Friday, December 19, 2008


Last night I spent a considerable amount of time uploading a large chunk of photos to blogger for a post on how to make Christmas Citrus Squares. A while back blogger decided that it would reverse the order in which photos showed up on the post. I adapted and started from the bottom and worked my way backwards through the recipe. This is made a bit messier by the fact that my photos are still organized chronologically in my iphotos and since I was also making brownies and graham cracker crust and taking random photos of my fridge and chaotic kitchen, it was a chore to find all the photos I wanted. Some I missed and had to add later figuring it wasn't terribly difficult to rearrange in blogger.
Around midnight, after all the photos were in the post but in a hodge-podge mess with directions only sporadically placed, I gave up. I saved the post and determined cleaning it up would be a nice task when I needed a break at work.
A couple of hours ago I needed that break. What I encountered in my post was a giant, aggravating disaster! There were weird bold codes scattered needlessly about and rearranging the photos was proving far more difficult than anticipated. Plus some strange "line error" message kept cropping up and other unknown codes had wormed their way into the post. Now, I will admit I am at the sub-basic level of html coding but still, these things were causing some crazy problems and I didn't know what I could delete and how to get it back in working order. So I spent an hour (or more!) fooling myself into believing I could fix this mess. Meanwhile blogger kept telling me "Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying . . ." Then the photos couldn't be viewed in the "compose" tab or "preview" view. Ultimately, I gave up. I'm blaming the switch from my home mac to work pc for the problems and I just got out of it and I'm hoping I don't have to start over at home.
Long story short, I am working on at least one or two more holiday dessert recipes for you but blogger isn't cooperating.

And now, I would also like to mention the following to see if I can match Tiffany's random 100 thoughts:
  1. I am leaving for Peru one week from today (woohoo!)
  2. I am nearly finished with my Christmas shopping despite the fact I have not stepped foot in a retail establishment (yeah internet!)
  3. I settled a major case this week at a 13 hour mediation
  4. I was in Tennessee for the mediation and they canceled schools due to ice . . . it was kind of cold but I really didn't notice any ice. I think it usually took about a foot of snow to cancel school when I was a kid.
  5. I highly recommend gifting subscriptions to National Geographic for Christmas . . . only $15 for a year!
  6. I wish today was the 24th and all the work I have left was behind me
  7. I finally met a friend at MoMA for a quick exhibit viewing and dessert yesterday and I loved it
  8. although I will admit the Van Gogh exhibit was a bit meager - especially when compared to the drawing exhibit at the Met a few years ago
  9. but I love Van Gogh so I shouldn't complain about the small dose
  10. I'm ready to take my Christmas decorations down and may do so this weekend
  11. because otherwise I might not get to it until mid-way through January when I will still be unpacking from vacation
  12. in settling my case I won't have the opportunity to argue an appeal before a circuit court, which is disappointing but also a relief
  13. I won't have to worry about preparing for my oral arguments in Peru
  14. I scratched off Christmas cards from my to-do list this year
  15. this is the first time in probably a decade I haven't sent out Christmas cards
  16. yet, I have received more cards this year than ever before
  17. maybe I will send those people Valentine's cards instead . . .
  18. it has been snowing a lot here today
  19. yet, I can't really get myself excited about Christmas since I am mostly focused on Peru
  20. any music suggestions for a trip to Peru? I need to make a playlist
  21. the coke machine on my floor is broken and when I emailed the cafeteria people about it they asked what I wanted and someone brought me a whole 6 pack of Diet Coke!
  22. I only took one.
  23. I should be working right now.
  24. I don't really want anything for Christmas
  25. but I'm excited about some of the gifts I am giving to people
  26. I'm pretty sure I am not really into Christmas this year because I'm not going home
  27. although I will miss seeing my family and friends, I am not regretting my decision
  28. especially since I will be hiking into Machu Piccu on New Year's morning
  29. I'm really looking forward to seeing my sister
  30. I'm extraordinarily grateful to my generous friend and her family for inviting me (or letting me invite myself) to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with them
  31. As an adult, I've never spent a Christmas morning with kids
  32. I'm looking forward to trying it next week
  33. I really miss my friend Alison who is moving across the country next week
  34. I had a great time at her going away party last Saturday
  35. I also went to a fancy dress up party last weekend that was . . . fun-ish
  36. I actually had more fun getting ready
  37. but I also saw some people I hadn't seen in several years which was nice
  38. I do feel a little guilty about not sending out holiday cards this year
  39. I think it is pretty cool that the Utes have established a scholarship to honor Elder Wirthlin
  40. I am sad I am missing the Sugar Bowl
  41. If I wasn't in Peru I would probably go
  42. I don't regret that I will be in Peru, I just wish I could do both
  43. My alarm was set for 530 or 6 am every morning but today this week
  44. I hated that
  45. I slept in until 830 this morning and was still tired
  46. I wish I could concentrate on work
  47. If anyone feels like giving me anything for Christmas, I would like a new battery for my watch
  48. I am bad at getting around to running that type of errand
  49. did I mention that I lost my voice last week?
  50. as a result I have been sleeping with my humidifier on every night
  51. it has helped
  52. but one night I over did it and had it cranked up too high and woke up with a damp pillow and damp hair
  53. It bugs me that none of the coupons Macy's sends me in the mail can be used online
  54. I think holidays are not really designed for single people
  55. my sister doesn't have to go back to work until January 28th . . . lucky!
  56. I wish I could take a sabbatical
  57. I need to return a pair of jeans but I'm afraid of the stores on 5th Avenue
  58. too many shoppers
  59. I was so tired Wednesday morning I forgot to turn my cell phone and blackberry off on my early morning flight
  60. the plane seemed to be just fine despite my pesky cell phone
  61. traveling with my macbook spoiled me - my work laptop is VERY heavy!
  62. I'm reading "Slam" by Nick Hornby
  63. It is excellent
  64. my sister did an illustration for NPR, check it out
  65. I'm addicted to this music video
  66. Sometimes I'm delusional and think I can learn how to dance like that . . .
  67. then I remember
  68. I haven't been obsessed with a music video since college
  69. my dad can't keep secrets
  70. I've been on the phone with my sister for the last hour
  71. I should just go home
  72. I'm still talking to her
  73. I can't wait to see her next Thursday!
  74. so I'm going to just hit publish now and say goodnight!


emily said...

yes! yes! a gift for my dad! thanks for the idea about natgeo

Tiffany said...

Random thoughts are so interesting! Looking forward to your visit! Christmas morning with kids is a blast.

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