Saturday, February 21, 2009

Farewell Larry H Miller

Last night I received a text message from my brother that Larry H. Miller, the owner of the Utah Jazz had died. I subsequently received emails from several friends as they heard the news. He has been in failing health for a while but I guess I hadn't really been paying attention because I was surprised by his death. While it was often easy to joke about old Larry Miller's propensity for tears or that crazy media feud he got caught up in with Karl Malone some years ago, he really was an amazing man who has done a lot for Utah - not just the Jazz. He owned the Jazz for 24 years, built the Delta Center and the talk is he will end up in the hall of fame at some point. I don't think anyone knows how much good LHM did in his life, except maybe his accountant.
The Jazz pulled together tonight and beat New Orleans soundly and Deron Williams handed Miller's widow Gail the game ball after the win. I loved the old school original Jazz logo patch the players wore on their jerseys with "LHM" embroidered on it. The Jazz players will wear them the rest of the season as a tribute to a great man. 


Tiffany said...

I think he was my favorite part of the Jazz. Nice post.

Cindy said...

I worked in Larry's office for three years and while he often drove me crazy (I dreaded his early morning phone calls to talk about car sales), he cared a lot about every aspect of his business and worked himself to the bone.

I had heard about his declining health as well, but was also shocked that he had died at such a young age. His wife is a wonderful woman and I do hope she is finding the strength and peace she needs to carry on.

Annie said...

he was a good man...a terrible tipper...but a good man. i have many stories about his visits to joe morley's!

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