Monday, July 06, 2009

Things to Remember About Last Week

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity from working around the clock to the final preparation for my sister's wedding. I doubt I will have time to fully reflect on all of it any time soon so I'm going to grab the memories and list them out so I won't forget.
  • flying home after two nights in a row of less than 4 hours sleep
  • realizing I forgot my camera on the way to the airport
  • not sleeping on the plane but managing to gather all the scraps of paper and post-its I had collected with bits and pieces of what I wanted to include in my toast to my sister and pulling a somewhat cohesive draft together
  • going to a salon to get my arms waxed with my mom and sister
  • putting wedding favors together with my ever reliable high school friends which gave me the opportunity to sit around a table with them and catch up on everyone's lives outside of blogging and facebook
  • eating the delicious truffles that were meant to be put in the favor bags (no worries, we had plenty)
  • driving to my sister's new house in a summer thunderstorm and getting thoroughly soaked when I tried to dash into the house from the car
  • having the feeling hit me that my sister has taken a number of giant steps into adulthood - marriage, homeownership - and feeling a twinge of jealousy for that whole "settling down" thing
  • walking into my parent's house for the first time without Malcolm there . . . I cried a lot over Malcolm's loss last week. I also laughed a lot reminiscing over his antics and his sweetness and his long, long life.
  • Cafe Rio with my mom and dad - and feeling bad that Malcolm wasn't there to polish off the remnants of my salad
  • working on my blackberry in the car in the mall parking lot
  • last minute shoe, jewelry and makeup shopping with my mom and sister
  • observing the unbelievably beautiful sky full of left-over thunder clouds and irridescent light at 9 o'clock at night
  • getting my measurements taken by my mother for my next wedding - which required immediate measurements so the suit could be ordered from India!
  • falling into bed completely wiped out around 1030 pm after being awake since 2:30 a.m. Utah time on Wednesday
  • catching up over an early morning breakfast wtih my judge and co-clerk
  • writing the last bits of my toast on my laptop on my parent's back patio on a sunny morning
  • having a second breakfast with my parents and sister of pumpkin pancakes (who can turn those down?)
  • getting manicures with my sister (hers was great, mine was not)
  • going to the spa with my mom and sister for facials and pedicures then sitting in the sauna afterwards as long as we could stand it
  • running through the rain to get the car afterwards while trying not to slide around in my flip flops too much
  • eating at Cafe Trio for the first time and loving it!
  • running last minute errands with my sister the night before her wedding - including a lengthy stop at Office Max to find the perfect pen
  • joking with my sister about my "snaggle nail" from the bad manicure
  • indulging my sister when she kept forgetting important things and had to go back to her house
  • spending the night before my sister's wedding - just the two of us - in a quiet hotel eating leftover pizza from our late lunch/early dinner at 10 pm and then talking in the dark until we both fell asleep
  • getting up at 6 am on Wedding Day but letting Erin sleep until 630
  • breakfast at the hotel and a drive downtown for hair appointments
  • a brief panic when a couple of rings of the doorbell at the still-closed salon went unanswered for a couple of minutes too long
  • loving the incredible job the stylist did in giving my sister an amazingly elegant hair-do for her big day
  • staying calm when my hair stylist was 25 minutes late, unapologetic, downright surly and resorted to backcombing over skilled use of a hair dryer to fix my hair
  • explaining to my sister that as her maid of honor, it was my job to take on all the bad things so everything went smoothly for her - and it worked
  • arriving at the wedding venue at the same time as the photographer while still in shorts and t-shirts, no makeup and dresses in hand
  • getting ready with my sister in the bride's room - just the two of us - doing our own makeup
  • how perfect the wedding day went - we were running a little late but it all went so very smoothly
  • being very, very happy for my sister
  • feeling that the wedding and luncheon went by too fast
  • giving my toast without crying . . . okay, so I cried a tiny bit, in a good way
  • seeing how incredibly happy my sister's now husband was
  • sending the couple off in a flurry of bubbles
  • realizing I forgot to put several items in their car that they were sure to need - like their camera and Erin's overnight bag . . . oops!
  • texting Erin to tell her of my mistake
  • loading all the gifts and flowers and extras into my car and driving home alone
