Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ode to the Earth

Happy Earth Day everyone! Since I have always been a nature girl at heart, I'm stealing this idea and celebrating Earth Day by telling you what I love about this planet we live on. Only, I'm not going to just pick one thing. There are far too many wonderous, enchanting, beautiful, mysterious, stunning, amazing, eery, incredible places in this world to choose just one. So I grabbed a slew of photos I had easy access to (um, at work) uploaded them in absolutely no coherent order so I can list just a few of the beauties I have seen and experienced in my lifetime. Or actually, these are more representative of just the last couple of years. Sadly, I don't have photos of the Alps and Yellowstone and the view from the top of the Snowbird tram or Angel's Landing or Bryce Canyon or the Great Barrier Reef or . . . okay, I'll focus on the places of which I have photos:

Things I Love about our Planet:
Desert Sunsets
Spring blossoms

Fresh Powder
the Hudson River Park
my dog Malcolm
and my parent's backyard in the summer

rocky beaches
desert hikes and meditation
Central Park in the fall
sunsets from my rooftop
hot red desert sand
cliff-side views of black sand beaches
strong and sturdy Ponderosa Pine Trees
small mountain villages with stunning views
icebergs, though I prefer they stop melting
New York Harbor sunsets
powerful waterfalls
Central Park in the summer
hidden mountain creeks and streams and rivers
Carribean sunsets
Rainforest Trees
night walks searching for frogs
muddy Amazon rivers
Machu Piccu
the Red Hill as viewed from my house
whale watching; and
natural hot pools
I could go on and on about what an incredible gift God has given us to be able to inhabit such immense and diverse beauty from broad vistas and sweeping landscapes to the minute details of flowers and grass and leaves. I am incredibly grateful for all of the beauty in this world and I for one want to do what I can to protect what has been left in my hands.

My green tip for this Earth Day? Try drinking tap water. I wrote about this once before but it was a while back and we can always use reminders. Bottled water uses valuable resources and costs money to buy. So why not get in the habit of carting your own reusable water bottle around and save your bottled water usage for those times when you can't drink the tap water?
Happy Earth Day!


Kami said...

so much to love about our Mother Earth! Great Post!

michele said...

where is that waterfall? great photos!

Anonymous said...

OMG - did you take ALL those photos? Fantastic and I'm so jealous!

Soul-Fusion said...

the waterfall is Dettifoss in Iceland and it is AMAZING! and yes, I took (or was near the person who took) each of these photos. Mostly likely if I wasn't the photog it was my sister.

Anonymous said...

This post is not about this blog in particular but about your blogspot in general. I was given it through a friend of a friend. I have read most of the posts over the last 2 weeks. As a single woman in her 50's who has led a very active life with many adventures - it amazes me to read my own thoughts, fears, and conclusions over the years being written on the page by you. I wish I could give you answers. I still don't have them - that is the best I can say. You do give a very good perspective of what it is like to be single and the thoughts that go on inside a single woman's head. I enjoy reading your comments. Thanks.

Vanessa The Scientist said...

Great list! Wonderful photos! And thanks for the bottled water reminder...I needed that.

Tiffany said...

Oh, how I love this post! You have been my #1 inspiration to do better in the "green" department, and these beautiful photos are the reason why! Thanks for your example!

(Sipping tap water as I type.)

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