Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I would like to tell you a little bit about a girl who does not like to receive a lot of attention.
As a matter of fact, I would like to tell you thirty things about a girl I have been lucky enough to call my sister for thirty years today.

(she's the little one not greedily eating ham)

1. She's adventurous and up to whatever nutty travel plans I throw at her. And she tosses a few back my way as well.

2. She is a truly amazing artist. As her sister, I admit that I am biased but if you are ever out near the Juan Diego Catholic School in Draper, Utah, you can judge for yourself since she has a triptych hanging in the foyer of the chapel. Or stop by my apartment and I will give you an art tour of my walls that hold a number of her pieces.
3. She is one of the funniest people I know and I honestly don't think she even has to try. Email is somehow her greatest forum but she can get me laughing in person, on the phone or even thinking about something she said a week ago.
4. She gets me and lets me be myself. Which means, spending time with her is the greatest, I can relax into myself and laugh when she teases me for being too much myself.

5. She has always been a devout animal lover. She was the advocate for a new dog for half our childhood, begging our parents over and over to get a new dog but made do with parakeets and stuffed dogs when she couldn't get the real thing.
6. She puts up with my bossy big-sister ways. It has to be tough to be the kid-sister and I failed to recognize it and I treated her that way for a very long time - she still has to remind me from time to time.
7. She has the greatest hair. One of our brothers once commented - after pulling first on my ponytail and then hers - that my one ponytail was equivalent to half of hers . . . brothers rock! Of course, he was just telling the truth.
8. As a kid, she loved all things pink and girly and barbies. As the more tom-boy sister, I never understood that and she teases me about abandoning her just a few minutes into our doll playing days. She's forgiven me and grown out of the pink and frilly phase of life and I've toned down my tom-boyishness so that we've met in the middle.
9. She inspired me to start running. Erin has always been a runner - the only one in our family. She ran her first half-marathon recently and I was so impressed, I decided to start my own plodding running journey.
10. She was the best roommate I've ever had (apologies to any former roommates who might be reading). Sure, we had a few altercations but mostly I remember cooking together, watching The OC together, complaining about the crazy woman who lived upstairs and our evening tea time (which makes us sound like 80-year old spinsters but it was a ritual I enjoyed.).
11. She hates snow. Hates it. I have never heard anyone rant and rave and dread snow as much as my sister.
12. She's not afraid to be wacky. She'll sing in the car, make faces at the camera or shake what her mamma (our mamma) gave her whenever the mood strikes.
13. She always asks me to bake her cookies. I like this because it makes me feel wanted and needed, even if only for my baking skills.
14. We can talk for hours and hours.
15. Or we can hang out and not bother saying anything at all and be fine with that too.
16. She is taller than me - by about 1 inch.
17. She loves saunas and hot tubs and beaches. When we travel, I know the best way to put her in a good mood is to get her in a swimsuit and into water (preferably a beach that does not have used needles on it a la Livingston, Guatemala!).
18. She is the best companion to take to an art gallery or museum. She sees things in art I would never discover on my own.
19. She is a fantastic photographer. One of the best things about vacationing with my sister is she takes these amazing photos that I get to keep!
20. She isn't much of a hugger, but she is willing to indulge me once in a while.
21. She is a peacemaker. While I am always looking to stir up trouble, she is there to settle things down and help people come together.
22. She learned to be a sports fan. Growing up, Erin was a bit of the odd man out when it came time to watch a Jazz game or Monday night football or college football or anything really since the rest of the family was always completely into whatever game was on. But lucky for me, she has grown into a fan and is happy to accompany me to games.
23. She loves the outdoors. Erin loves, appreciates and respects nature and is just as curious as I am to discover as many corners of God's creation as possible.
24. Erin has incredible concentration. When she is focused on a project, the whole world could fall apart around her; whereas I am distracted by every little gnat that buzzes by.
25. Erin is an avid reader. And lucky for me we enjoy a lot of the same books which means we get to have great conversations about our reads.
26. Erin is thoughtful. She thinks of others and considers their feelings and reactions before she acts.
27. Erin is independent. While I have the reputation for being the independent one in our family, she is the one who quietly forges her own path in her own unique way.
28. Erin has great taste in music. We can take a road trip around Iceland for a week and never argue about music (other things . . . maybe), except for Eye of the Tiger - I still don't understand how she wasn't excited to hear that pop up on the playlist!
29. She forgives me when I'm thoughtless, rude, argumentative or downright mean. We're sisters, we fight. But we also have an incredible friendship that means everything to me.
30. She is beautiful. Look at all the pictures I've gathered - this is just a smattering sample of her good looks.


I consider myself the luckiest to be able to call you Ma Soeur and to have shared so many memorable adventures with you and looking forward to many, many more!


Ma said...

I am so fortunate to have both of you as my daughters.

Annie said...

what a great tribute to your sister. you think i would've got to know her better since we were the same grade in school!! happy birthday erin...30 is ok, although i've only done it for 2 weeks:)

michele said...

happy birthday erin!

Tiffany said...

This got me all choked up. The pictures are so great and the sentiments even better! Happy Birthday, Erin!

Sharon said...

What an great tribute to Erin. I think you are both great! I'm lucky to be their aunt. The pictures were great! They bring back lots of memories.

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