Thursday, April 30, 2009

snapshot of my afternoon

  • no lunch until after 2 due to non-stop conference calls and futile attempt to keep up with flood of emails
  • survived by eating stash of one granola bar and one orange
  • wasn't able to wash the orange flaky stuff off my hands for about an hour
  • forced to cancel lunch field trip to new Dutch-Indonesian restaurant I've been wanting to try with a friend.
  • We were hoping our inaugral visit would be today since today is apparently Queen's Day in the Netherlands.
  • Learned about all of this via this article.
  • Which is also where I learned about stroopwafels. Please go take a look and tell me you don't want one right this instant. Just open it up in a separate window and take a peak, I'll wait.
  • so enticing, right?
  • pushed stroopwafel investigatory trip to the afternoon
  • learned on the elevator (via the little news monitor there) that the queen's name is Beatrix and there was some sort of riot at her processional today
  • inhaled lunch between more emails and phone calls
  • decided to sneak out of my office to pick something up from the printer during the last scheduled call of the afternoon
  • was startled by a G I A N T tropical sized cockroach scampering across my floor
  • F R E A K E D O U T ! ! ! ! !
  • was grateful my phone was on mute
  • ran into the hallway
  • called for help and started sweating profusely as I watched the cockroach run back into a corner behind my desk
  • tried not to panic
  • watched my secretary (who is fearless when it comes to cockroaches) and a male co-worker bravely dive in to confront the roach
  • said male co-worker somehow coaxed it out from under the dark corner of my desk and scooped the cockroach up in a napking and squished it!!!!
  • yeah, he is sort of my hero
  • what should I get him as a thank you gift?
  • stood around in the hall as people continued to drown on and on from my speakerphone while I stripped off my sweater and tried to regain my composure
  • also tried to banish all stray thoughts of cockroaches swarming around in the walls trying to make their way out onto my desk
  • resisted the urge to throw away the apple on my desk - you don't think the cockroach crawled around on it last night do you?
  • complained with congregation of co-workers in the hallway about the cockroach problem - this may be the first in my office but it is far from the first one discovered in our office
  • so much for the glamorous 5th avenue address
  • finally rejoined the conference call grateful I wasn't really meant to speak on this call
  • emailed the co-worker who was craving stroopwafels with me and told her about the cockroaches
  • tried to pay attention to the call without touching anything in my office
  • emailed and texted a couple more people about the roach - sort of as purging therapy I guess
  • finished conference call
  • tried not to think about stroopwafels
  • worked for a bit more
  • decided it was time for stroopwafels and went to collect my co-worker and picked another up on the way
  • his response when I asked if he wanted to get stroopwafels: "I don't know what that is but I'm coming."
  • fled the building
  • held my breath walking past the Abercrombie store because it has a non-stop pumping of junior high levels of mens cologne wafting from its velvet-roped lined doors guarded by half-naked male models
  • paused when we realized someone famous was going into the Playboy building
  • may or may not have blurted out loudly "It's Carrie Bradshaw!" because yes, it was Sarah Jessica Parker
  • I recognized her before I could see her face
  • Matthew Broderick was also there but I missed him somehow
  • continued the journey for stroopwafels
  • arrived at uber-euro danku and wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon there
  • discovered stroopwaffels are 2 for $2 today!
  • also discovered they are much smaller than anticipated
  • but even tastier than I had imagined
  • strolled back to my office happier than I had left
  • now planning sunny lunch trips to try various flavored krokets and spicy indonesian kale and chicken & arugula rice wrap and so much more deliciousness . . . .

The End.


Tiffany said...

I love this post. And I love SJP. And Ferris. And stroopwafels now too. You know, in theory.

Artax said...

Giant cockroaches!!! I thought that was just a Texas thing. They don't let any of those loose in NYC hotels, do they? Because I'll be visiting in June....

michele said...

mmmm sounds delicious (the stroopwafel). sorry about the cockroach, they are yucky.

alison said...

You couldn't have had a more New York day - too busy to eat, endless conference calls, cockroaches, food you can only find with intense effort in any other place, and Carrie Bradshaw!

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