Saturday, May 02, 2009

Today was supposed to be rainy and gray and no fun for being outside. Hence, I thought I would have no problem quickly stopping off at a 2-year old birthday party in Central Park during drizzling rain for a cupcake, a couple of hugs and some bubbles. Especially since I only knew the only party guests I would know would be the birthday girl and her parents.

But then, this happened:
The park was beautiful, the sun came out and the precious star of the party took me by the hand and had me chasing her around one of the coolest playgrounds I've ever seen (although granted, I don't make it to many playgrounds so they could all be this fun these days, I don't know):
Climbing up ramparts and crawling under cement walls and swishing down slides with a 2-year old suddenly seemed like much more fun than making my way into the office where more cockroaches could be waiting. Plus - and I cannot get over this part - the ground was sort of bouncy. The blacktop looking stuff is apparently made out of old tires or something like that and it is kind of squishy and gives a bit as you walk on it. I think the running trails in the park should be paved with this stuff! It catches you off guard because it looks so similar to blacktop but then each step is like walking on air. Bouncey air. My knees begged me to shift my running trail of choice to this playground. Do you think the kids would mind if I just showed up each morning to run some laps around the playground?
p.s. the photos were taken with my phone so they aren't the best. Just trust me about how beautiful it is out there as I dig into work for the weekend.

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critts said...

I miss Central Park! Especially during this time of year.

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