Thursday, February 05, 2009

can we talk about January for a minute?

I know, I know, who wants to go back to that bitter month, we are happy it is over and done with and we don't have to deal with it for another 11 blissful months - most of which will be much warmer and longer. But here is the thing. When I finally got around to uploading my photos from the month I thought would never end, I discovered some fun things happened. Yes, after I got back from Peru even! So here goes. A photographic (okay, there is some narrative) tour of the fun things I saw and did in January that I never got around to blogging about - all in one post.

First off, remember how I went to Utah for MLK weekend? You don't? Right, I forgot to mention that. Well, it was great. I sat next to someone hilarious on the plane who started talking to me after watching me play around with my Peru photos for a couple of hours. I never talk to people on planes. Ever. He was the only exception. But he's married so don't you get any ideas.

I was planning on snowboarding Saturday but my sister sent me a text while I was at the airport asking if I would be interested in seeing a Sundance film instead. So I adjusted. And I really, really wish I had focused enough to sit down and write the blog post I had intended to write about the film we saw - Amreeka. It was simple and poignant and beautifully written, acted, directed, filmed . . . everything. It stayed with me for days, settling in just a bit deeper the more I allowed it to marinate. I hope it gets picked up for national release because then I will pester you all to go see it. Here we are waiting for the film to start.The woman way off in the distance in the below photo is the filmmaker - writer/director Cherien Dabis. Her little chat with the audience introducing the film made me predisposed to loving it. She was quite endearing - especially when she asked the audience to say hello to her mother who was on the phone in Jordan. Very sweet.
Here is the cast during the Q&A session after the premier. Please note the pink plaid flannel-ish getup of the girl on the far right. If you are a fan of Arrested Development you will know this girl by the name of Maeby Funke but her real name is Alia Shawkat and she was excellent in the film. She was the only known Hollywood type in the movie and the only crazy-pants on stage. She even made the fug pages! See the outfit up close and personal here.
More post-screening questions. 
And here are my sister and I post-Sundance movie screening and pre-outlet shopping and Mrs. Fields cookie eating.
That night I hit Cafe Rio with some good friends.
After monopolizing a couple of tables at the busy Rio for a couple of hours on a Saturday night we moved ourselves across the street to Paradise Bakery for dessert and all I can say is Ginger Molasses cookies, where have you been all my life? I'm in love.
Sunday I met up with my 'boarding buddy Angelina and hit the slopes at Solitude and we got a little adventurous in Honeycomb Canyon.
I am telling you, this is what a mountain should look like:
It makes me homesick to look at these.
Taking a little breather in the middle of Sunshine Bowl (note the big smile!).
Unfortunately, the sun and/or the tightness of my helmet or my lack of hydration resulted in some threatening wavy white lines dancing across my vision during lunch which forced us to call it a day after just a few more runs. I spent the rest of the weekend chilling with family and catching up with more friends and not taking photos.

Back in NYC, work set in with a vengeance and I commenced with 12-14 hour work days. But one Friday night (last Friday as a matter of fact although it feels like so much longer ago), I had a dinner date with some out of town visitors. So I allowed myself to flee from work for a few hours (3 to be exact) to have pizza followed by cheesecake at Carnegie Deli with these people: 
They are the brother and sister-in-law of Tiffany and Ryan and the parents of the missionary I tried to deliver a Christmas treat in Peru. I recently learned he finally received the package a whole month later! And let me tell you what a pleasure it was to meet them. I was tired. I was irritable and I had to go back to work but they made me laugh and laugh. Especially when this happened:
There is no way for me to adequately describe the photo above without the voices and Ryan elbowing me and saying "what do we do?" and Val dropping all his change on the table as he said "I've got this many" and all of us laughing far too hard in the nearly empty back room. I didn't allow them to eat the pickles (please, never eat the pickles) but I did take the obligatory photo with the pickle.
And that brings me to last weekend's terror ride at Hunter Mountain. This is me waiting at the lift, sitting on the cold, hard ice while my friend did his first run without me. Please contrast this with the photo above where the blue sky is shining brightly and I have a wide smile permanently affixed to my face despite the early signs of a migraine settling in.
As I waited I tried to appreciate the beauty around me. All I saw was cold, dead things.
The hill. Does that look like a black diamond to you? No, wait until you are on the ice slide and then tell me what you think. That is the thing about these runs, they would never be rated black diamonds in Utah because they would never have the ice to make them so scary.
More photos as I waited. I have a pretty cool board, right? And that light skiff of snow on top? That is what they call powder. Ugh, now let us never speak of this again.
Except here is one last photo where the lift looks enticing and the blue sky looks deceptively welcoming. Do not buy into the ploy I tell you - it is cold and miserable there. Someone I work with who lives up there later told me that was quite possibly the worst day of the entire year. Great timing, right?
And that was January. Thanks for taking a look back with me. Perhaps sometime I will get around to that retrospective on 2007 I have been ruminating on or possibly even divulging my secret resolutions . . . we'll see how work goes over the next few days.


autumn said...

All things being said and done, your January was far more exciting than mine. By a lot.

val said...

i dont really know how to leave a comment but i really wanted to say thanks for taking time out of your day to spend time with us your a amazing person and a ton of fun wish we could be friends out on the town more often that was fun take care and if your in Utah with nothing to do look us up val

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