Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erin's wedding photos

Sorry I've been a bit out of pocket lately - between gearing up for another wedding (I leave a week from today - hooray!) and loads of work, I haven't had a lot of spare time. And to be honest, I generally spend those spare moments vegging on the couch wishing I could take a vacation and putting off going to bed even though I really could use the sleep. I would especially like a real vacation that isn't tied to weddings or funerals, which are pretty much the only reasons I have taken time off work this year.

Anyway, in my absence (and hopefully it won't be much longer because I've got some great stories and photos from the bridal shower last weekend), please go here and check out some of the fantastic photos from my sister's wedding. Natalie is a fabulous photographer who isn't afraid to make things a little edgy (remember the bridal photos?). Thanks Natalie for capturing so many great details from Erin's wedding.

And to my friends who saved the day and helped put the favors together - thank you again and don't miss the photo of your little favors in action. (Mickey, I'm sorry the bow was not properly lined up, I guess we needed you to place them at the tables to pose for their photo shoot as well!)


Tiffany said...

I LOVE THEM! Erin looks amazing, and so do you, missy!

Thanks for sharing these. What a great photographer!

Jen said...

Beautiful pics! I just love wedding photos. And your dress was quite cute, as well!

Mary said...

The man marrying them looks a whole lot like my boss's boss's boss... Beautiful pictures!

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