Thursday, February 05, 2009

to cheer Tiffany up (and me too)

Winter sucks. It is cold and lonely and can lead to the blues. 
So here are a few things to help cheer Tiffany up. Forgive if you don't see why these things are funny. I will post something for the rest of you again soon.
please tell me this makes you laugh as much as it does me
and this:
surely the goats will cheer you up
I mean, look at this little guy! Who could resist him?
Not working? How about Christian levitating in my living room?
I do not know why I find it so hilarious to see your kid in a John McCain mask but I do.
Yeah, you know what this is about. 
Who can resist smiling at the sight of this?
and this
If none of that has made you smile, just think of this:
And this?
the strangest gathering of people I have ever seen in Utah
And finally, look how happy:
Luckily February is a short month!


Tiffany said...

You're the best. Truly. Thanks! I'm smiling. :)

Leslie said...

Thanks for cheering up my sis!

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