Monday, June 08, 2009

Catching Up

Hello . . .

Anyone still around?


. . .

I know it has been a while. Two weeks in fact. I feel like I should come back with something great - possibly with pictures - to make up for my absence. But I have a feeling that will just lead to a longer absence. So, instead, I'm just going to sum up what has happened over the last two weeks in bullet form:
  • I went to the knee doctor - he told me he doesn't have a magic answer but advised me to stop wearing flip flops, to walk in sneakers only, to avoid walking down stairs and to eliminate squats and lunges if I want to keep running. Which of these pieces of advice do you think was the easiest to comply with?
  • I feel pretty dorky walking to work in full on sneakers - the cute slip-on pretend ones really don't make much of a difference over flip flops - but I'm complying.
  • I drowned my ipod nano. My water bottle leaked in this canvas bag I have that apparently does not leak because it created a pool at the bottom of the bag in which I found my sad, dead ipod and my book - a book that is authored and autographed by a partner I work for - ARGH!
  • I tried all kinds of advice to revive the ipod but none of it worked - and no, Ryan I did not try your solution because it makes me want to throw up.
  • I went kayaking in the Hudson with out-of-town guests who were on the ball enough to blog about it here. For about three years I've been trying to convince friends to do this with me and they were the first to step up and be willing to get a little wet with some slightly polluted water. It was a great time!
  • Some of us also rented bikes and biked through Central Park which made me want to buy a bike.
  • But buying a bike is intimidating - and not exactly something I can do online. Any tips?
  • We crammed about 152 other fun touristy things in that day - and I mostly walked in flip flops because my sneakers gave me a blister (good thing I brought the flip flops as backup!).
  • I didn't run for about two weeks while I was babying me knee, I was surprised I managed to run 2.5 miles on my first run after the swelling subsided.
  • It helped that I bought a knee brace.
  • I bought a couple of new summer suits and made friends with the sales guy who wants to be my personal shopper (I think he liked my binge shopping style and I liked how I stayed in the dressing room and he brought suggested items to me).
  • I worked 18 hours in one day. Yup, work has been intense. The 18 hour day was immediately followed by 13+, 12 and a couple of days around 10 that seemed a breeze in comparison.
  • Speaking of work, my name was listed in an online publication with the implication that I am a partner . . . oops!
  • I picked out new glasses - I haven't worn them yet since I just picked them up on Saturday but I love them!
  • I got hit on by a client in front of two partners at a client lunch. Not flattering. More embarrasing than anything. Way to make me feel how much younger and less experienced I am than everyone else at the table!
  • I had lunch with a couple of friends that ended with two sub-par cupcakes for one of those friend's birthday. Although the key-lime flavor was delicious and inspirational!
  • The number of weddings I have coming up this summer bumped from three to four last night. Two are local and I just have to show up.
  • But one is my sister's wedding and I have been doing whatever I can long distance to help out - July 3rd is coming at us very fast!
  • I think most of the big details are taken care of but any hints, tips or tricks for the smaller details would be appreciated - especially anything local to Utah.
  • Another wedding is in Sacramento in August and on Saturday I was asked to speak at the wedding ceremony . . . it is a Seikh wedding. I have no idea what I will say. Or what is appropriate to say.
  • I am looking forward to wearing a sari at the wedding though . . . but any suggestions on what to say? Poems?
  • I had dinner with the beautiful bride to be on Saturday and while I am beyond happy for her, I have to admit I am a little bit jealous. And sad to be losing what feels like my very last single friend.
  • According to the Today Show, today is Best Friend Day. They had some expert on to talk about all the positive benefits of having a best friend. It made me think about how lucky I am to have so many women who I often refer to as my best friends. But a little bit sad that I do not have any of those amazing people in my day-to-day life. To all my best friends - I miss you and love you - Happy Best Friend Day!!! (and seriously, you know who you are!)
  • Friday night I went karaoking for a bachelorette party of yet another engaged friend. I was exhausted at the end of an extremely long and stressful work week but enjoyed "singing" (read: yelling) some classic karaoke songs.
  • Watching So You Think You Can Dance has been a great end of the evening de-stresser for me. When I am working such long hours I really need an hour or so on the couch to relax before bed. I love that show!
  • I had a mini-blogger meet up yesterday with this fantastic in real-life as well as online blogger. It was actually a reunion since we were on the same study abroad trip 12 years ago. I was relieved to discover that I recognized her - despite the dismal state of my photos from the trip. Too bad I didn't have a digital camera back then, maybe I would have more than 30 pictures from the trip and they wouldn't be "scrapped" because it was the one time in my life I succombed to the scrapbooking craze before I was honest with myself - I am not crafty.
  • We enjoyed a very filling brunch at Alice's Tea Cup that kept me full nearly all day and a walk in Central Park until I was summoned back to work. I was nearly an hour late for our brunch date due to work as well . . . this work thing can get annoying at times.
  • I got my hair cut and decided to keep it kind of long, no idea what I'm going for but it is good to have a change.
  • I re-discovered Dave Matthews Band - their new album is really very good!
  • I am currently in love with macarons (not macaroons with coconut - macarons!). They completely live up to the hype and now I feel like I need to both dive into the experiment of making them and plan a trip to Paris to try some of the originals. Although, from what I've read, once you try them in Paris it seems you can never be satisfied with anything else. But that is a risk I am willing to take.
  • I bought a new ipod nano because I really, really missed having that voice tell me how far I've run and how much further I have to go and what my pace is because I just can't tell on my own. Plus, I got really used to its miniature size.
  • I did not ever find the time to just lounge in the sun on my roof and relax like I really, really wanted.
  • But, I did run 3 miles yesterday. Can I say that again? I ran THREE MILES yesterday!!! And I ran it in Central Park which I discovered is much harder than running by the river with its relative flatness and cool breezes. I didn't exactly plan out my route well, I just started on the path and ran until I hit three miles which means I finished running around the 90s on the west side. At the beginning of the run this didn't seem like a big deal to just walk home afterwards. But it definitely felt like a big deal as I was walking home after running three miles. Oh, and Ali - I found the bridle trail (quite by accident) and you are right, it is definitely easier to run on.
  • My feet were pretty sore last night but my knee feels fine though I am keeping up the habit of icing it after each run.
  • I stayed up way too late doing laundry last night.
  • And watching The Wrestler, how did that movie even end up on my Netflix queue and why did I watch it to the end? So not my type of movie.
  • My 3.5 mile race is Thursday, I'm feeling good about it. But a little bit nervous/excited.
  • And the biggest news since we last chatted . . . I've lost 9 pounds. Woohoo!! I weigh myself and take measurements each Monday to track my progress and while I am just under the 10 pound mark, I still feel 9 is worthy of mention and celebration. I am about half-way to my goal of losing 20 pounds and I'm at the start of week 11.
  • I should mention that I feel great!


