Friday, February 06, 2009

Help a Blogger Out!

So there is this blogger named Erin who reads my blog, commented and now I read her blog. We've never met. She lives in Malaysia with her husband and two kids, which I find very cool. What else is cool? She is applying for The Best Job In the World. Have you heard about this? Australia is hiring someone to go live on an island in the Great Barrier Reef as a caretaker and write about it. Sounds exciting, right? Well, her video was accepted and she has asked people to go vote for her video here and give it 5 stars. So help her out and vote! Maybe she will let us all visit if she gets the job. And who wouldn't like a free place to stay on an island along the Great Barrier Reef? Having been there before I can say I would not turn that down. Good luck Erin!


Dani said...

On it!

ern said...

Alyssa, you are awesome! I admit I jumped up & down and clapped a little in my seat when I got your comment on my blog. Thanks for the shout-out! By the way, I love your "bottom drawer" list from last week...very revealing! I'll have to do a post like that one of these days.

Rachel said...

I totally gave hr 5 stars! I would love to have done all of the things that she has been able to do with her family!!! I am glad that she is in the running/

jennie w. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your massage story sounds way more embarrassing than mine!

Do you know Heather Herrick? She's LDS and lives in NYC too. (cause it's such a small town!)

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