Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Simply Irresistible

What I was going to say about Halloween in the post I hastily threw together yesterday Friday, is that one of the most important elements of Halloween is often overlooked: friends. You see, it doesn't matter how great your costume is, if you don't have good friends who are willing to go over the top with you, it isn't going to work out. Either you are going to be the sole person standing there lamely in your elaborate costume while others have stuck on a pair of devil horns and called it a day or you and your lame non-costume clad friends are going to show up at a party where everyone has dressed up and you are the one pretending to be too cool for school. I like to call those wasted Halloween.

For a number of years running, I have had mostly wasted Halloweens. I mean, just go back and look at what happened to me last year. And despite having a few costume ideas in reserve, I was pretty sure I would be opting out of Halloween yet again this year.

Then, about a week ago, a friend emailed me out of the blue and invited me to be a part of her group costume. The idea came from this classic 80s music video: Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer.

I started my transformation Friday night with a trip to a Fifth Avenue department store: Henry Bendell's. I had a secret hope that they would do my makeup but feared crowds. I was pleasently surprised when I walked in to find two rows of makeover stations set up mostly empty. I tentatively approached the man who looked to be in charge (he had a clipboard) and asked if an appointment was required. It wasn't. So he showed me to one of the director's chairs and introduced me to my makeup artist. Lucky for me he had seen the video. And this is what he did to me:
From Halloween 2008

He was so great, I had to ask him for a photo as well:
From Halloween 2008

From there, I wandered around the City feeling conspicuous in my heavy makeup and picked up a pair of black nylons and got a manicure in the same bright red color as my lips. I am not sure whether I was getting extra looks due to the heavy makeup or I was just feel self-conscious. But there were a couple of comments from men on the street . . . just sayin.
I traveled downtown by subway and couldn't get over all the costumes and the festive attitude in the air. As I walked to the designated meeting place, I ran into a parade of costumed bike-riders. I didn't get my camera out in time to capture the full spectacle. This was just the beginning. It turned out to be one of the best Halloween nights I have had in ages. In all the years I have been in NYC, I have never ventured south of my neighborhood for a party. We were close to NYU's campus so the streets were literally teeming with people in every type of costume imaginable. It probably helped that the weather was so nice, which meant people were freely wandering the streets without covering up their elaborate get-ups.
We went to the party at the church on the Upper East Side. Let me tell you, not a hotbed of festive activities. But the party was crowded and people seemed to like our costume . . . although we got ripped off in the costume contest and came in 2nd place for group costume. We finished the night wandering 3rd Avenue aimlessly hoping to stumble across food. Oddly, the UES is like the suburbs and everything shuts down before midnight. So we ended up eating at a place called Hot & Crusty (usually found in train stations and the like) at 1230. But since I hadn't eaten all night, it tasted delicious.
If you really want to see what our night was like, take a peek at this:


lizzie said...

how great! i haven't really dressed up in a few years...i miss it!

michele said...

lookin good! i love it when people have good costume ideas!

Tiffany said...

So saucy!

Vanessa The Scientist said...

Woot woot! I LOVE the costume! You stay in character so well.
Of course men would comment on the street...you are H.O.T!

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