Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my answers and my questions . . . with the promise of prizes

Thanks for all your questions, below are my answers. Keep in mind that I did reserve the right to refrain from answering if I did not deem the question pertinent or appropriate or whatever. I apologize if all your questions were not answered after this rigurous screening process. The questions I am answering are in italics with my answers following:

I haven't asked a question previously (at least that I remember), but, I do wonder if your marriage and subsequent divorce soured you on the idea of being married? Having a very good marriage myself, for over 15 years now, I often wonder this about single people who have had a bad experience with men or women/marriage.

No, I do not think my bad experience has soured me on marriage. Has it made me more cautious, selective, neurotic? Yes, yes and probably. I went through quite a bit of counseling after my divorce and I have spent a significant amount of time examining my own attitudes toward dating and marriage and divorce. I have had minor to major panic attacks when marriage was starting to look like a possibility in subsequent relationships but with the advantage of time and perspective, I am able to realize that neither of those two instances would have been the "right" fit for me anyway. With each serious relationship I have been in since my divorce I have had to deal with a smaller and smaller piece of the baggage I carry along with the title "divorcee". While I mostly think any lingering negativity in my attitude toward marriage is long gone, I am sure there are hidden elements that are waiting to resurface when given a chance.

What is your ex-husband doing now?

I do not have any contact with my ex-husband whatsoever. I have neither seen nor heard from him since the divorce papers were signed in 1996. Nor do I want to see or hear from him. I do, however, know someone (who reads this blog!) who is married to someone who is related to someone who is married to the sister of my ex (did you follow that?). Consequently, I occasionally receive vague updates of where he is and what he is up to through this grapevine of gossip. By last account, he lives in the same town he grew up in and works for a nursing home or retirement center or something like that. And is divorced a second time. I can't remember if he is married again or not . . .

Can I spoil Parker's answer? Think Walmart...

No, Emily you may not spoil the answer . . . wait, you already did. As I explained, he doesn't work for Walmart anymore. But at one time when I was working on Wall Street (yep, I was once one of those evil Wall Streeters -probably still am!) he was working at Walmart and that gave me some evil pleasure.

And I know your story is not done yet (as of the last installment you are still married) but I am interested in how you got from the divorce to law school and new york city.

Well, the answer to that is longer than I will tell right here. Some elements of how I got to law school will come into the story. How I landed in NYC is pretty simple. During my second year of law school I interviewed on campus with a New York law firm on a whim. I had never been to New York in my life unless you counted a long layover in JFK (I don't, but did then so I could claim a tenuous connection to the City). I didn't expect a call back but when I got it I jumped at the chance to head to NYC for a couple of days all expenses paid. Despite an emergency room trip for a kidney stone a few days prior to the interview, I had my first trip to NYC in October 1999. I stayed at the Millenium Hilton hotel across the street from the then still-standing World Trade Center and took two rolls of film from the top of the Twin Towers (because cameras took film in those days) and walked about 10 miles in two days trying to see as much as possible. I went to a Ben Folds Five concert with a class mate who was also interviewing at the same time, rode the subway, took a cab and tried New York pizza and Krispy Kreme donuts for the first time. I also screamed in my head as I walked into the reception area of the law firm I was interviewing with all calm and serene in my black suit as I admired the unbelievable view of the Statue of Liberty - my first glimpse of her. The energy of the City took a hold of me then and there. Although I had mostly been interviewing in southern California, I knew it wasn't for me. I was offered a job for the following summer and I accepted it. Fell in love with the City even more and moved out here permanently in August 2001 and other than a 2 year hiatus in the middle, I have been here ever since. I owe most of it to luck.

I was wondering if your ex knows about your blog, and if so, are you at all concerned about the ramifications of telling your story in such a public way? Is he the type to try to get revenge?And let me just say again--this is in no way a criticism of your approach to telling your story. I think you're fabulous. I've just had my own unfortunate bad experiences with some online stuff . . .

Since I have zero contact with my ex, I have no idea whether he knows about my blog or not. There is always the possibility that he (or someone from his family) could stumble upon my blog after clicking through various links. However, when I started blogging, I was extremely private and I didn't include my first or last name or even pictures. As I have become more comfortable with the forum, I have been more open about my identity and shared my blog with friends and family and added photos and I don't worry about my first name being used. That being said, I do not use my full name for a reason. Professionally, I do not want someone to be able to google my name and find out my whole life's story. If you know my full name, you can google me and discover my full bio on my firm's website, a couple of articles I have written and court appearances I have made. But my blog does not come up. I didn't do this to hide from my ex-husband, but it does make me feel that it would be difficult for him to hunt me down with a simple google search.

All that being said, I have no fear of my ex-husband. The only reason he was able to hurt me all those years ago was because I allowed it. At this point, if he was angry or upset about anything I have written I say let him. I am writing the truth. The only caveat being it is all subject to my own memory. When I don't remember something clearly, I tell the reader but, as we all know, everyone has such differing perspectives that no two people will remember the same thing in the same way.

I don't know if Mitch is the type to seek revenge. Back then? Yes, he was. But I don't see there is any way for him to hurt me now unless I allow for it. That is the advantage to never having kids together I guess.

I'm wondering...have you considered compiling your story, after you've finished the last installment, and publishing it? Of course, I can only guess at the end, but I think that it could do a lot of good for other women out there who put up with things they shouldn't from guys.

I haven't considered that but flattering comments certainly have put the little seedlings of it in my mind. I wouldn't have any idea where to begin in pursuing publication but I'm definitely open to suggestions . . .

Does your ex know you are a succesful attorney in New York while he is a loser working at Walmart? Ha ha.

I don't know. He may receive vague updates about me that trickle back through the same grapevine I receive updates. Of course, even as a successful attorney in New York, a single divorcee can feel she is coming up short in many other things so I try not to gloat (especially since it makes for bad karma).

