Sunday, July 26, 2009

another weekend, another wedding

My weekend started with a Saturday morning run, some homemade waffles, a shower and getting all dressed up . . . for wedding number three of the four weddings in seven weeks run I'm currently in the midst of. Luckily, this wedding was local and set in the iconic location of Central Park's Boat House. It was a noon wedding and summer finally decided to show up with lots of sun (and humidity too).

I have to say, the passed appetizers were delicious - and creative! Ceviche in little cucumber cups. I don't know whose job it was to carve out those little cucumber cups but I found them delightful (sorry, no photo). There were also crab cakes and tuna tartar on top of fried plantain and surprisingly delicious figs wrapped in prosciutto. I enjoyed a lovely virgin sunrise to wash it all down.

When the happy couple arrived after their photo shoot walk through Central Park, they looked radiant. I have known the groom for a number of years now and I have never seen him look this happy. Wait, I should emphasize that I have never known him to not have a sarcastic and generally wry commentary on pretty much everything. On his wedding day? No sarcasm - just pure joy.

Just when we are all afraid we would melt in the heat (we just have not had enough heat this summer to build up any tolerance), the doors to the air-conditioned banquet room were opened and I found myself at a table with four other single women and one married couple. Happily, they were the newlyweds who kicked off this four-wedding run back in June. Which means I got to hear about the honeymoon and actually get to know the new husband a bit.

There was a little bit of dancing, some really fun toasts - the mom's made most of us cry, the 18-year old brother's made us all laugh and the two absentee friends with the video toast made most of us at my table query why Paul had never introduced us to the attractive single one. I guess I should wait a respectable post-honeymoon time period before emailing him, right? I managed to get one quick pic with the newlyweds and a bit of Paul's humor when I commented on how I have never seen him dance (and as Mormon singles, we often find ourselves at dances), his reply? I've never had a reason to dance before now [spoken with a large grin that never left his face]! Oh and that beautiful bride of his? A lawyer. Well done Paul for not only talking about how much you like smart girls but marrying one.

Oh, did you want a better look at that dress I'm wearing? That is my one and only Diane Von Furstenburg dress I purchased a [ahem] few years ago for my 10 year high school reunion. I tried it on a few weeks ago and it didn't fit very well. I was planning on another dress but as I was getting ready I tried it on again on a whim - and it fits! And I felt great in it! I just had to be careful with the flirty skirt because there was a breeze flying off that water.

Take another look at the view without me blocking the way. So pretty - it felt like I was on the set of a movie. One of those fun romantic comedies. I love that after nine years of New York I can still get caught up in its romance.

The wedding also gave me an opportunity to catch up with a couple whose romance started right in my apartment! Sort of. That's a story for another day. But they are closing in on their two year wedding anniversary which reminds me how fast time slips by. We enjoyed a beautiful (but hot) walk across Central Park that left each of us saying - "Wow, I've never been to this part of the park" several times. Luckily I tossed some flip flops in my purse because I would not have survived even half the walk in my heels.

I finished Saturday reading on my roof until the wind impatiently turned my pages a bit too quickly for me and doing some laundry. Not too exciting but it was nice not to be in charge of anything for the weekend.

I had a rough night that had me up for several hours with terrible stomach cramps of an unknown origin that luckily have not reappeared. As a result I slept in fairly late and reluctantly checked my blackberry for the dreaded email informing me it was time to face reality and return to the office. It was my lucky day because the email instead proposd a 9 am Monday meeting - hooray!

How did I spend my previously allocated to work time? Straightening up the apartment, watching tv, doing a bit of pre-packing for my trip to wedding number four and talking on the phone with various family and friends. I also went for another run - that is 3 runs in 3 days after two weeks of nothing.

Luck was on my side again today because I managed to get back from my run before this hit:

You can't tell from the photo but it was practically a monsoon - torrential rain blown sideways from the wind with some hail mixed in and lots and lots of thunder and lightening. I actually love these thunderstorms so I enjoyed watching it out my window. And how did I decide to finish my weekend confined to my apartment by the rain?

By collecting whatever ingredients I could find that could form a stir-fry dinner. I knew I had some left over rice and barley in the fridge and a pork chop in the freezer so I turned to my new favorite cookbook for inspiration. I was happy to discover I had one shallot lying around and my broccoli had not gone bad. I had some good basics for a stir fry - I just wish I'd had some garlic because that would have given it the extra punch I was really looking for.
I hope you had a great weekend as well. I promise I will tell you about last weekend's bridal shower shortly and I also promise to remember to take my camera to next weekend's wedding because I am sure that one is going to be amazing!


Tiffany said...

I am really loving your pictures. I also love your DVF dress. So cute!

And yes, remember your camera!

Mary said...

Fabulous dress. Fabulous view! I lived in NYC for a time and never went to the Boat House. I had to watch "27 Dresses" to find out about it.

Annie said...

you look great! what a great day. i also loved erin's wedding pictures! she looks beautiful...and very happy.

Kami said...

That looks delicious! You have skills for sure.

critts said...

I love the Boathouse. Perfect location. And you look FABULOUS in your DVF.

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