Tuesday, January 27, 2009

because you miss me . . .

at least I'm hoping you miss me. I still have lots to write about my Peru vacation and a few things to say about my MLK weekend trip to Utah and other odds and ends about reviewing 2008 and making some 2009 resolutions BUT . . . there is no time. I am pretty swamped at work these days and my home internet has decided to be on the fritz most of the time and I am usually too tired to sort it all out when I get home late at night.


To keep you entertained (sort of) and remind you that I'm still alive (just sick of January), here are a couple of absolutely random lists.

Things in my bottom desk drawer: (because I know you were dying of curiosity)
  • 1 90 calorie pack mini delight quaker chocolatey drizzle [crisps?] (except that now that I have discovered them, I am quickly devouring them)
  • 1 large bottle contact solution
  • 1 blue umbrella
  • 1 folder labeled "2007 Prescriptions"
  • 1 broken cell phone charger (why is that even there? I'm throwing that away)
  • 1 black skirt
  • 1 purple and black striped work-out tank top
  • 1 black sports bra (I forgot that was there!)
  • 1 red umbrella cover
  • an empty, used zip lock bag (now in the garbage)
  • miscellaneous receipts I am sure I was keeping for a reason (now all in the garbage)
  • some address labels with monkeys on them - got those in the mail free I think
  • wait, another quart size ziplock bag (why do I have these?)
  • 1 very flattened box of Special K cereal with very little cereal (now in the garbage)
  • (this is crazy) yet another quart size ziplock bag, this one contains 4 small white pills - I have no idea what these pills are. They are labeled L374 . . . anyone?
  • 1 pack orbit cinnamint gum with only one piece remaining
  • 1 small black velvet bag I received free at some luncheon, I forget what is inside . . . oh, yes a hand-cranked flashlight (my mom will be proud of this, she always wants me to carry a flashlight for whatever reason)
  • 3 blank pieces of lined letter size paper tri-folded to go in an envelope (off to recycling for that)
  • 1 small matchbook from Tao (I have a small obsession with collecting matchbooks from restaurants - and no, I do not smoke, I just like how creative and different they all are - this one contains black wooden match sticks with bright orange tips and the cover of the box is an illustration of two Japanese women in kimonos holding flowers)
  • hold on, I just found another ziploc bag. I am not making this up, I had no idea I was a horder of quart size ziploc baggies!
  • 2 Banana Republic button envelopes (you know the ones that come with new pants and such on the tag) containing . . . buttons! I think these are from that time I had a surprise hearing and had to run out at lunch and buy a new suit.
  • more scraps of receipts for the garbage
  • 1 ticket for a Knicks game versus the Jazz from December 18, 2006 . . . not exactly a memento since the Jazz lost!
  • 1 hour validation for parking at the Westfield Century City in LA . . . haven't been there in well over a year
  • 1 tithing slip from December 2006 . . . I must have dumped the contents of my purse out in this drawer sometime in late 2006/early 2007
  • 1 ticket stub from the Metropolitan Opera for Luisa Miller from March 21, 2006 . . . again, must have dumped my purse at some point

Thanks for helping me clean out my bottom drawer - now my purse finally fits in there again. If I didn't have so much work to do I would make a list of all the items of personal apparel I have hidden around my office (in addition to those listed above). Instead I will just summarize (without double-checking or counting).

  • 1 pair black ballet slipper shoes under my desk (for when I'm tired of wearing heels)
  • 1 entire file cabinet drawer FULL of shoes (most of which I never wear and I will not even begin to estimate the number)
  • 1 pair Uggs (I think these are hideous but an absolute must for walking to work in the freezing cold - especially since they are comfortable AND I don't have to wear socks which is great when I don't have time to do laundry and run out of dress socks)
  • 1 pair unreturned pants . . . they've been hiding in the corner for at least a year, maybe two. I either need to lose enough weight for them to fit or find someone who wears an 8L . . . anyone? Really nice tannish color, never been worn.
  • 1 black suit jacket hanging behind my door (does not match the skirt in my drawer)
  • 1 brown puffy vest hanging behind my door
  • 1 winter coat hanging behind my door with large scarf and hat . . . wore this to work this morning so it doesn't really count
  • 1 white summer weight cardigan hanging behind my door
  • 1 tote containing a full set of workout attire . . . been sitting there for 3-4 months waiting for me to go to yoga or the climbing gym after work.

I think that is all for now with the nutty, revealing lists. What about you? What is hiding in your bottom desk drawer? Or your kitchen drawer? Or your junk drawer? Do you have spare outfits scattered around your office? I could reveal even more if I dared open my other two desk drawers full of snacks and throat lozenges, tea bags and deodorant as well as soy sauce packets, napkins, spare pens and greeting cards I never got around to sending.


Tiffany said...

I have seen for myself the outrageous number of Banana Republic button envelopes you have. Those buttons make great Tiny Christmas Tree ornaments!

Love the lists!

zaimee said...

maybe the ziploc bags are for the travel liquid requirements?! i know i have some stashed around at various places in our house for that purpose...

ma said...

I just moved to a different office and I did purge a lot of things, but it was mostly old work papers that I had printed out and not weeded out. I did have 2 or 3 granola bars and a few personal items such as lipstick, mirror, gum, etc., but I wouldn't have any room for my work if I kept as much stuff as you do at work.

You probably have more shoes at work than I own, but then I don't walk to work and that makes a huge difference. I think you need to request an office with a large closet to keep your extra shoes and clothes.

As you well know, my drawers at home are a whole different thing. They definitely need a good purging. I'm sure there are a lot of weird things that should be thrown away.

Emily said...

L374: Excedrin Migraine generic. I love this game!

Soul-Fusion said...

Zaimee, I initially thought the ziploc bags were related to the whole airport thing but I don't normally unpack after a trip in my office . . . at home, yes, good explanation. I think it has more to do with transporting snacks or vitamins (from the extra large bottles) from home to the office. I think.
Emily - of course! I am very impressed with your skills. I couldn't be sure if they were generic excedrin or generic Tylenol PM or what. Those two would be bad to mix up. Especially at work.

Beck said...

That is WACKY! I think you should throw those pills right out!

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