Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On My To Do List

In no particular order, these are the TO DO items that keep floating around in my head distracting me from whatever task I am currently performing, which reduces my efficiency and makes it more difficult to finalize any one task. Why must the holidays be so chaotic?

  • finalize grocery order for Sunday's pre-Thanksgiving dinner
  • bake a couple of pies
  • cook a turkey
  • schedule a cleaning person for Friday
  • finalize packing list for Peru trip
  • order trekking poles and water purifier from REI and maybe some new sock liners
  • waxing (be happy there is no photo illustrating the desperation of my eyebrows that must be combed in the morning - not to mention my lip)
  • create list of dessert party items and stock up on baking supplies
  • decorate apartment for dessert party
  • send out email with details for Sunday's pre-Thanksgiving dinner confirming food assignments
  • return dress I don't like
  • decide whether to wear an old dress or purchase a new one for formal holiday party
  • find a place to watch the Utah-BYU game Saturday
  • curse DirecTV for not carrying the Mountain
  • or curse the Mountain for being so private
  • finish reading The Interpreter of Maladies so I can pass it along to my brother next week
  • purchase Christmas cards . . . did I buy some on sale at MoMA last year or was that 2007 when I planned ahead like that?
  • start making cookie doughs and freezing them
  • figure out who I need to buy Christmas presents for
  • um, actually buy some Christmas presents
  • ship presents since I won't be with any family members this year (until the final 15 minutes or so of Christmas day when my sister's flight lands in NYC)
  • warn all non-mormon first-time dessert party attenders that they are heading into a Mormon cultural experience aka no alcohol, just lots of sugar
  • figure out what I am going to wear to my dessert party this year
  • return magically shrinking heels
  • pick up a few new ornaments
  • return stupid super skinny boots for the atrophied calf people
  • climb 41 flights of stairs once a week and do cardio 3 times a week to prepare lungs for Machu Piccu trek
  • return H&M item before 30 days elapse (next week!)
  • get yellow fever vaccination
  • remind my sister to get yellow fever vaccination
  • renew prescriptions
  • buy birthday present before Saturday birthday party
  • clean out fridge (ie, wipe down empty shelves) before pre-Thanksgiving festivities
  • visit friend's new baby in Brooklyn
  • look into White Christmas broadway show and find someone to go with
  • stop compulsively checking evite for dessert party responses, seriously, just STOP!
  • not to mention work, work and work which has decided to overlap into the late evening hours again
  • find time to enjoy the holidays
  • write a Gift Guide like Tiffany that is better than the sad one I threw together last year (not that the ideas were sad, it is just very, very short)
  • remind people that gift cards aren't the best option in the current economic market given the fact that most of the retail industry is ready to topple into my professional arena in early January
  • blog about something more interesting than my to do list
  • finish blogging my summer vacation
  • write another divorce story chapter
  • remind people to enjoy Thanksgiving before rushing straight to Christmas

I don't even think that is everything. But I'm sure the rest will come to me as soon as I get back to work.

Tell me, what's on your To Do list right now?


Rachel said...

# find a place to watch the Utah-BYU game Saturday
# curse DirecTV for not carrying the Mountain
# or curse the Mountain for being so private

I love that these are on your list. Where would you find it? Would it be some pay-per-view thing? That is crazy! I will actually be at the game. One good thing about being in Utah. I really hope that you are able to watch it!

katie said...

I'll be your cleaning lady. Just fly me out there and you rplace will look magnificent. I'm a very good cleaner. And cheap if you pay my airfare.
On my to do list.....go to the bus stop in an hour to pick up a very cute 7 year old. And think of something to make for dinner. exciting, huh?

DeAnn said...

I have DirecTV and we get the Mountain. Channel 616! They picked it up a few months ago.

Thad said...

The Mountain is on DirecTV, you just have to pay for the sports package if, like you, you live outside the "footprint" of the Mountain West Conference.

Soul-Fusion said...

Thanks for the advice but no, for whatever reason DirecTV does not carry the Mountain in pretty much any package here. Friends of mine in the area have had similar frustrations.

Tom and Sarah said...

We have Direct Tv and it DOES carry the Mountain now, I think they added it a few months ago much to the delight husbands Ute-loving heart. It's channel 616 in Utah. I also think you should post some of your favorite recipes on here!

Tom and Sarah said...

Oh, sorry, I just thoroughly read the other comments about the Mountain - oops!

Tiffany said...

Some thoughts:

Ryan is also lamenting the BYU/Utah game fiasco.

Your to-do list gave me an ulcer.

Because I should make a similar one.

I hate boots that were made for anorexics. Someone please feed the boot designers!

I wish I was going to be there to help decorate and help you pick your outfit for the dessert party, like last year....

Thanks for the heads-up about gift cards.

Meghan said...

When I saw your title, I wondered to myself if you were having a dessert party this year. Glad to hear its on the agenda. I can't wait to hear what you will be serving.

Vanessa The Scientist said...

Gah! That list looks like a To Do list that I would make for an entire year! You are my hero. Good luck with everything. Make sure that you take some time and enjoy the holiday. That's a demand!

mickey said...

I'm tired just reading your list Alyssa, yet I know you can and will conqure it.

As for my To Do list, it starts with catching up with friends and their blogs. And well I better stop there so I can do just that.

I really enjoyed your list, and by the way I clean way better than Katie. he he he

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