Wednesday, April 08, 2009

boredom and candy making

Sometimes when I'm bored, I do strange things.Sunday afternoon I got a little bored.
And I got this crazy idea in my head that I could not shake.
with Easter fast approaching
I thought it might be fun to try my hand at making an Easter classic
can you tell what it is yet?
here, let me add the eyes
what? you don't celebrate Easter with snake-like marshmallows in pastel colors?
when I decided it was a good idea to try my hand at making peeps (yes, that is what they are supposed to be!), I ignored that voice in my head that whispered "but you are bad at decorating things"
I also ignored the voice in my head that said "you don't even like peeps!"
I just used the marshmallow recipe I used to top my brownie s'mores
because who doesn't have some water, gelatin packets and sugar lying around screaming to be turned into imposter Peeps?
(by the way, this little guy is my favorite, he just looks so inquisitive)
I then added some food coloring,
sifted a bunch of powdered sugar onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper
then, using a piping bag and my largest tip (the sea shell one, at least that is what I cal it), I squeezed these beauties out in an attempt to make them look like chicks
except for the first batch that turned into eggs - because the marshmallow was still too runny
It was an interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I was no longer bored. Primarily because I had a lot of sticky mess to clean up when it was all over. And now I just have all these pseudo imposter peeps lying around.

Which I actually think are tastier than real peeps.
Except next time (HA! like there will be a next time), I will add vanilla for an extra punch of flavor.


Tiffany said...

Picasso Peeps! I am SO impressed. And I know you, so I know they are delicious.

Mary said...

I love the little voice in your head! These pictures made me laugh. I really want to try one.

Kami said...

I think boredom is bliss! And so are PEEPS! They looks so cute, good work!

Erin said...


KamilahNYC said...

Peeps are awesome. it never occurred to me to make my're a genious!!

critts said...

They look so cute! I love Peeps.

Jen said...

So funny, I have tears in my eyes. Great job with the Peeps! I'll admit, it would never occur to my to try and make Peeps.

Amy said...

Hilarious. Once you give them eyes their personalities come out. I'd love to find a homemade Peep in my Easter basket.

Donna said...

Hey I thought I would return the comment love! Love the homemade peeps. I try to convince my kids that the real peeps just aren't that good, but they refuse to believe me. :)

Anyway, great blog. I'll pop back in from time to time...

erin said...

I have to be honest. Before you added the eyes, they kind of looked like lavender and yellow pooh. You know how I feel about peeps, so even if they didn't look like easter pooh, I wouldn't eat them anyway.

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