Tuesday, October 13, 2009

you tell me

I have quite a few ideas for posts in the works but I can't decide where to start. So, why don't you tell me? Below are some proposed titles. Tick off the one that is of the most interest. If none of that sounds interesting, feel free to write something in the Other blank. Obviously, you can insert divorce story there but I'm a bit uninspired in that department later so I don't think I can whip something together in the next day or two. Other write-in candidates might be sharing my most embarrasing moment or something like that.

Happy Voting and feel free to lobby for your favorite in the comment section!

What post would you like to read?

Gates of Lodore: Day 3

ICE, ICE Baking

Waiting for the Mail

Ruby's Wedding: Part V

A collection of unfinished blog posts

Learning to Fly


Please Specify:

uggs on sale

UPDATE: There are too many ties! And since I didn't give a deadline initially, I'm giving you all until the end of the day tomorrow to make a decision.........


Tiffany said...

Learning to Fly! Learning to Fly!

Anonymous said...

Would enjoy a continuation of the divorce story, too!

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