DeAnn said...

Surely there has got to be some well supported "fit" sandals or flip flops that are good for your feet and knees -- surely there must be.

michele said...

way to go alyssa! and good luck on your run.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for catching up! I've been excited to hear about your brunch. Glad you're surviving work and congrats on the 9 pounds. That's fantastic!

KimmyGoat said...

A fabulous fortnight, indeed! My husband's advice for buying a bike: spend the $$ and go to a "real" bike shop. And yes, the new DMB album is fabulous!

Artax said...

Very nice to meet you again yesterday. I'm glad you survived the 3 mile run. Oh, and welcome to my world: the world of dork shoes. Actually, there are some cute walkable shoes out there -- mostly made in Europe where people actually walk places. Maybe if you can find a shop that sells these shoes you can avoid the sneakers. Maybe.

Jill said...

I too have the "knee problem" but have found that a good alternative to flip-flops is Birkenstocks. Also, I wanted to thank you for your post on steel-cut oatmeal. I have been having it for breakfast every morning and feel full and healthy for ages afterwards. I cook it with cut up dates and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

autumn said...

Way to go girl! I think running is really hard. But, worth it...I suppose. Anyway, how about we meet in France and eat all the macaroons we can get our greedy hands on?

Ma said...

I always check your blog. Take care of yourself and make sure you get plenty of rest with all that you do.

How's that for a message from Mom.

alison said...

Have you tried merrell shoes? I think they're supposed to have more support and they're not that bad looking. GOOD LUCK ON THURSDAY! Let me know how it goes! And glad you found the bridle trail - the loop around the reservoir is basically completely flat, but it will take some traveling to get there and back!

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