How has your experience effected your view/attitude of the LDS Church? Or did it effect it at all?

Another big question. Of course my divorce experience (which is what I assume you are referencing) has effected my view and attitude toward the LDS church. But so have innumerable other factors and experiences. I have written some of my thoughts on my church and my faith (either directly or indirectly) here, here, here and here. To sum up - it's complicated. I have doctrinal questions. I have doubts. I have issues with cultural norms. But I had many of the same questions and doubts and issues before I was ever married.

That being said, the one thing I wish would change in the LDS Church that is a direct result of my marriage experience is to tone down the push to get married young and fast. I think everyone could benefit from a little bit of pre-marital counseling. I witnessed the engagement and marriage process for a Catholic co-worker of mine several years ago and thought they had a good idea. As part of marriage preparation for their high mass wedding, her particular church (I'm not sure if this is universal to all Catholics) had the couple complete a compatability type test. The priest then assigned them to meet with a married couple they did not know to discuss the results of the test. I think they met with the couple on two separate occasions. My friend thought it was a great opportunity to discuss their conflicting and their overlapping ideas that were brought out by the test. She said they had conversations they never would have had otherwise. And it helped that both meetings were casual over dinner. The couple then went on an overnight retreat with other engaged couples to some sort of engaged camp where they participated in different workshops and activities geared toward marriage preparation. She thought it was great and was surprised Mormons didn't do anything similar. I realize there are marriage prep classes taught at church schools and in institutes around the world and that many stakes offer a marriage prep seminar. But what stood out to me was how personal the efforts were in examining the couple's prepardness of marriage. They started with a test and went through everything else with the results. I don't think this will prevent divorce but it does create a mechanism to be a bit more cautious in making this momentous decision of marriage. I realize some bishops take an approach more similar to this but I have also been in many a singles ward where the bishop kept careful statistics on how many members he married off. And I can tell you, they were pushing more than they were cautioning.

Have you had significant, long-term relationships after the divorce?

Yes. I pretty much jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire immediately after Mitch with a year-long relationship that was ultimately good for me emotionally/psychologically but for a variety of other reasons was not the right fit. I've probably had about three other relationships I would consider significant although none of them ever quite reached the year mark so depending on your perspective that may or may not meet your definition of "long-term." I've also had a smattering of other boyfriends. I would probably qualify as a serial monogamist if I could account for having had a relationship of any sort in the past three years, but as it stands I've been in a bit of a drought.

Where did you go to law school, and how did you choose your school?

I went to BYU law school and I chose my school because they accepted me. I was pretty naive about the whole process and only applied to 5 schools - BYU, University of Utah, University of Oregon, University of Washington and UCLA. All in the West. While I was in the midst of applying for law school, I was living with my parents and working through a lot of the residual divorce trauma with their bishop - a BYU law alum. I greatly admired and respected him and he encouraged me to go to BYU and wrote a recommendation for me in my application which I am convinced got me in. I was accepted first by BYU, wait-listed by the U and accepted at Oregon. I didn't receive any respose from UCLA until August. I took it as a snub but I was probably on a wait-list there as well. I have some issues with where I went to law school that I won't go into here but I will say that I don't regret it because I don't believe I would be where I am now if I had gone somewhere else.

Did you know what kind of law you wanted to practice, or did you "fall into" your practice area through a job or clerkship?

I made several definite decisions to avoid my current practice - bankruptcy. I wanted to be a litigator so I practiced in the litigation department of a large NY firm for a couple of years before taking a clerkship with a bankruptcy judge - despite the fact that she was a bankruptcy judge. I surprised myself by loving the field and I've stuck with it.

Have you tried your hand at fiction? Your non-fiction/autobiographical writings here are fantastic, so I'm just curious.

First, thank you.

Ever since my freshman year of college when a creative writing professor essentially told me I suck, I have had zero creative writing ambitions. I just considered myself a technical writer - decent at history papers in college and legal writing in law school. I've always been a sporatic journal writer so that is where my creative writing generally landed for many years - all of which is, of course autobiographical. Then, while I was living in Utah for a couple of years, a friend convinced me to try a writing club she attended each month which was hosted by a friend of hers. None of us had blogs at the time. For the first time since high school I began sharing my writing with others. And it was fun. Mostly it was autobiographical as well. When I moved back to New York my sister gave me a small moleskin notebook so I could continue to write. That worked for a bit but it felt so similar to journaling. I missed sharing my writing. So I started a blog. Secretly at first. Then I told one friend. Then, not long after I started my blog, Tiffany - the writing club hostess - started one of her own. So I participated in correspondence would-be-writer's club. Again, all non-fiction/autobiographical.

But getting back to your question. No, aside from the play I thought I could write in junior high and the sagas I wrote with a friend via notes passed between classes and a handful of high school and college assignments, I have never tried writing fiction. I've thought about it. But for one thing, I can't write dialogue. For another, I think the only voice I am good at is first person. But then again, I've never explored much else. So maybe once I finish my divorce story I will give it a whirl.


Thus ends the Q&A portion of our program. Thanks to those who played along. Now, it is my turn to ask some questions. While I primarily keep this blog for myself and writing my divorce story is definitely a journey I've wanted to make for myself as well, I am curious about who is reading.

I don't write for comments but comments are encouraging and inspiring. In preparing these answers I have gone back through my comments a bit to see if there were other questions I have left unanswered and I realized there are a number of commenters who have popped up once or twice but I've never heard from them again. I realize we all lurk. And at times we don't know what to say in a comment. But, just out of curiosity, how many people are still reading? I look at my google analytics report but I can't say I learn much of use from it other than what search terms point people to my site (ew, ew and ew to all the "Nascar dessert sex" searches - I have no idea what you are looking for and I promise you will not find it here). And if you are reading, would you mind leaving a comment answering the following questions (I don't even care if you do it anonymously but if you leave a link to your blog I will check you out as well):

1) do you only read my divorce story or do you read all my rambling posts?
2) do you remember how you found my blog and when that was?
3) where are you located?
4) are you mormon?
5) do I know you in real life?
6) would periodic giveaways (aka bribes) make you more likely to leave comments?

