Thursday, January 01, 2009

Feliz Anos Nueva (or something like that)

Just a quick update to say hola from Peru. Don´t want the negative to be stuck up here forever. The trip has made a huge turn around. Lima was not too bad although 2 days was more time than we really wanted there. Cusco is amazing as is Ollantaytambo and what can I even say about Machu Pîccu? Nothing at the moment other than amazing because I am beyond exhausted. We stayed in a town at the base ofMachu Piccu called Aguas Calientes (for the hot spring which were more warm than calientes but enjoyable nonetheless) and despite its tiny size they went all out for New Year´sEve. Which kind of sucked for us. We arrived around 6 pm and our hotel warned us there was a concert near by for the celebration. No big deail, right? Unless your hotel room overlooks the concert and the concert plays NONSTOP from the time we arrived until 5 am (possibly beyond). We went to bed at 10 pm because we had to get up in time to have breakfast and make the first 530 bus to Machu Piccu. Neither my sister nor I slept at all. It was miserable. But Machu Piccu was beyond incredible so we pushed through despite the fatigue. I saw lots and lots of llamas, even babies! And please don´t let me forget to tell you about the train ride back to Cusco. It is like no other train ride I´ve ever even heard of. How is that for a teaser?
Okay, I´m off to bed. Please forgive anytypos or rambling. I am typing on a stiff computer with spanish characters interspersed and I´m too tired to pay much attention. In exactly12 hours we are flying to Puerto Maldanado for our trip into the Amazon jungle to stay at an eco lodge. We are both hoping to relax......... there isn´t power at the lodge so this is probably it as far as updates go. Looking forward to seeing LOTS of comments when I power up my blackberry in Atlanta.

(I hope you started the year with a bit more sleep, I haven´t slept since 2008!)


Tiffany said...

So glad things have turned around! Can't wait for pictures and details!

michele said...

i missed you on new years eve too. i'm excited to hear about your trip! have fun in puerto maldonado - make sure you sleep under your mosquito net...

jacker said...

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