Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiffany (and Ryan, but mostly Tiffany - sorry, Ryan)

It is late enough in the day that I feel like I have practically missed it, but I can't let the day expire without wishing one of my favorite people (not just bloggers), a happy birthday. If my head wasn't so fuzzy after twelve hours of non-stop work (excuses, excuses, I know), I would write an ode to why you are the perfect friend. Instead, I will just take the lazy way out and write a list. A list which fails to capture how much I value our friendship and how happy I am that you are my friend. A list which I will inevitably think of 15 more things to add as soon as I hit publish and walk away from the computer. I will save those things for next year. For now:

Ode to Tiffany Birthday List
aka Oh, the many reasons I love Tiffany, let me count the ways . . .
  • you listen
  • no, you don't just listen, you also hear what I have to say and sometimes that is all that is needed
  • except that you also process and empathize, that extra step means a lot
  • you follow-up with questions that show you care about the stupid details I always feel the need to share
  • or maybe you just pretend to care about the stupid details, which is appreciated as well
  • you send random text messages to brighten my day
  • you include me in your family
  • at Thanksgiving, at Christmas, on Valentine's Day . . .
  • it is nice to have an improvised family close by who is always willing to take me in
  • and feed me, you feed me well, maybe too well . . .
  • and you don't judge me when I sleep 12 hours (ahem, I blame long work hours)
  • you sanction and encourage the relationships I am developing with your kids (I hope that doesn't sound creepy)
  • those relationships mean a lot to me
  • because your kids are so stinkin' cute!
  • and funny!
  • it is fun to be a pseudo made up godmother
  • and did I mention how much I like them?
  • you make a mean German pancake
  • and you make me one that I get to eat all on my own.
  • you are good at selecting and writing cards - I'm bad at being prepared for that type of thing so I admire this quality
  • you are always cute and put together
  • always - do not argue with me, I know only you can pull off the elf look ;)
  • you take me shopping at Target
  • you are a fantastic writer
  • you are a hilarious writer!
  • you are even funnier in real life
  • we can obsess over Beyonce's video together
  • you pick out great gifts
  • probably because you have such great taste
  • you take me to Target. Wait, I already mentioned this, but it is an important quality.
  • you share Lucy with me which helps me de-stress
  • you humor my jokes about stealing her away
  • you encourage my writing
  • even when I ignore it and cheat with silly lists, you still encourage me to keep it up
  • you compliment my baking - which makes me feel good
  • you accept me for who I am which allows me to just be myself
  • you are responsible for giving me about 80% of my readers
  • we talk about deep stuff
  • and shallow stuff
  • and churchy stuff
  • and not-so-churchy stuff
  • we can disagree about movies but still have a good time (I wish I liked the movie)
  • did I mention how much you make me laugh?
  • because that is one of the best parts
  • you are a genuinely good friend

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Tiffany said...

Aww shucks. I'm speechless. Thanks for such a thoughtful list and also for buying me that sweatshirt at Old Navy that I really wanted, but put back.

You're the best!

s00z22 said...

That's so sweet!!!

autumn said...

I too may or may not have obsessed over a Beyonce video. Seriously. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

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