Just curious. Now, please go break my comment record. Oh and yes, there will be a surprise for one or two lucky commenters. A good one. I just don't know what it will be yet. But last time I did this, my prizes were good. Just keep that in mind.

***The REVISED Rules:***
You have until midnight on October 25th October 31st to answer my questions to be eligible.
The more comments I receive, the better the prize(s).
You must answer all 6 questions to be eligible.
If you promo my story on your blog, you can leave a second comment and be entered a second time for the prize(s).


Ryan said...

1-I read everything Your divorce saga is compelling. I do enjoy your otther blogs though. You have a great talent.
2-I clicked a link on my sister (Liz's) blog that led me here.
3-Clinton, UT
5-Yes-I think the last time I talked to you I quizzed you about your Forester-BTW-I bought one 8 years ago and have been very reluctant to give it up.
6-no. I do however find it fascinating that you use a Moleskine notebook-see your last entry. I have been using them for about 2 years now and would be lost without mine.

KimmyGoat said...

1. All ramblings, though I was initially lured in by your divorce story.
2. My friend Emily who linked to your friend Tiffany who linked you...maybe 6-8 months ago?
3. Lincoln, Nebraska
4. No
5. No
6. Maybe. Lurking has become a full-time hobby.

Tiffany said...

I LOVED this post! It was fascinating to read all of these answers. Your story and journey are intriguing to read.

And I agree that you should think about publishing this. Although I haven't read any of your fiction, I think that the memoir genre really suits you!

Tiffany said...

P.S. I think you know my answers to the five questions.

Maria said...

1) I read all your posts, luckily my google reader keeps great track for me.
2) Found a link on Pepper's blog about a year ago. I've known Pepper for 5 years now.
3) NYC
4) Yup
5) We used to be in the same ward. I'm sure you don't remember me as it was during the out of control, way too big 41st ward days. You always gave such great lessons in Relief Society.
6) I always love a give-away! It would probably urge me out of the shadows :)

emily said...

1. yes i read everything even though i am total crap at comments and blogging myself
2. you told me about your blog
3. SL,UT
4. crap. what was 4? oh, right. yes. lds. pretty hard core
5. i think you know me, even though i haven't seen you since ... dunno. i know you came to my house when you were here last and i was in the basement puking and sleeping.
also, did i go to california with you when you interviewed? i think i did, but i also remember you buying me a wig for halloween in california. so maybe i wasn't there. geez, i need help.
6. yes! well, no. i'll read no matter what.

emily said...

1. yes i read everything even though i am total crap at comments and blogging myself
2. you told me about your blog
3. SL,UT
4. crap. what was 4? oh, right. yes. lds. pretty hard core
5. i think you know me, even though i haven't seen you since ... dunno. i know you came to my house when you were here last and i was in the basement puking and sleeping.
also, did i go to california with you when you interviewed? i think i did, but i also remember you buying me a wig for halloween in california. so maybe i wasn't there. geez, i need help.
6. yes! well, no. i'll read no matter what.

Jessica said...

1. I read most of your posts. I have read many non-divorce posts from your archives as well. I can relate to many.

2. Found your blog this past year. I was trying to find the exact dates I was on a study abroad program in Neuchatel, Switzerland (for some financial purposes), and Google found me this post. It was obviously the same study abroad program, but who were you? I didn't remember any participants of that program who were so eloquent or thoughtful. I spent a long time on your blog trying to figure out which of those crazy girls you were in that program, and whether I was your odd roommate. (No, I wasn't.)

3. When I found your blog, I was living in Oxford, England. So you would have gotten some nice stats on Google from Oxford for a while. Alas, I was just there until September, and now Google tells you I visit from Orem, Utah. Yup. (Guess that explains why the England stats have dropped off.)

4. Yes. Have dealt with some of the same conflicts as you, but currently at peace with religion.

5. See answer number 2. You may know me, but probably not. I kind of kept to myself during the study abroad program. I didn't really relate to many of the other participants.

6. No. I still kind of keep to myself. I do read, but haven't commented before.

Parker said...

1. mostly divorce, some of your other posts as well though
2. someone i knew linked to "would be writers blog" ( I don't know her either) - and she posted one of your divorce stories on it
3. Delaware
4. yes
5. i am not a big commenter but i did register for the handbag thing after you posted it.

Emily said...

1) I read mostly everything. If I miss a post or two, it's because my dissertation has swallowed me whole. Send help.
2) I found you through Tiffany's blog and have adored you ever since. :)
3) Gainesville, FL
4) No.
5) No.
6) No.

Sidenote: I missed the q&a post (see #1, above). Can I ask a New York question? I'll be in the city at the end of the year, but won't have much time to spend there. What should I see/ where should I eat/ what should I do?

Jen said...

1. I tend to read whatever you write. I love your writing style - very clever and fun to read.

2. I clicked through my friend Leslie's blog, who I *think* is Tiffany's sister? I'm not positive on that.

3. Cincinnati, Ohio

4. Yes. And a lawyer, too.

5. Nope.

6. Maybe. I read your blog all the time, but since I don't really "know" you, I feel sort of stalker-ish leaving comments all the time. So I just pop in here and there. But feel free to give things away. That's just fine.

meg said...

