Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving x 3

This year I was lucky enough to enjoy not 1, not 2, but THREE Thanksgiving dinners! How lucky am I?

The first was the pre-Thanksgiving dinner I hosted at my house on Sunday where I learned that hosting means forgetting to take photos. And only snapping a last second, mostly blurry one when no one is paying attention because they are trying to figure out how to get food onto their plates.
Dinner number two came about after some bad transportation timing happened with my brother and some positive transportation timing happened  with my favorite east coast newcomers who decided to spend Wednesday touring around NYC and offered to take me home with them:
I have adopted their two boys as my godchildren/nephews. Even if Max only loves me for my Wii games. I can live with that kind of love.
The table was beautifully decorated:
The food was amazing and seriously, who can pull a full Thanksgiving dinner together without a lot of last minute rushing around? I will tell you: Tiffany!
And I got to sample her Blog Famous Punch! Which was delicious, despite the local deli's stinginess with the pebble ice.
My contribution to the meal was a vegetable: it took about 5 minutes to prep.
I also had some good quality time with Lucy. She is the best cuddler and I won't lie, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that she spent the entire night burrowed at the bottom of my bed curled up next to my legs. Tiffany and Ryan better be careful because one of these visits I might sneak Lucy away in my purse.
Unfortunately, I had to say a quick goodbye without any pie (despite MULTIPLE offers) and jump on a train to Maryland to make it to dinner #3.
Dinner #3 was luckily after a few hours of digestion and at a lovely Italian chop-house with my brothers and their wives. I had the very traditional ahi tuna. Here is the host couple:
And my other brother's wife:
And my brothers together . . . 
And don't forget my adorable niece - Regina!
She just keeps getting cuter and cuter every time I see her!
And more and more outspoken.
And did I mention adorable?
She does this super cute little cupping motion with her hands when she wants you to hold her. It melted my heart each and every time she did it. Which means I never paused to capture the gesture in a photo.
Sadly, the whole holiday weekend was a bit tainted by the fact that Wednesday I had 4 shots: tetanus and hepatitis in the left arm and yellow fever and typhoid in the right arm. Four shots that wreaked havoc on my body by exhausting me. Then giving me hot flashes and cold chills. Followed by complete exhaustion, a closed off throat and all around achy-ness. Not fun symptoms for a prolonged by traffic Saturday drive home. So I spent Sunday on the couch wallowing with herbal tea and leftover pie. Trust me, the pie really helped. And it will be worth the effort when I'm relaxing on a hammock in the Amazon basin not getting yellow fever.


Tiffany said...

No one deserves three Thanksgivings more than you. We were so happy that you ended up joining us! And I'm especially grateful that you snapped some pictures of our feast, since I never went near my camera that day. Or a mirror, as it seems. What is with my bad hair???

P.S. I have a crush on your niece.

Emily said...

The more Thanksgivings, the merrier! I'm so glad you had a chance to spend time with family and friends over the holidays, especially before getting those shots! Yikes. Make sure you eat lots of pie!

Kami said...

What a lucky girl to be with so many friends and family.

Fun to peak into Tiffanys home, it's so pretty.

Vanessa The Scientist said...

Three feasts! Awesome. I'm jealous that you were able to see Tiffany. She's one of my favorite friends!

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