Friday, February 20, 2009

week in review

(I'm stealing this idea because I am lazy and have no creativity today)

Aaah, sleeping in on a Monday is the greatest. Having three days away from the office and the City, even better. Tiffany and Ryan hosted me for the long weekend and fed me constantly. Tiffany even sent me off to the train with a treat for the ride home. I spent the afternoon watching a movie on my couch and napping and had to force myself to attend the dinner I had previously agreed to attend.

This was hard and I made up 101 excuses in my head why I didn't want to attend this dinner. Why? Because I hadn't seen this particular friend in five years. Also, I was worried she would be different. Oh, and I worried I would be jealous. And I was afraid I wouldn't know anyone and would feel uncomfortable. Because according to Facebook (which only tells truth), this old friend of mine is now the coolest girl in school and this somehow intimidated me. Why? We don't have enough time to go into those complex emotions.

So I went after some encouraging words from Tiffany. And some more encouraging words in the cab ride to the restaurant from my sister who wisely told me not to decide it won't be fun before I get there because then, obviously, I won't have any fun. [And yes, I took a cab all the way down to the eastern reaches of SoHo because it is winter and I was reluctant to go in the first place and telling myself I can take a cab both ways is the only way I could peel my lazy self off the couch.]

I was purposely about 5-10 minutes late for the 6:30 start time because I have learned that NO ONE is ever there on time. I was the first to arrive and learned the reservation wasn't until 7 pm. Ugh. I stood awkwardly in the waiting area until a familiar face showed up. Not someone I was excited to see exactly. In fact, the exact type of person I dreaded would be there. A self-proclaimed "popular" type from the Mormon social scene who is completely arrogant and (I think) is convinced every girl who talks to him must want him. News Flash: I don't! Rather than wait in the crowded little waiting area, we opted for taking a walk. We talked about work and snowboarding and I tried not to be irritated with his attitude, especially when he asked how do you know [mutual friend] in an almost accusatory way. It was weird and I brushed it off. Luckily, when we arrived back at the restaurant, everyone else was already there and seated. My long lost friend greeted me with an enthusiastic shriek and a giant hug. She was the same girl I knew before. The same excessively bubbly personality. The same beaming smile. The same warmth. And I was glad I went. Especially since she is very newly affianced and I got to meet the lucky boy.

Contrary to my fears, the dinner was small and fairly intimate with 7 of us seated at conversation friendly round table rather than strung out along something long and narrow. The arrogant boy turned out to be the odd man out as the rest of us (minus the fiance) went back to the New York social sphere of earlier in this waning decade. So what did mr. cool do? He texted. And he texted. It was obnoxious and I was irritated by his rudeness but ignored it enough to enjoy my evening.

Back to work. Lots and lots of work.

I also attended a reception to recruit law students where I met one student who has been to my house before. For my dessert party. He's mormon. Small world with us, I guess.

Then I went home and worked some more.

I don't really remember Wednesday except that I worked a lot. And by a lot I mean I generally get home around 10 or 11 pm. And in the morning when I am rushing off to work around 9 am, I am responding to early emails and listening to voicemails from callers who beat me into the office.

La la la, working.

Left the office early (!) at 9 pm to get a drink with a friend. Home around 1030.

I have already cleared 40 hours of billable work for a 4 day work-week and looking at another 10 hour day (hopefully no more) and possibly a full weekend of work. I already have a conference call to participate in on Sunday morning. Good times, right?

At least I had Monday.......... maybe I should have just made this a post about Monday's dinner since everything else was pretty blah.


Erin said...

I totally know texting guy. Or I should say, I know his type. I hate that guy who can't be bothered to be engaged in a conversation or a group because he has determined it is not socially expedient for him. And really, could anything be more silly than a Mormon popular crowd? I spent 4 years after graduating from college in D.C. and I grew so sick of the odd junior high-esque scene.

Sorry to be a stranger rambling on your blog but I get easily riled up about this topic.

Soul-Fusion said...

ramble away Erin, I do it all the time! And yes, it is all very odd junior high-esque, which is why I get junior high-esque anxiety about the whole thing. Ridiculous!

Tiffany said...

How many weeks is it that Monday is the best day of the week? Hmmm?

Fun to read. Thanks for visiting me and I'm glad you went to the dinner.

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