1. I'm a lurker but I love all of your posts. I found your blog through your divorce story and found it so completely enthralling. I enjoy all your posts.
2. I found your blog through one of Utah's most popular blogs: slcspin.com.
3. Currently live in The U.C. but will be moving back to Salt Lake in a few months. Then, out of state. For law school, oddly enough. Which is another reason I enjoy your blog.
4. Former.
5. Nope.
6. Depends on the prize!

katie said...

1. I read it all, and enjoy it all. New York fascinates me as well as the way you write about everyday, normal activites. You have a huge talent!

2. I've known about your blog forever. Probably forever.

3. Located in Sandy, UT.

4. Mormon...yes.

5. Yes, we know each other. I have very vivid memories of you and a certain group of crazies that horribly embarrased me during my youth. I forgive you all. Mostly.

6. I enjoy being bribed.

critts said...

1) I read most of your posts and I say most because I've been on a blogger hiatus since Abby was born but I'm trying to get better. And I'll answer for Marcus too - he's an avid reader of the divorce story. And I happen to have another friend who reads your blog for the divorce story (she found it through mine - hope you don't mind).
2) you gave me your blog address when I started my bog about a year ago
3) TEXAS!!
4) you know it
5) of course!
6) nope - I'm typically an avid commenter anyway

autumn said...

I loved your post. It was fun getting to know you better!

1. I read all your posts. All the rambling ones...I have since I discovered your blog.
2. you know my blog.
3. Utah
4. Couldn't be more Mormon if I tried.
5. I believe we became friends because we both wore cute shoes.
6. I will always commet, bribe or no bribe, that being said, I loved the package I won. I still daydream about that chocolate.

michele said...

1. i read all of your ramblings.
2. i think you told me about your blog.
3. AF,UT
4. umm, you can call me mrs. president now (YW pres.) so i guess that means yes.
5. we are life partners...
6. no, but giveaways are fun.

Vanessa The Scientist said...

1) All of them! I'm a subscriber.
2) I'm part of the Would be Writer Guild and Tiffany tipped me off to the divorce story back when you only had a few segments written. I have eagerly anticipated each segment since.
3) Sandy, UT
4) Yes, I am Mormon.
5) No, but I seriously wish that I knew you. You seem like a very sincere and loving person. I love that you share your insecurities as well as your strengths. It makes you someone who I feel I can identify with. And your writing is phenomenal - very descriptive and vivid and funny! One of my favorites was when you posted some pictures of you dancing at a wedding. You OWNED that dance floor! You took those pics down waaaay too soon, in my opinion.
6) No. I just needed this push to come out from my lurker status. I will leave reagular comments from now on.

I would love to post a link to your divorce story on my blog. I know many that would really want to read it. Do you have them all in one place that I can link to, or do I need to post all the segments individually?

Anonymous said...

1) do you only read my divorce story or do you read all my rambling posts?
--Started out (through a recommendation on another blog I lurk) with the divorce posts, but now read all.
2) do you remember how you found my blog and when that was?
--See previous answer as to how. I think when would be early 2008
3) where are you located?
4) are you mormon?
Definitely not.
5) do I know you in real life?
Definitely not.
6) would periodic giveaways (aka bribes) make you more likely to leave comments?
Since I respond anonymously, that is unlikely. I suppose if you wanted to offer stuff to anonymous posters, I could anonymize (what?) a direct contact... OK, probably too confusing/convoluted. No. I enjoy your writing for what it is. If I am moved to comment, I will. One of the perks of being anonymous, I suppose.

Suz said...

1) I read all of your rambling and love it
2) I found out about your blog from Mary who found out about it from Autumn and I've been reading for about a month
3) Salt Lake City
4) Yes
5) Yes we met during your 2 year hiatus
6) depends on the prize

J.J. said...

1- Started with the divorce story, I've read more.
2- Found it about two weeks ago through "would be writers guild".
3- Minneapolis, MN
4- Guilty
5- No, but I left an anonymous comment the other day and you responded, so we're friends now :)
6- Absolutely

Thad said...

1) I read the other posts, however, I concentrate more on the divorce story. I have you in my Google Reader and that is how I keep track of when there is a new post.
2) I don't remember how I found your blog, I think one of the other blogs that I follow posted about it. From the post I did on my own blog about it, I found your blog around the first of March 2008.
3) Woods Cross, Utah
4) Yes, I am a mormon.
5) No, I don't know you in real life.
6) I don't usually comment on blogs unless something strikes a chord with me. I wouldn't comment more just for prizes.

Cindy said...

2. You told me about your blog maybe a year ago.
3. Washington state
4. Yes
5. Yes, courtesy of good ol' history and English classes.
6. I can always be tempted by good giveaways, and as a winner in your last drawing, I can say I will never miss another one. Thanks for the great prizes.

Thanks for sharing your life through your blog. I never know what I might find - sometimes a witty post about a fabulous weekend; other times a serious post about some serious marriage drama. I am so glad you are willing to share both.

lorrie said...

1. I read all of your stories, you are a very talented writer.
2. I found your blog from another blog which I found from anoter blog, etc.
3. I am located in rural northern Iowa.
4. No I am not a mormon. I find it very interesting that most blogs that I have visited are mormons??
5. No, you do not know me
6. No, I just enjoy reading your stories.

Erin said...

1) I read the divorce saga and not everything else but I whatever I have time for or peaks my interest.
2) I think it was a few months ago. A great friend of mine is in the writing club you referenced and linked to Tiffany's blog (who I don't know) who on that given day had a link to your previous posts on your divorce saga and so I started reading because I am apparently a big-time voyeur and saga/story junkie and subscribed to your blog so I could read the end of the story.
3) currently, Denver
4) yes
5) not at all, I don't think.
6) Maybe now. I always hesitated to comment before since you don't know me and as yours is a personal blog I thought potentially that could be weird. I have a knitting blog (which i know sounds really dorky) and I have all kinds of people I don't know reading my blog but I never really thought anything about it since I generally talk only about knitting and travel and really general life stuff--don't talk about being mormon, specific dating experiences, politics, etc.

