Monday, March 30, 2009

DC and Cake Blobs

This past weekend I went to DC to visit my law school friend Emily I have neglected for far too long. As a bonus I was hoping the cherry blossoms would be blooming. I was in luck! After meeting Emily and her adorable 5-year old daughter, we walked around the Tidal Basin and wandered around the mall. We visited the Jefferson Memorial and the Eleanor Roosevelt memorial - two sites I had missed on prior trips.
It was a little gloomy and misty but luckily it never rained.
We also visited the Hirschhorn Museum and enjoyed the exhibit of Louise Bourgeois, which included this sculpture out front.
That night we had the great idea to try our hand at making these - Bakerella's cake pops. And before I allow you to scroll down and see how tragic this little experiment was, I will inform you that while I take great pride in my baking skills, in my ability to make baked goods taste delicious, I have never once claimed to be any good at decorating, well, anything. In fact, I am always quick to point out how deficient my decorating skills are. I did, however, have a great amount faith in my friend's ability to decorate. Besides, we have a long history (or at least an old history) of adapting recipes to suit our needs. [We once invented some sort of pear and goat cheese quasadilla thing after seeing something similar to it on tv. I feel like I should try making it again someday.] We dreamed up the cake pop idea shortly before we realized we had gone the entire day without eating and decided that white chocolate chips with food coloring would probably work just as well as the required candy melts. And that my friends is where we went wrong. Or, at least where we initially went wrong.

By the time we were ready to dive headlong into the project another law school friend came over (hi Becki!) and we put her to work as well. I melted the white chips and soon discovered they were kind of thick but I just kept stirring and added the yellow food coloring . . . that somehow turned a little too mustard for chicks. Then we collectively decided - for who knows what reason - to add water to thin out the melted chocolate. This is never a good idea and this is something I should have known but we were also very caught up in reminiscing about people and places and things of times gone by and catching up with where everyone had landed now.

Which means, we each managed to get one cake ball covered with thick and gloopy mustardy looking melted white chocolate with flaking crumbs a piece before . . . [and no, we didn't have sucker sticks either - I'm telling you we just didn't have time to go to a craft store before the project]
the chocolate turned into a solid icky mass. A mess we promptly disposed of.
Improvisation is not always a good thing. But we persisted because what to do with all those cake balls? This time we melted regular chocolate chips and when it proved too thick we each yelled out "butter!" as the best way to thin it out. It was still a messy, not at all like Bakerella affair, but the cake balls - or more accurately Cake Blobs - were tasty and the company was great. And if you have ever wondered how many lawyers it takes to make cake-pops, the answer is more than three.


millefleur said...

Wow, that kitchen in the background looks fantastic! Show us more!

DCSportsChick said...

Too bad you didn't come this weekend instead- it's supposed to be gorgeous!

I've been wanting to try Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake Balls myself...looks like it might be a little more difficult than I thought. :-)

Tiffany said...

Two thoughts:

1. I'm very jealous that you got to see the cherry blossoms. It is on my life's to do list.

2. I've made the cake balls a couple of times. It's an intense process, for sure.

Meghan said...

We just made those last week when my sister was in town (from DC) We made the cupcake pops and the Hello Kitty pops. They turned out cute, but we weren't thrilled with the taste.

michele said...

hey I was in DC this weekend too! and I too have tried these with melted choc. chips, and I think that the candy melt things are probably the way to go.

critts said...

those look so yummy.

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