Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some rambling and nonsense

Sometimes when I haven't blogged for a while I have a hard time jumping back in unless I have something really great to say. Or I at least have the time to say what I want to say in some really great way. But as you can tell by the overly bland words I've used in the last two sentences, I clearly have neither. Actually, that isn't true. I have some ideas and even some rough sketches of posts I want to write but I haven't had the time or the inspiration. Or the inspiration hits at inopportune times like when I'm walking to work or when I'm putting my head on my pillow for the night.

Which brings us to this post. Nothing much to say other than:

Hello, internet. Have you missed me?

I'm back in New York (a.k.a. the inexplicably bitter frozen tundra that forgot to turn into spring) and back at work.

La la la.

Soon I hope to share some great memories of my grandma that have been close to my heart for the last couple of weeks. Mostly because I need to write it all down. I learned a lot about my grandmother's life - as tends to be the case at most funerals I have attended. I also met some not too terribly distant relatives and learned some fascinating history about our joint ancestors which has inspired my next vacation . . . I also spent a lot of time with my family and learned it takes 5 hours to coordinate three flights from three different east coast cities into Salt Lake City.

My siblings and I also realized we had never all four taken a road trip together - you know, as adults without our parents. We have probably road tripped in nearly every other combination - I have driven across the country with Nick and Erin as well as to the Fiesta Bowl, Erin and I drove around all of Iceland together and have driven to LA, Jason and I have driven to DC together and the boys have caravaned across the country and driven to Seattle and Moscow, Idaho on separate trips together. Nick and Erin drove to Jason's wedding from SLC to Albuquerque and we've had a variety of combinations driving to visit grandparents in Idaho or St. George. But this drive with all four of us was a first. And we had a great time catching up, listening to music, car dancing (a specialty of ours) and laughing. The drive felt very short.

I have one humorous tidbit I want to share. Or at least it was funny when it happened and hopefully I can capture it in words adequately enough to make you smile.

One of my brothers and I flew into Salt Lake late Saturday night and the other brother arrived on Sunday just before we started our historic road trip (after a quick lunch at the delicious Red Iguana). By the time we reached Idaho Falls, caught up with our parents, our uncle and aunt and met the variety of people who streamed in and out of my grandma's house to pay respects, had dinner and checked into the hotel, I was exhausted.

But when I started to get ready for bed I realized I had forgotten something as I knew I would in my rush to pack - contact solution. Argh! I called the front desk hoping we were at the kind of hotel that kept small samples on hand. We weren't. But the woman gave me directions to a nearby WalMart which she described as being "across the street" and then proceeded to give me directions involving turning left out of the parking lot and proceeding straight throught the next two lights until it was on the right . . . . in my book, that is no "across the street". My sister agreed to accompany me while my brothers camped out in front of ESPN to fall into bracketology land.

The WalMart was huge. HUGE! And almost completely empty. We weren't even sure it was open, although it was only 10 or 1030 pm. The bright lights and never ending aisles were pretty overwhelming, especially when my sister decided to talk to her fiance for most of the wandering time. After successfully locating the contact solution (but unsuccessfully able to determine why the few people left in the store kept staring at us!), I decided we needed some snacks. Specifically, I wanted Cadbury mini-eggs and searched high and low for them. After locating a pretty puny specialty bag of all-blue mini-eggs tied with a ribbon, I grabbed some peeps for Nick and some Reese's peanut butter eggs for Jason (although I was really tempted to buy the Reester Bunny!) and went to check out.

There was a long line of checkout points stacked two deep that were completely empty and unmanned. My sister and I walked to the check stand where two blue vested employees were chatting. They ignored us until I asked if they were open. One employee scampered away and the other said - without looking in my direction - "the self-checkout is open, for now." Then he walked away. For now? What does that mean? If I don't hurry it will be shut down as well? Is the store closing? Are you opening? Is someone else opening? Why so surly? I just want to buy some Easter snacks and contact solution and be on my way. I guess the self-checkout was easier than dealing with that attitude anyway.

As we left, I held my stack of goods in my hand since I had neglected to bring a bag with me and remembering a prior Super WalMart experience wherein my brother was forced to walk back 1/2 mile across the store to the register where he checked out to get the receipt he had declined for his Coke by the store greeter, I held my receipt out as I left and the two greeters chattered away and ignored me.

[As an aside, in that prior situation, the aggravating thing was that the checkout guy really should have told us that we would be asked to show the receipt when we left when he asked if we needed a receipt. Instead, when we returned, he said something to the effect of "yeah, I thought you would need to come back for this" and handed us the receipt. If you knew we needed it, why not tell us?]

Back at the hotel I tried to stay up with my siblings but just didn't have it in me. I tried a peep and confirmed that twenty years after I last tasted one, I still think they are gross. Cute, but gross. I found out the Utes got the unbelievable #5 seed and I went back to my room to go to bed. The room was freezing. Freezing! And I couldn't find a spare blanket anywhere in the room and knew the faux duvet on my bed was not going to warm me up too much. Earlier in the evening I had tried increasing the temperature by playing with a thermostat thing on the wall but I now noticed that had not worked because there was a newer system under the window. I turned the heat on and jumped in the bed thinking I would turn it off in a few minutes or tell Erin to turn it off when she got back.

But I fell asleep immediately.

I fell asleep so deeply that I didn't hear my sister come back into the room just 5-10 minutes later.

And she was tired so she went straight to bed and didn't think about the heat.

Until it woke us both up.

At who knows what time in the middle of the night I woke up sweating. The heater had turned our room into a fiery furnace and I tossed back and forth and tried to tear my socks off my feet. I thought I was awake but I was mostly still asleep but I became aware that someone was looking at me so I sat up in my bed and stared straight at my sister who was standing at the foot of my bed.

Assuming I was awake since I was staring straight at her in the dark and shadowy room, my sister quietly asked "are you hot too?"

Apparently this scared me to death because I jumped and let out a startled yell. It was loud. It was the most bizarre thing because I felt like I was awake and knew I was looking at my sister in the dark but as soon as she spoke it freaked me out! It still makes me laugh to think about it.

We both stumbled over to the window and started turning knobs back and forth in the dark until the heat wave subsided and we went back to bed.

Midway through breakfast I remembered the whole thing and we both cracked up about how strangely I acted. I don't know why I think this is hilarious. Maybe because I don't really have a lot of strange sleep stories while my brothers are full of them.

How about you? Do you have a funny/weird sleep story?


Tiffany said...

Funny. The self-checkout story reminds me of a similar experience you and I had at the grocery store on Thanksgiving eve.

Glad you're back!

Voice of Reason said...

The Wal-Mart employees who are really good at ignoring customers eventually get fired and then a few weeks later they appear as new associates at Deseret Book. It saves DB money not to have to train them to be rude. If they don't have to spend extra money to train them, it will mean that Rhonda will get a bigger yearly bonus. Instead of $7.50 she could get as much as $10.00 plus 1 or 2 books that they can't even give away.

Ma said...

Why didn't someone catch the "car dancing" on video? That would have been fun to pull out and watch and laugh at when life gets a little tense. Maybe you need to do a post on road trips.

I bet "Voice of Reason" would have some great comments about road trips, too.

Mary said...

I have a funny sleep story. I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. As I tiptoed back into the room my husbnad was getting up to use the bathroom too. We ran into each other in the hallway and in our half-asleep state we each thought the other was a ghost (we were both wearing white and are pale people). Both of us yelled and stumbled backward, then burst out laughing.

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