So that was a really long answer to your questions. I do want to say that I have enjoyed reading your story and it has made me think about starting a second--more personal blog to really explore some issues and events that are more personal to me but not appropriate for the current blog I maintain. So thanks for the inspiration and for allowing me to lurk on your life. :)

Misty Fowler said...

1) I started reading the divorce story, but have kept reading, and love the pictures of your niece!
2) Someone shared your blog via Google Reader, and I've been addicted ever since. I wish I knew who had shared it, I would tell them thank-you.
3) I'm in SLC, UT
4) Nope, I'm Catholic
5) Nope
6) Sometimes I leave comments for a contest, but that's usually on commercial or tech blogs. I usually comment on your blog when I feel inspired by your post. So, to sum up, I'd rather comment to keep you blogging than to win something, although winning is always fun, right?

Annie said...

1) all, i love reading about your adventures
2)liz of course
5)of course...ditto katie
6)i've never been one to turn down free stuff!

and for the record, my husband reads too, but i'm pretty sure he won't comment. but, he likes your writing too! and we ran into your ex's sister the other day at wal-mart, so he could make the connection a little easier!

Brenna said...

1- I read all of your posts. Love them! You're such a great writer!
2- I found your blog via Tiffany's, whose blog I found kind of randomly..
3- Seattle, WA
4- Yes, I am
5- I wish!
6- Probably not. But I couldn't NOT comment today, since you specifically asked us to.

Shannon said...

1. I have read all of your divorce story and some of your other stuff
2. Tiffany's link
3. Willard, Utah
4. Yes
5. I suppose, we met at Tiffany's house during a WBWG meeting--it might have been the last one you went to before you moved to NYC
6. Not really--I don't leave a lot of comments. I'm not lucky with giveaways. The stories are good enough to draw me here.

millefleur said...

1. Read 'em all when I have time.
2. You told me about the blog.
3. DC
4. Yes
5. Somewhat. Do we ever really KNOW another person? OK, yes, I know you.
6. Couldn't one of your giveaways be that you come visit more often? Weren't you supposed to take Jon to lunch, anyway? :)

Jackie Norris said...

1. I started by reading your divorce story, but have read other things since.
2. I found it through my cousin's siter-in-law and then again through my best friends sisters friend (catch that? ha!)
3. Logan, UT
4. Yes
5. No
6. Probably not

Carrie said...

1. I read it all but have been very interested in the divorce story since I had an ill-advised starter marriage at about the same time. And it is amazingly well written!
2. linked from Amanda's
3. Colorado
4. not anymore
5. yes, kind of, I guess. From high school.
6. probably not

Mary said...

1) I read all your recent posts since stumbling across the divorce story halfway through (then I read those archives)
2) I found your blog through a link on my friend Autumn's blog a couple of months ago
3) UT
4) Uber
5) Yes. Good old 2 year hiatus. Great RS lessons and shoes by the way.
6) Eh. I never win.

Meghan said...

1. I have read everything you have ever written ever since I started reading your blog. I love the details of what you eat and where you go and what you think. It's all just fun and interesting.

2. I found your blog through Emily.

3. Florida

4. Yes

5. I know you from Emily's wedding although I don't know if we were officially introduced. I would love to meet you again one of these days.

6. I always love giveaways, but I never win. If you could promise me that I would win something, I am sure to comment.

Heather said...

1) I love reading your divorce story but i do enjoy most of your other posts too
2) I do not remember when I found your blog but I found it off of Tiffany's Would Be Writers Guild blog (My sister is friends with Tiffany and her family...We are related to Tiffany's brother)
3) I am from Sunny Southern California
4) Yes I am Mormon
5) No we have never met in real life...
6) I dont think so...i dont like to admit I blog stalk lol but I love reading your story and it has given me a whole new fear of marriage!! But your writing is amazing. I am taking some journalism classes and I am so jealous of your writing skills.

Alisa said...

1 & 2 My kids are on fall break and I had just said to my daughter, I need something to read. 1 hour later I checked Meghans blog and she had a link to you. wow- Did that make for a good evenings read! So yes, I have only read your divorce story but will read more, and I found your blog through Megan tonight.
3) Oklahoma
4) yep
5) nope
6) I am generally not a commenter and have let go of the idea of getting comments on my blog. But I do love a give away!

Beck said...

1. I read all of your posts.
2. No. I do not remember. How did we meet?
3. I am located.... well, you know where! You've mailed me stuff!
4. Nope. Regular old liberal protestant.
5. Not for REAL real.
6. I just stink at leaving comments these days, thanks to my inky black depression. I'm working on it....

lizzie said...

1. all of it, of course
2. you told me about it a long time ago...think beginning
3. somewhere in the middle of rocky mountains
4. yes, i am
5. of course you do
6. i love giveaways!

marialuigi said...

I read all of your posts. They are charming, thought provoking and very interesting.

I found you through WBWG--Tiffany's blog, who I found through 100% Cottam who I found through my friend Karen...who I really, truly know.

I am located in Washington State.

I am Mormon.

You do not know me in real life...although, I'm certain you would find me absolutely darling.

I have left comments without bribes before. I enjoy a good giveaway now and again...but, I also feel it fair that you know who is blurking. So, no...I don't know that bribes motivate me to comment...although, it did this go around.

DeAnn said...

1) I read most of your posts. I find you a gifted and talented writer. I did become fascinated with the divorce story and recommended your blog to others.
2) Tiff's website.
3) Salt Lake City
4) Yup
5) Nope - but you would be someone I'd hang out with and then always think "why does someone as cool as her hang out with someone like me?"
6) No bribes. I've commented a couple times but then always wonder if you think I'm some weird blog stalker pretending to be your friend.

