Tuesday, February 24, 2009

on my mind

list style:
  • today is Fat Tuesday which I recently learned is a day dedicated to eating pancakes.
  • I had every intention of making pancakes for breakfast this morning, some quick and easy, just add water type from Lehi Roller Mills - this is my favorite as they are surprisingly light and fluffy - but . . .
  • I have a cold which is manifesting itself primarily in the form of a sore throat, heavy fatigue and general aches, which means . . .
  • I took some cold medicine last night which knocked me out from about 11 pm to 8 am.
  • But I still woke up with a sore throat and a lot of phlegm.
  • Phlegm is an ugly word to say and spell.
  • And look at.
  • No time for a pancake breakfast.
  • Actually, I ended up skipping breakfast altogether in favor of some tea with the dean of the fine arts college at the U who was in town and wanted to personally thank me for my donation to the marching band (much of which was thanks to your comments).
  • He brought a couple of people from the university with him and I got really excited about being more involved as an alum.
  • I've been working a lot lately. A LOT. Including all day Sunday.
  • But not Saturday, because on Saturday I couldn't drag myself off the couch due to the start of this cold and I felt too lethargic to go to the pharmacy to buy some cold medicine. So I just slept instead.
  • I did watch the Oscars. Even though I rarely to never watch them. I was exhausted but I chose not to cancel previous plans with a friend who came over to watch.
  • She had seen every movie nominated for best picture.
  • I haven't seen one.
  • But I was rooting for Slumdog Millionaire because I have been wanting to see it since I first heard about it in November.
  • I have seen The Visitor which I highly, highly recommend and was happy (and surprised) to see that Richard Jenkins was nominated for best actor. He was incredible in this understated role. So perfect.
  • Why do all the stars coordinate their dresses for the Oscars? I do not understand this.
  • This year the memo seemed to tell them all to wear something: silvery/sparkly/gold/white/metallic or at least void of any color.
  • There were some exceptions of course, but none that got me terribly excited.
  • I think my favorite dress was Tina Fey, even though it was silvery/sparkly and colorless.
  • I can't find a photo of Tina Fey but she looked amazing - very old school Hollywood glam.
  • I read this love story today and nearly cried.
  • I think I am going to make German Pancakes of Happiness for dinner for Fat Tuesday.
  • If I get home at a decent time.
  • Did I mention that I have been working a lot?
  • And that I'm sick?
  • Not that I'm complaining.
  • I am incredibly grateful to have a job right now in a time when lawyers are losing jobs at an unprecedented rate.
  • And, honestly, when I am this busy it is really easy to ignore any other challenges/worries/concerns/stresses that might normally plauge me.
  • Except the whole - I'm eating too much and exercising too little concern since working 12-14 hour days just exaggerates the problem.
  • And the I'm working too much stress.
  • Does anyone else love The Amazing Race? I'm excited about this season.
  • Any suggestions or volunteers to be my partner? That could be a new hook, rather than "friends" or "used to date" below our names, our relationship could be described as "blogging friends".
  • My one caveat is my partner needs to be willing to do all the gross eating challenges.
  • And not mind that I will basically take charge most of the time.
  • Have I mentioned the cold? The bone jarring wind? The fact that I take cabs everywhere because I am always working late and just want to get to my next destination without effort and without freezing?
  • Last night I walked home because I left work at 7 (only an 11 hour day!). Standing on the corner across the street from my building (aka the secret portal to the Arctic Circle), my forehead was burning from the searing wind despite my knit hat and I had to lean into the wind so I didn't get blown backwards.
  • Remembering that moment as I stepped outside this morning, I took a cab to work despite the fact I never take a cab to work unless I am transporting luggage.
  • Once in the warmth and comfort of the cab I realized I chose a cab without a credit card machine. And I only had $6. So I asked the cab to stop when the meter hit $5.50 and walked the remaining 4 small blocks and the one long cross-town block after stopping at an ATM.
  • I really need warmer weather to happen soon.


Tiffany said...

I'm sorry you are sick! I hope you have a German Pancake of Happiness to cure your ails. And yes, I think one of your blogging friends should do The Amazing Race with you. Not me, though. I get lost in my own town as you know.

s00z22 said...

I love the Amazing Race, but I wouldn't go on it. I'm too much of a wimp. Although, I'd do the eating challenges if you'd do the running ones. No. No I bet I wouldn't. Sorry. And we'd probably fight over who got to do the paragliding and zipline tasks. But it might be fun to smash a pie in the face of a stranger! :-)

Soul-Fusion said...

the pie thing was pretty funny except I probably would have selected the seguay (sp?) task instead. And I would have LOVED to do the paragliding thing. That looked spectacular but I probably would not have had the patience to wait for wind conditions to settle down and would have opted early to head down the trail.

nhsphoto said...

we love the amazing race! mike has always wanted to go on it! you two should totally go, we can never think of anyone that would go with him. and he's really fast and pretty gross, so he would probably do the eating challenges. but he does swear a lot, so you'd have to deal with that. anyway, i really enjoy reading your blog. you always make me laugh. hope to see you this weekend! get better!

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