Thursday, July 09, 2009

24 Hours in SF

Hey there readers. I have a special request for any lurkers (or regulars) out there who are in, or well acquainted with, San Francisco. I am scheduled for a ridiculously short 24-hour work trip out there next week and I am wondering. . . if you could eat at only one place in San Francisco, where would it be? I will be staying sort of near the Finanical District arriving late at night, meetings the next day and red-eye flight back to NYC that evening. But I suspect I will have a decent amount of free time following my meetings before the late-night flight that I will not want to spend in my SF office and I am hoping not to be trapped in a business dinner situation . . .

I've been to SF a few times but it always seems I'm there for these quick trips where I don't get to take full advantage. I would love to have a few ideas on the ready in case I find myself free and I don't necessarily want to rely on collegues for ideas although they are my backup if blogging fails. Any suggestions?


Tiffany said...

Fun! I think Emily of EmilyStyle is the one to answer this!

Emily said...

The last time I was in SF, John and I were fortunate enough to stay at the Palace Hotel (his company put us up, otherwise we NEVER could have afforded it!). It's an absolutely gorgeous hotel and it has a lovely restaurant. The food is good, and the surroundings are unmatched. Here's a photo: I also really like Ristorante Umbria, at Howard and 2nd Street. Have fun!

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