Nat said...

1. I started with the divorce saga but i pop in now and then and read other stuff too.

2. I found you through Tiffany, who I don't know either. I can't for the life of me remember how I found her, it was awhile ago though. And by the way, I love her blog. She is hilarious!

3. I am originally from Utah but now live in Vegas.

4. Yep

5. Nope

6. I have never commented on a strangers blog, but since you asked, how could I not? If the giveaway is a guided tour of NYC then I am in!!! I am tagging along with my husband on a business trip next month. It will be my first visit to the big apple. Can't wait :)!

Talen and Amber said...

1. So far, only the divorce posts. But I plan on exploring more of your blog.
2. I just found your blog today and read all the divorce story thus far. I found it from the babysteals blog.
3. I live in St. George, UT but grew up in Orem, so I know all the areas that you have written about.
4. Yes.
5. No.
6. Probaby not...I don't usually comment on blogs of people I don't know...but I will look forward to reading more!

Tom and Sarah said...

1) I found it from the babysteals blog
2) I just found it today and am hooked. Currently ploughing through the divorce saga, but I am sure I will enjoy your other musings too.
3) An Englishwoman living in Utah
4) Yes
5) What was that again....oh, no you don't
6) I think I would leave a comment anyway, I always appreciate comments on mine. But would I turn down a giveaway - not as long as I'm breathing!

sjfdmf said...

1-So far, I have just read your divorce story, but will definitely be reading all of your posts because your writing is incredible!
2-I found it today through babysteals
4-no, Catholic
6-I think everyone loves giveaways and I'm no different. I do tend to lurk more than comment on blogs that I read, so a giveaway does make me more likely to leave a comment. :)

DCSportsChick said...

1) Started with the divorce story but will go back and read the other posts. I enjoy your writing style.
2) Via Babysteals
3) Washington, DC
4) No, Catholic
5) No
6) Sure, but I'd probably comment anyway. I can personally relate to some aspects of your story.

SBryner said...

1) So far I have only read your divorce story, but would like to read everything else.
2) I found your blog from the Baby Steals blog two days ago.
3) Salt Lake City, Utah
4) Yes
5) No
6) No--I just felt weird about leaving comments on a blog of someone I don't know, but I really wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your story. I really appreciate that you aren't a vindictive ex ranting about how horrible your husband was --although I know he was. You are much more introspective and I think you hit on a lot of feelings that many women deal with. Reading your story really made me reflect on my own dating/college/courtship years and I related to so much of what you went through. I am going to share your blog with my younger sisters who are right in the middle of that time of life. So much of our culture is hush-hush and I just want to open up a conversation about the realities of marriage--good and bad. Thank you so much for sharing this part of yourself with strangers like me. Your story can save a lot of young women in relationships looking to "save someone." Stephanie

Lydia said...

1) I just found your blog, so far just read your divorce story, but I'm excited to read your other posts.
2) Through babysteals
3) UT
4) yes
5) no
6) I'm mostly a lurker, but giveaways do encourage a comment every now and again.

P.S. My husband and I have been sitting in front of the computer the bulk of this evening reading your story. We love your writing style.

MaryAnn said...

1. I've read several of your posts, but it has been sporadic since I don't know you. Liz mentioned a while ago that you were working on your story, but it wasn't finished yet. I found the link on her blog and have been completely mesmerized and engrossed.
2. I think I found your blog after you commented on mine May 2008 (something about everyone having funky self photos of our mutual friend.)
3. I live in a rural community in the rocky mountains.
4. Yes
5. Would love to meet you but haven't had the opportunity yet! Hopefully someday!
6. It is a little imposing to leave comments on a stranger's blog... One wonders whether they are welcomed. Giveaways seem to invite and invoke comments, so sure.

ern said...

I just found your blog a few days ago through wouldbewritersguild (where i also blurk)and have been devouring your divorce story ever since. i was going to leave you a comment when i had read the whole saga, but now seems a good a time as any. way to pimp your blog! so, for your questions:

1- just read your divorce story over the past few days but will check out other posts as soon as i'm done.
2- found it a few days ago on wouldbewritersguild
3- living in malaysia
4- i just set up visiting teaching appointments and planning FHE, so that should answer THAT question
5- no, but honestly i'm going to be all blog-stalker and say i'd love to meet you in real life cause i think we could be friends. can you really tell that by someone's writing style?
6- not really. i comment on blogs when i feel inspired/moved/angry/inquisitive about something i've read. besides i live in asia so i can't win stuff. although, if i do i usually have it sent to friends/family who live in utah.

on a side note, i can't tell you how many times i've laughed or gasped or been sick about things you've written because they were so familiar. not that i've been divorced or have an abusive husband (on the contrary, he's amazing) but some of the smaller stuff. this has been theraputic for me as well. thank you.

Eric said...

1) I glance through all of your posts, but mainly read the divorce posts.
2) March 2008 from here: http://www.woodscrosscitizen.com/2008/03/what-others-are-saying.html
3) Woods Cross, UT
4) Yes
5) No
6) Probably not, I'm admittedly a blurker.

gretchen said...

1) So far, I've only read your divorce story, and I found it so intriguing, my interest is now piqued for your other posts! May I echo the many other readers who have left encouragement for you to pursue a literary career. Seriously, your writing is so much more entertaining and fulfilling than Stephenie Meyers', and she's sold oodles of books!!
2) Yesterday, on babysteals.com. I've spent the entire morning reading your divorce story, from start to finish!
3) We recently relocated to Jersey City from Manhattan.
4) Yes.
5) I don't think so. But I would be surprised if we didn't know people in common.
6) Potentially. :)

Kelly said...

1) I just found your blog. I've only read your divorce story thus far, but the style has led me to want to read more.
2) I saw a link to your blog at babysteals.com/blog
3) Wisconsin
4) No, but I am a lawyer. I also think we're about the same age.
5) No.
6) Maybe ...

