Thursday, April 16, 2009

email archives: Mormon hairstyles

I am not feeling particularly creative today so below is another email excerpt from my brother Nick. It was written several years ago in response to some email of mine I no longer have. The lead in doesn't really matter, just enjoy his thoughts on Mormon hairstyles and realize it is all pretty tongue-in-cheek especially since I often sport a haircut above my collar with my ears exposed but only when I'm willing to give up the even lazier ponytail length:

Let me guess, fairly tall (around six foot), beginnigs of a receding hairline and shortly cropped hair that isn't exactly stylish, but not out of style either. Sort of a timeless cut that he perfected in the first few months of his mission.

I have discovered that a lot of Mormon men, especially those married at a young age, sort of fall into a hairstyle within the first several months home from a mission that sticks for life. Sometimes it is accessorized with a goatee or mustache (for those over 37), but the look stays the same until they don't have enough hair to keep it up. It's basically the mission cut, without the strict part requirement; however the part is often retained.

On a related note, I have seen an alarming number of single LDS girls in their mid to late 20s opting for middle aged Relief Society haircut. You know what I'm talking about. Hair like mom has or any member of the General Relief Society Presidency; above the collar and ears visible.
Now there is nothing wrong with this haircut. Once a woman passes forty, I find it to be an appropriate and usually classy way for a woman to enter the menopausal years. But on a single girl in her 20s? It's the sweatpants of hairstyles. You might as well reserve you seat in the Celestial Room on Saturday afternoons and start learning how to can food. It's all over.

Yeah some of them try to throw in a little twist by spiking the hair a little more, but it's just the same hairstyle. I think there are definitely short styles that won't fall into this category and I would differentiate on an ad hoc basis, but once you get the do, you may as well toss it in. You may as well start wearing only floral print dress to church and rolling around town in your Ricks College hoodless sweatshirt every where you go. It just ain't happening no more.

I don't know why I just spent all this time writing about this. I am probably just attempting to avoid getting back to studying.


angel youngblood-chick Abilene,TX said...

We here in Texas refer to that hair style as a football helmet cut,LOL I guess we are all about football here.
Love the fact that a nice young Mormon boy would be so observent/
I do love your blog and you are one Amazing Women.

Alisa said...

We call that cut the RS cut too!
We laugh about it all the time- I had one, and then grew it out. Now I really am trying to decide what to do with my hair. Funny-

Tiffany said...

Aaaa! I've been without internet for days! How sad that I had to wait so long to read this!

Nick, you are hilarious!!!

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