Tuesday, February 10, 2009

some thoughts and questions

  • I'm pretty irritated that my mortgage lender sends me letters addressed to "Mr. and Mrs." Would it be crazy of me to call and make them fix it? I mean, the mortgage is in my name alone and I clearly do not have a Mr. attached to me anywhere.
  • I also get irritated when I call my bank or credit card company and they call me "Mrs." Please don't assume, isn't that why "Ms." came about?
  • Yesterday there was a story on the Today show about how women can lose weight just by getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. So I went to bed early at 11 pm so I could hit 8 hours by 7. But then I slept through my alarm and missed my morning workout because I didn't get up until 8:30. But I did have a dream I was working out at the gym. Do you think that is what will make me lose weight?
  • Why do fruit salads always have so much melon?
  • Why do vegetable medleys always have so much cauliflower?
  • Why did I buy so many orange foods at the grocery store last night? Oranges, baby carrots, spicy hummus, cheddar cheese . . . is there some vitamin I am subconsciously craving that is only in orange food?
  • What should I do for President's weekend? I need a plan or else I am pretty sure I will just end up sleeping since all I want to do lately is hibernate.


Charlene said...

Do you own a place in Manhattan? That's really cool. It's my dream!(BTW...I have your blog linked on my blog.)

Tiffany said...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Alyssa,
Please feel free to come down to your country home this weekend, even though it's WAY my turn to come up to my city apartment. I will still love you if you don't.

P.S. You can share a bed with Erik. Or his son.

KamilahNYC said...

I would totally call...that is so lame!

KimmyGoat said...

Definitely. Pants already look baggy; time to go shopping.
Filler. Also, watermelons are big.
I wish I knew. Barf.
No. It's winter; you need bright foods.
Nothing wrong with hibernation; perhaps we should all engage in a "sleep in" for peace or some great cause this weekend.

michele said...

i think that 8 hours is a minimum for the weight loss thing. obviously, any hours or partial hours past the minimum will result in greater weight loss. plus dreaming about working out definitely helps!

katie said...

I like cauliflower the best in a veggie tray. You're invited to come with all the Granquists to Disneyland for your weekend. What more could you want? My dad on the teacups.......

Voice of Reason said...

Skinny people who fixate on weight loss irritate me. There is way too much cauliflower everywhere because it's the cheapest thing to buy....always lots left over at the ward dinner. I am irritated when the 19 year old teller at the bank asks me if I prefer to be called Jim or James. I actually prefer Mr. Granquist in a business setting. Maybe because I'm old enough to be her grandfather. What is spicy hummus? Is that like real fresh manure?

DeAnn said...

The Mr & Mrs thing bugs. Once I was called to visit with the Stake President and the secretary told me to bring my husband. So I asked if I was required to get one before the appointment. He felt dumb.

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