Mellowmeli said...

1) I just found it two days ago...and have been drawn into your story...and have not gotten much work done today from it!
2) Your friends at babysteals.com!
3) Atlanta, GA
4) no
5) no
6) possibly - but I will be following your blog anyway! I find your writing fascinating.

Shelly said...

1) I just found your blog -- what a talent you have. I have a friend going through something similar and your divorce blog has helped me to understand her situation better. I look forward to reading your other things...
2)babysteals.com shared the link... I am glad that they did!
3) Seattle, WA
4) No
5) No
6) maybe... having questions to focus the 'comments' helps me to respond.

Kat said...

1) So far just the Divorce story. Interested in reading more.
2) I am another Babysteals shopper.
3) Boston
4) No
5) No
6) Not really. I read several blogs. I have tired to write my own but I would never comment unless I had something truly profound to say (which isn't often). I will say that your blog moves me to want to be a better me. Thanks.

:P, corrie said...

1) I began by reading your divorce saga, but read your other posts too. I've never been to NY, but totally want to go now!

2) I found your blog through my friend Leslie who is Tiffany's sister. Tiffany had encouraged her readers & blurkers to read it.

3) Cincinnati, OH

4) Yep, I've been lds all my life.

5) No, we've never met, but I really want your red velvet cake recipe! I love making cupcakes@

6) I'm a lame commenter, but prizes always help!

Ster and Jen said...

1) Just divorce story so far
2) babysteals.com
3) Logan, UT
4) Yes
5) No
6) Probaby not, I just wanted to tell you your story just about had me neglecting my child. I was so intrigued with it all and the honesty that you tell it with. It isn't everyday you get to hear a story like this. You have enlightened me and helped me understand something I probably wouldn't otherwise. I can't wait to read the rest.

RJHnrksn said...

1- I have only read your divorce story, as I didn't know anything else existed..

2- I found your blog from my friend S Bryner's blog last week.

3- WVC, Utah

4- Yes

5- Nope

6- No, I'll comment whenever, I've just been so absorbed in your story, I couldn't wait to read the next part, so I haven't commented on anything.

Kimmy said...

1- I just read all of your postings thus far on your divorce.
2-I was just checking out seriously so blesed and there was an ad for baby steals or something and there was a weird comment entitled "shes going to kill me" and so I clicked on the link and have spent the last 2 hours reading.
3-Yuma, Az
4-yes, hence the checking of the seriously so blessed blog
5- no
6- no, I just feel silly leaving comments when I dont know the person.
With those q's, ae'd can I just say I am so sorry you had to go through this. I know you arent in that situation anymore, but I wish I could have been a friend for you in those dark times. My heart just breaks reading what you have gone through.

Anonymous said...

1) do you only read my divorce story or do you read all my rambling posts?
I have so far read only your divorce story. I enjoy your writing style so I will probably read more of your posts later.

2) do you remember how you found my blog and when that was?
I found your blog off of the babysteals.com blog.

3) where are you located?
I am located in the Philadelphia suburbs.

4) are you mormon?
I am not mormon and, other than one instructor in college, I have never met a mormon. I am a semi-practicing catholic. As such, I did have a little trouble following some of the religious terminology and practices. For example, why did you meet with a Bishop? (Our Bishops are so high ranking you would really never speak to one personally).

5) do I know you in real life?
No, we have never met.

6) would periodic giveaways (aka bribes) make you more likely to leave comments?
No, giveaways wouldn't entice me. Not that I don't enjoy free stuff, but I'm extremely shy and to be honest, I don't really consider myself worthy of commenting. But since you have given so much of yourself, I thought you at least I could gather the courage to leave this comment.

Rachel said...

1) do you only read my divorce story or do you read all my rambling posts? I have only recently found your blog through the divorce posts, but I am wanting to read the rest of what you have written. You are an amazing woman.
2) do you remember how you found my blog and when that was? I found it 2 days ago from babysteals.com blog. I am really glad that they linked to you.
3) where are you located? Salt lake city Utah
4) are you mormon? All my life but married to a convert.
5) do I know you in real life? No
6) would periodic giveaways (aka bribes) make you more likely to leave comments? Actually pointed questions like these make me more likely to comment. I can't find much to express if there are no questions especially when what I am reading is so deeply personal.

j. call said...

1. So far just the story, but I have been sitting here for 3 hours enthraled and just finished it. I intend to keep reading.
2. SBryner told me about it 2 days ago. We are co-workers.
3. Recently moved to Lehi,UT from Spokane, WA
4. Yes I am LDS. BIC
5. No, you don't know me.
6. No, as others have said, it feels odd to leave comments when I have never even met you. Though, when someone invites comments, I am glad to leave one. I have stories to tell and actually started writing by putting it into fiction form, mostly out of fear. I admire your boldness and bravery. Mine isn't a divorce story, but dramatic nonetheless. Having said that, you have inspired me to continue writing it. It is on a private blog right now, but someday, I may be brave enough to share. Thank you and I will continue to read.

The Mitchell's said...

1)Just stumbled across your blog today and have fervently read the divorce saga. (So far.) Your ability to “paint” the scene verbally is a true gift. I have only read one other blog that has been so well written. That blog was penned by my Sister. Thank you for letting me share in your life. I'm glad that your experience did not turn out like Lori Hackings a few years back. I have known a few “Mitch's”. Sorry, again for the trauma you experienced.

2) I found you blog today while I was "window shopping" on the web. I was weaving through babysteals.com and was reading blog entries related to customers experience with afore mentioned site. I was enticed to check out your blog with these words. ("So, the next time you need a break from housework and TV just isn't cutting it, read the story.")

