Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your comments. The final count was 31 which means I will be donating an additional $155 to the Ute Marching Band to get them to DC. This was a great little experiment that I think I will try again in the future.
Thanks again!


Roger said...

Dear Alyssa -
Thank you again for your support of the Utes Marching Band. My son is sooo excited just for the possibility of going to play at the Inauguration. If it really happens, he'll be over the moon!
I donated the $130 for the 13-0 season AND went to eat at Applebee's (with son, wife and friend in tow) last night. The Utah Applebee's are donating 10% of Monday's sales to the Marching Band Fund. I asked for the manager and my son and his friend thanked him and his store personally for their generosity to the Band. Cold Stone Creamery is doing the same today (Tuesday) from the Salt Lake Valley stores so dinner is ice cream tonight. YUM!
I'm happy and grateful that you managed to find a way to make a difference and to include your like-minded friends and bloggers in the deal.
I sincerely appreciate the $5 you are donating on my behalf.
I know that all the Band members are grateful for every gift, no matter the amount. It really IS the thought that counts.
You can feel truly proud to know you helped in this fundraising campaign as you watch "The Pride of Utah" march down the avenue in Washington, D.C.
Thanks to all who responded, especially to those who made their own additional contribution.

Sincerest Thanks:
Utes Marching Band Dad

Soul-Fusion said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments, they absolutely made my day! I am definitely going to encourage friends and family in Utah to have ice cream for dinner at Cold Stone tonight! Can't wait to see the Utes in the inaugral parade.

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