Thursday, August 13, 2009

a few thoughts

  • this slideshow from the New York Times brought tears to my eyes - it is hard to look at all those owners with their dogs without mourning my recent loss of Malcolm.
  • I have lots of stories I want to share about Malcolm but right now I'm thinking about how he always knew when I was upset and he would come nuzzle up to try and comfort me. If I was crying he would go to more extreme measures and attempt to lick my face (something he never did otherwise) or just act in a manner that seemed to say "what can I do to help? do you want to be entertained? I can entertain. Or if you prefer I just cuddle up, I can do that too but please give me a smile because I hate to see you sad."
  • Despite the fact that I haven't lived with him in years - or even lived near him in years - there was something comforting about knowing where he was and that I could essentially drop in at any time and he would be happy to see me. How many people can you say that about?
  • more and more I think about getting a dog . . . I guess I really want to fill that void. Looking at those photos did not help.
  • this was not supposed to be all about dogs but now I have forgotten everything else I wanted to say . . .
  • oh, yes. The wedding. I still have lots to share about that but mostly just for me because it was such an amazing experience I need to freeze the memories in more than just photos. If you ever have a chance to go to an Indian wedding - do it!
  • Speaking of photos, you won't want to miss the rest - they are pretty unbelievable.
  • I also want to tell you about a day trip I went on last weekend to Pennsylvania. I decided to try out an activity group in an effort to meet new people (you know, since all my old people are off getting married).
  • in the shower this morning I was thinking about all of the friends I have who have experienced (or are currently experiencing) major life changes this year - and it is only August! I don't know what I will do if one more friend tells me she is pregnant or engaged! And most of them have been pretty unexpected.
  • And yes I am happy for you, you and you to have a baby oh and for you and you getting married. It just makes me anxious to get working on my major life change.
  • I am one of those crazy people who likes change. I get restless when things stay the same.
  • Which is why it is so strange to have lived in the same apartment for over 4 years - a lifetime achievement record for me having the same continuous address (seriously, even as a kid I don't remember having the same address for 4 years because once my parents settled into the same house for over a decade, I started my own nomadic ways).
  • My major life change this year is running. I'm shocked how much I love it. Or at least how much I love completing a run (not necessarily the during part - that can be rough).
  • I feel - or at least hope - I am on the precipice of a real major life change.
  • I tried to sign up for a cooking class for this weekend (another effort to meet new people and just do fun things on my own) but the class I wanted to take was full.
  • this summer has had the weirdest weather ever - it felt cool walking to work this morning and I think the temperature was around 70. Sometimes NYC can be 70 but still feel hot and sticky but today it was 70 and felt cooler. So strange. . .
  • Is anyone out there still waiting for me to write more of my divorce story? Sorry about the delay but with all of these weddings this summer it was difficult to think about that. Or write about it I guess. But you should know I have something in the works and should get rolling on it shortly. I can't make any promises but I'm hopeful to have the next installment up by Monday (or maybe Tuesday). . . encouraging words might help stimulate the creative juices :)


KimcheeMandoo said...

Hugs, Alyssa...

I'm actually done with all the chapters and have been checking everyday for the next one even though I know you are very busy! post! post! post!


likefireworks said...

I enjoy reading about your divorce story. If you are still willing to write, I'm still willing to read.

Misty Fowler said...

I love all of your blog posts, but the divorce story was what first brought me here. Each new installment gives me a boost in my determination not to ever repeat the mistakes of my past, even while knowing that not all guys are of the sort you and I have divorced, and that I keep finding myself dating. Renewing that determination keeps me strong.

Tiffany said...

Love the thoughts. I loved what you wrote about Malcolm. I wish for you a sweet new dog (hey, can't you pay somebody come come and walk it during the day?).

Looking forward to more wedding photos, a major life change for you, and another chapter of the divorce story. I'll be front row for each!


Annie said...

i so want to take some cooking classes. where though?! we saw julie & julia for liz's birthday yesterday. i was somewhat inspired!

changes...hum. life happens i guess. whether or not we are ready!

i love reading whatever you write. so thanks, in advance.

the swope family said...

I think that your blog is great! I would love to read another chapter but I also love to read all the other posts. Even the ones about little bitty bugs! :) My favorite is all of the recipes (with photos) that you share. My family has enjoyed my version of your recipes multiple times! Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please write more of the divorce saga. What you've written so far is great, and I've been anxiously awaiting the next installment

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