Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Housekeeping Item

I still have one prize that has not been claimed from last month's giveaway. Commenter #77, MaryLee are you out there? You have a private blog so I can't let you know that you won. You have until Thursday, November 13th to claim your prize. After that, I'm selecting a new number and giving the prize to someone else. So, everyone who commented, you may have another shot at winning if MaryLee continues to hide in the shadows. And let me tell you skeptics who might not think popcorn is such a great prize . . . it is DELICIOUS! I only give away things I want for myself.


*MARY* said...

Um... here I am.. right here. Sorry, I guess I forgot... I don't know why I entered the giveaway with a lee at the end of my name, um.... I must have been sleepy or something... So you can go ahead and delete this post and give me the prize and never talk about it again.

*MARY* said...

That previous comment was a lie. But if you feel like a prize should be given to a person named Mary, I'm happy to help.

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