Friday, January 02, 2009

Go Utes!

(I am leaving this post up. . . hopefully things have improved on my trip by now)
Dear Utes,
You have no idea how sorry I am that I am not in New Orleans with you today to cheer you on in the Sugar Bowl. You see, I had this prior commitment to Peru so I was already booked when you pulled off what I previously thought was a once in a lifetime experience of finishing an undefeated season and busting into a BCS bowl game. I have really fond memories of that last BCS busting season four years ago and trip I made to Arizona with my brother, sister and my brother's friend Nate to watch the Fiesta Bowl. We rented a roomy car for the drive and were rewarded with what we fondly called the Batmobile. It was a great trip down with a short stop-over and in St. George for Chinese food with our grandparents.
But the best part really was being there for all the fun pre-game festivities and the energy of the game. I believe I got in trouble with my brother at one point for making the mistake of wearing a regular old sweater that wasn't officially licensed Ute gear. Our motel in downtown Phoenix left a lot to be desired . . . what with the musty stank that hung in the air in there. And I'm sure Erin will argue that the Waffle House was a huge mistake but ultimately we had a blast. Here my sister and I are getting ready for the big game.
And the thrilling sitting around portion of the day while we waited for the ticket office to open up.
We had a bit of a wait for our Uno's pizza pre-game . . . but made it to our seats with plenty of time before kick-off.
I have to confess, this is the only time the national anthem has made me cry. It was pretty amazing. I think jets flew over as well.
Here we are supporting our team:

We were pretty happy with the win and Utes, I know you can pull it off again. You are on a great winning streak with bowl games and I am confident you can continue the streak.
Good luck at taking on the Tide. I will be thinking of you as I lounge in my hammock at the Amazon Refuge eco-lodge in the jungle.


Rachel said...

The Utes did AWESOME!!! 31:17

KimmyGoat said...

Congratulations on your national championship!


katie said...

I must admit that I live with a BYU fan, however last night I found him freaking out a little over the game. He told me he was cheering for the state of Utah, not necessarily the UTES.
Hope you're enjoying the jungle.

Lance said...

It was likely the best sporting even I have ever watched. GO UTES!!!

maicher said...

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