Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sunday I had this really great 2.75 mile run. I ran the whole time and felt great doing it (or at least felt good enough to complete it) and afterwards I convinced myself that this little 3.5 mile run I have approaching on June 11th is more than do-able, it is just the first step and maybe I could start thinking bigger . . .

But Monday morning my knee hurt.

I tried to take it easy on my knee Monday morning working out with my trainer but all day it just hurt. Around 6 I finally took some ibuprofren. Then I walked home and my knee felt worse. And looked kind of swollen and squishy. I elevated it and iced it last night and decided I would make the call this morning as to whether I should run.

I was supposed to run 2.75 miles again today.

My knee felt okay as I stumbled around my apartment pulling running clothes on and brushing my teeth so I decided to go . . . even though it was only 45 degrees outside! What is up with that May?

After my warm-up walk, I set out and felt off. I checked my pace and I was running much slower than two days earlier when I set a personal best pace. I kept pushing myself but then worried whether it was better to ease off the knee or push through it. Argh. My knee did not feel good at all. When my ipod told me I was at the half-way point I turned around and kept up my slow jog for a couple of minutes and then decided I should walk for 90 seconds. Then I jogged a bit until my knee hurt too much and I walked again. I stopped completely when I hit 2.5 miles, stretched out in the park and walked home feeling dejected.

It is so hard to go from seeing improvement each time I run to taking a giant step backwards - all because of my dumb knee. I iced it this morning and decided exiting my apartment by stairs is out for now. I'm going to give myself two days off from running and try again Friday. Maybe on the treadmill instead of outside. I think I will also buy a knee brace. In the meantime, lots of leg lefts and icing for my pesky left knee. The jerk never wants me to have any fun.

p.s. If I'm still having pain on Friday I realize I should probably find a knee doctor - something I was hoping (am still hoping) to avoid in this new little endeavor of mine.


Lance said...

That's a drag, but don't give up. I've done nearly the identical thing you're doing now while planning for a 5K and had the same setbacks. You gotta let that knee heal before you get back on the horse. And yes, treadmills are WAY less harsh on these old bodies.

Erin said...

Gah! I used to run. After I learned to XC ski, I realized how awful running was. Good luck with your knee. Maybe you can do a swimming race next time!

michele said...

sorry. that is frustrating. don't push it too hard though, let it heal.

Tiffany said...

Funny, I've never had knee problems EVER, but my new treadmill routine has hurt my knees. Too much incline, I suppose. Good luck and let them heal!

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