip magazines would have us believe.

I'm not convinced.

Although this morning's experience leads me to believe that at least one star is just like me in terms of the Duane Reade she uses to get her prescriptions filled. You know those days you roll out of bed and have to get a number of errands run and you take a chance and go out without showering or putting on makeup? You know, the days when you just pray you don't run into anyone you know because you look like you just rolled out of bed? Or maybe you are actually sick and you just need to run to the pharmacy to pick a few things up so you don't even care how you look because surviving your ailment is your only real concern. I'm kind of guessing that is how Goldie Hawn may have felt this morning.

I walked up to my pharmacy counter to pick up a couple of prescriptions and the woman behind the counter mumbled something I didn't understand as she put a number of items from the counter into a bag. There was a small red purse, a blackberry, a notebook with a scribbled list and a few other things strewn across the counter and for a minute I thought maybe someone had some sort of medical attack and had been carted off - why else would you leave all your valuables at the pharmacy counter? Then the pharmacy woman repeated that someone else is paying so I backed off to the side and waited - slightly annoyed.

A woman came back to the counter and started gathering her things. She told the girl at the register to bag the smelly things separately referring I assume to whatever mentholatum product I could smell so strongly. In retrospect, I think I recognized her voice first but it didn't really click. I was looking at her hair trying to decide if this was day two after she slept on it or if the woman had done that to her hair on purpose. It was blonde and loose but messy in a sort of fixed way. Her errand list was on really nice stationary cardstock - possibly from a fancy hotel.

When she turned to leave she was standing a foot in front of me and I thought "is that Goldie Hawn?" She looked older than I would have expected but then, I think Goldie is permanently stuck in her Overboard role for me and that movie was filmed at least a couple of decades ago so of course she would look older. As the pharmacy girl wandered off to find my prescriptions I debated in my head whether it was really her - the lips seemed too small. Hasn't she done a lot of work to her lips to make them all puffy, I thought.

As I was caught up in the "was that or wasn't that" debate in my head, a woman approached the pharmacy line and asked the two of us who were standing there "was Goldie Hawn just here?" And I said "Yes! I thought that was her!" This newcomer said she practically ran into her as she made her way down the broken escalator and around the candy aisle to the pharmacy. The third woman in line blamed her blackberry for missing the whole scene and asked how she looked. I blurted out "old" just as the other girl said "she looked great!" Am I a jerk? I then explained I just didn't expect to see her without makeup and without the big lips.

The pharmacy girl took a long time coming back with my prescriptions and my guess is she was having a similar conversation with her co-workers in the back, gossiping about how Goldie Hawn looked in real life.

I think she may have been sick. At the very least, she defintely ran out without a shower or fresh makeup. And with that in mind, I will amend my response to say, she looked good. And bravo to her for running her own errands like a normal person in her sweats. Her possibly extremely expensive designer sweats, but still.


Jinii said...

It is so funny when you see a celbrity you are never quite sure. Last year I went to lunch with my husband and in-laws at Olive Garden in Salt Lake and I looked over and there was Sheryl Crow and her son and a guy I assume was a body guard. What a random place to see her.

michele said...

yeah, i don't run into many celebrities around these parts, but i do remember with fondness when we saw fabio. although it was some sort of "i can't believe it's not butter" promotion.

Soul-Fusion said...

Sheryl Crow at the SLC Olive Garden? Wow, that's an impressive sighting. And yes Michele, I will always remember our Fabio sighting since I believe he was my first NYC celebrity run-in. He was at the South Street Seaport with his hair flowing in the wind, signing autographs for tourists.

Customer Support said...

Before I even finished reading I was going do ask if her lips were that puffy in real life -- I guess the answer is "no".

KimmyGoat said...

Silent shaking laugh in my office with the door closed! Brava, Alyssa, BRAVA!

Tim and Jill said...

I laughed when you said she looked old at the same time another girl said she looked really good! (This has happened to me before and made me feel so catty). I have a knack for spottin celebrities. My husband thinks it is my "super-hero power." I once saw Sarah Jessica Parker at a beach in Hawaii she was wearing a bath towel on her head!

Soul-Fusion said...

Jill, that is exactly how I felt! And I once saw Sarah Jessica Parker on 5th Avenue (bonus - with Matthew Broderick!) and I practically yelled at my friends and pointed that it was Carrie Bradshaw!! We were immediately distracted by "Bloated Ferris" as we now call him.

Tiffany said...

I love celebrity sightings. I also love Goldie Hawn.

alison said...

That is an AWESOME sighting! Even better to see stars look like crap! ("Stars - There's Just Like Us! They go to the drug store without showering!") I haven't had any celebrity sightings in Portland but, you know, famous people don't live here. My favorite NYC ones were Hugh Grant (he looked very normal) and Sigourney Weaver (tall, skiiiiinnnnny, and impeccably dressed - she was beautiful). And of course, I saw Mayor Guiliani like 15 times in our lobby on the way out of the cigar bar. Gross.

alison said...

Just to clarify - HIS way out of the cigar bar, not mine!

Annie said...

i always associate her with overboard too! i don't know if i would recognize her if i saw her.

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