  • until I received a call from Erin and I had to detour to her house to give her the overnight bag and unload the gifts
  • taking the hundreds of bobby pins out of Erin's hair so Jaymon wouldn't have to do it on his own
  • feeling sad about not talking to my sister for several days despite the fact that I would still be in town
  • hanging out with my family at my parent's house - and following my niece as she wandered around the backyard playing in the dirt and the grass
  • trying to stay awake through the impromptu bbq that my dad threw together after extended family showed up
  • sitting on the backyard swing holding my cousin's baby while being pushed by my very cute 3-year old cousin and feeling relaxed for the first time in . . . ages.
  • driving to my hotel and watching fireworks explode around the city
  • sleeping in all the way to 8 am for the first time since arriving
  • quickly checking out of my hotel so I can make outdoor breakfast at my parent's house
  • enjoying more backyard time with my niece
  • running at my high school's track and realizing running on a track is as boring as a treadmill
  • realizing that SLC's altitude really does have an impact on my lungs - a negative one
  • wondering at the lack of memories that came with walking onto my high school's grounds for possibly only the second or third time since graduation (I know I went back once for my sister's graduation but can't think of anything else)
  • picking out fireworks for the evening at a parking lot stand
  • giving my brothers the tour of our sister's house but mostly playing in the backyard with my niece who preferred that part to anything actually in the house
  • picking out some fun clothes for my niece with my mom at Old Navy
  • playing at the park with my niece, her parents and my mom
  • cooking with my family for our 4th of July bbq
  • my dad somehow managing to cut his leg when he was supposed to be cutting a watermelon
  • enjoying a delicious bbq of shishkabob chicken, corn on the cob, watermelon & tomato salad, german potato salad and arugula & goat cheese salad while sitting on the back patio listening to the fabulous jazz playlist my brother put together for the wedding
  • making lemon cupcakes with lemon zest ganache and blueberry whipped cream with my mom loosely adapted from my brand new Martha Stewart Cupcakes book
  • watching the fireworks display my brothers put together for us in the cul-de-sac which featured an almost forgotten bag of contraband fireworks procured by my brother in Wyoming in the fall of 2001. He purchased the fireworks on a roadtrip heading east but forgot he wouldn't be able to haul his loot home on an airplane so the fireworks stayed at my aunt and uncle's house in Pennsylvania until they moved back to Utah a year or so later. By then, my brother was living in Oregon and then DC and the fireworks eventually settled into my parent's garage until they were reclaimed last Saturday.
  • yes, we were a bit worried about the safety of the fireworks but my brothers pressed forward and took a number of precautions. Primarily of telling all the neighbor kids who were lingering outside after their own fireworks display to "stay on the sidewalk".
  • the perfect temperature that night
  • eating too many cupcakes while watching fireworks
  • staying up too late talking to my mom
  • hanging out with my niece for an hour or so before I had to leave to catch my flight

I would love to share photos of the long weekend if I had them but, as mentioned at the beginning, I forgot my camera. I still can't believe it. I will say it was a bit freeing not to have to think about taking photos all the time although I was kind of sad not to capture my pretty cupcakes - they had festive raspberries and blueberries on top.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!


emily said...

ugh. words cannot properly explain my sucky-ness. sorry i was no help and no fun while you were here.

lizzie said...

oh, i wish i had been able to be there. i miss you.

and the altitude does do a number on the lungs...i felt it hiking in colorado.

sounds like a great week...

Anonymous said...

Not to be a stalker or anything but did I see you at the fireworks stand in Sandy in front of the Walmart?


Soul-Fusion said...

um, wow. That depends, are you a Mike that I know or a total stranger?

Tiffany said...

This was a great way to capture many memories. I'm going to try to forgive you for forgetting your camera.

And, maybe your dad needs a watermelon chopping tutorial. My way does not involve cutting your legs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, total stranger. My wife, Erin and I are the family that lived in Malaysia and my wife would comment on your blog.

If it WAS you, I was the guy in the hat with the baby girl in his arms coming in as you were leaving with your family.


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