Friday, June 26, 2009

week in review

Not sure how much fun this is going to be since this was another work intensive week but if my sleep-deprived brain can remember all the way back to Monday, I'm hopeful that I can pull out something interesting.

Monday. Birthday aftermath. On a Monday. I stayed up way to late Sunday night doing laundry and still managed to make it to the gym for the first and last time this week. It seems like Monday was 5 weeks ago.

Tuesday. I crammed in as much work as possible before 7, then skipped off to a cocktail party with the tiniest, most unsatisfying h’our douevers ever. Sure there were sliders that several others were downing three at a time in an attempt to calm their angry stomachs, but not being a hamburger fan I skipped out. Why the made grab for grub? We were off to see Waiting for Godot at Studio 54. This was absolutely the highlight of the week. Who would ever expect existentialist allegory to be so hilarious? What made it so funny? A cast starring Nathan Lane, Bill Irwin, John Goodman and John Glover. This was my first time seeing Nathan Lane on stage and I have to say he is unbelievable. Our seats were perched pretty high up in the precariously steep theater (one member of our party left at intermission because the pitch was making her dizzy! I loved that she called herself Lucille II) and yet, even Lane's most subtle movements and words carried up to us. He is truly gifted. The next day a co-worker commented that she noticed he tilted his head up slightly to play to the whole theater. I am not an astute enough theater-goer to pick up on such nuances. All I know is he completely filled the room but did not trample over the three other actors. Goodman was fantastic as well. I was hit with a nearly uncontrollable giggling fit in Act II when he presumably could not get and he rocked back and forth on his stomach wailing. It was the funniest thing. I wish I could tell you I loved the play because I caught all kinds of symbolism and subtleties but to be honest, I enjoyed it at face value. And I'm still enjoying it for the fact that I'm still thinking about it, pondering over some of the lines and the overall storyline.

The only negatives to the night were the fact that I was absolutely starving and the unbelievably uncomfortable seats. I am tall for a woman at 5'9" but I am not a giant and yet my knees were jammed up against the seat in front of me. Because we had a large block of seats, I actually knew the person I would potentially be irritating if I moved in any way. And I moved. When I am uncomfortable, I get extremely fidgety. But I never kicked her seat. I leaned forward, elbows on knees. I leaned back and tucked my legs under my seat. I leaned to the left and then the right. Nothing was comfortable. Luckily the play was amazing.

Afterwards, I went to dinner with a handful of co-workers at a diner in my neighborhood and realized I am significantly older than the junior associates and maybe I need to face reality about that and find some friends my own age. Or maybe that is an after-shock from turning 34 on Sunday.

Another after-shock from my birthday (or more likely the extreme barometric pressure)? Headaches. Tuesday I realized that all three days that I had been 34 were endured with a pretty intense headache. And cramps. 34 of so far, not much fun as far as how I was feeling.

Wednesday. No pilates class which means I slept in and skipped the gym. Had a belated birthday lunch with friends that got rained on mid-way through. This was a bit of a nuisance since we were seated on the patio but the umbrellas were broad enough none of us got too wet once we squeezed in. We even took the time to stop for a cupcake afterwards.

Thursday. Wait, that was yesterday? Really nothing outside of work happened other than watching SYTYCD off my dvr when I got home from work at 1130 pm and staying up far too late again. OH! That reminds me. Walking to the diner Tuesday night I saw Evan's brother - the guy who was the last guy not to make the top 20 in Vegas but who has already made it to the next round of Vegas, you know, the one who always wears a hat and a bow-tie - eating at a sidewalk cafe. And not one of the four people I was with watches the show so no one could appreciate my enthusiasm.

Friday. Did I mention the rain is back? Well, it never really left and it is here to stay for the weekend which I keep telling myself is a good thing because I will be working the weekend away in between cleaning my apartment, packing to go home for my sister's wedding (wedding is one week from today!!) and planning another friend's bridal shower. I would like a fast forward button to Wednesday please. The part of Wednesday when I am getting off the plane, thank you very much. I just do not see a lot of sleep in my near future so my sister's decision to spend next Thursday at the spa with my mom and me in lieu of a bridal shower is sounding wonderful right about now.

Also, right now there is an incredible red-orange light gleaming off the building out my office window which is looking pretty amazing considering the dark sky left-over from a pretty intense thunder-shower a couple of hours ago. Pretty. But I would gladly trade it in for one real summer day.

How about you? How was your week? If you have seen summer, will you mention that I'm looking for her? The solstice was last Sunday and I have yet to see any signs of her arrival.


Jen said...

My husband has been at scout camp most of this week and I am about to go nuts here with the kids. Seriously. He doesn't even have cell phone access, so he's been entirely off-line.

I just had to vent a minute.

Please return to your regular programming.

KimmyGoat said...

Summer may be found in the plains states. Wave as you fly over!

Tiffany said...

I am jealous of your night at the theatre. Except the part about the uncomfortable seat and the hungry stomach.

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