3) Klamath Falls, OR
4) Born and raised. Solid. RM
5) No
6) No

CutiePie said...

1) I've only just begun, so only the divorce story so far. I plan to read more, however. I've never done blogs before, but you have inspired me to perhaps try doing one myself. If I can find the time. I have 7-month old twins and a very active 3-year old.

2) I just found you this morning via a link on Babysteal.com

3) In Kearns, Utah.

4) Yes, I am LDS

5) Uh, nope.

6) "Bribes" might cause me to leave comments, but I would likely tend to do so periodically anyway.

I think that I am going to have to forward a link to your divorce story to my little sister. She just recently went through a divorce herself (her ex is a punk! Not as bad as your ex, but a punk nevertheless.) and I think that it might be good for her to read about someone else's trials.

Holly said...

1. I've been riveted to your story, I read the whole thing this morning (found it yesterday). It's beautifully written, and I lost myself reading it and your other posts about life.
2. I found your blog through Michele and Dan's blogpage, she posted saying she had an interesting read. Michele's bro Stuart and my husband Tim, are good friends. I looked at her blog yesterday (10/23).
3. Ogden, UT
4. Yes
5. We've met once, we were at the Curtis' house when you took Michele to Jack Johnson for her Bday.
6. Maybe...but I'll definitely keep up on your blog either way.

Anonymous said...

1. Followed a link to the divorce story today. Very moving. I have a friend w/ some similarities, but with roles reversed. I'm trying to decide if he would be offended if I forwarded him the link.

2. A blog I read for politics in Utah mentioned this and I immediately read for 30 minutes.

3. Orem, Utah

4. Yes

5. No

6. No

Nicole said...

1. I have just been reading your divorce story, but I am very interested in reading your other posts too...I just haven't finished all of the divorce story posts yet! You are such a great writer. I have been giving your link to many of my friends/family.

2. I found your blog the day babysteals posted it.

3. Saratoga Springs, UT

4. Used to be.

5. No.

6. Possibly. I tend to be more of a lurker, so pointed questions and/or bribes might pull me out of lurking.

Dani said...

1) My friend just showed me your divorce story 2 days ago and have been reading nothing but that till now. I've started to read some of your other posts now, sorry about your klutz moment at Penn station..

2) 2 days ago by a friend through the Babysteals blog

3) Provo, UT (husband finishing degree.) But we're both from AZ.

4) Yes I am

5) No

6) Bribes do make things interesting, but I was planning on leaving a comment before I even saw this post.

Toebi Rabon said...

1) I have just found your blog but i have spent a few really late nights reading and poking around your blogs
2) i found it from the babysteals website, on Wednesday
3) oak harbor, Wa
4) no
5) no
6) maybe, i just found the blogspot and figuring out how to use and find things here.

thank you for sharing your stories

the swope family said...

1 - I just started reading two days ago and so far have only read about the divorce. As I have time I will read your other ramblings!

2 - I found it from the blog on blog on babysteals.com two days ago.

3 - Laveen, AZ

4 - NO!

5 - No

6 - No

Note - I think this divorce story is so well written. I keep coming back to read a bit more each time I have extra time. I'm just about caught up and can't wait to hear how the story ends! To me it seems like a fictional piece because it is so far from my truth, however, I respect that it is your truth and have such sympathy that you endured this relationship.

Nae said...

1) I have you on reader, so I read a lot of your posts.
2) Maybe 6-months ago. I was curiously looking for people I went to high school with and found you through a link in a blog and another link in another blog. Something like that.
3) Sandy, Utah
4) Yes
5) I don't know if you know me, but we went to the same high school and graduated the same year. I don't think we ever spoke. Maybe we did? I knew friends of yours and remember you as a very happy person. In fact the whole group of you were always so energetic and funny (Emily, Liz, Michele, etc.). Since I didn't really know you, but just had an impression of who you were, it has been sad for me to read about your marriage experience. Hopefully you've found your happy light again! I hope that is in your last chapter, but I guess we all hope for a happy ending!
6) I can't say it was the bribe that made me leave this comment. I think it was more that I think it's brave what you're doing, so I decided to be brave in my small way.

Terry said...

1. So far I've only read the divorce story but I plan to read more. :)

2. My friend, Katie, emailed me a link with a message saying she came across your blog and thought I would like it too since your story reminded her of mine.

3. Richmond, Virginia

4. Yep!

5. Nope.

6. You bet! (As they say in the great State of Utah)! :)

Charlene Harreveld said...

1) I read the divorce posts and I skim the other posts.
2) I found your blog on Meghan's blog...she gave your blog a "Shout-Out" and so did I. I actually gave you a "Shout-Out" without even knowing about your six question prize thingy.
3) Jupiter, Florida
4) Yes
5) No, not yet
6) Not really. I leave comments when I feel like I have something to say.

hakesfam said...

1. I have read your divorce story and ALL of your musings - - I really related to "wishes" because of something I am going through right now.
2. My friend at work saw your blog and told me about it just last Tuesday.
3. Utah
4. Yes, LDS.
5. No don't know me - I will say I find it interesting that I am a 53 year old grandma with 5 grown children but still find so much common ground in your musings and story. Hmmm
6. Reading your writing is prize enough. Compelling!!!!

Heidi said...

1) I just came across your divorce story tonight. You are a very talented writer!
2) I found it mentioned on Rachel’s blog (she commented).
3) TN
4) Yes
5) No
6) Nope

Julie said...

1. So far just your divorce story as I just found you a little less than a week ago.
2. I found your blog off of www.babysteals.com's blog - your friend? mention it was a good read so I checked it out and she was right!!
3. UT
4. Yes I am.
5. Not that I know of
6. I won't lie - it helped - but I'm not afraid to comment if I felt the need to but you do such a fabulous job of writting!

K. M. Christianson said...

1. So far I have only read the divorce saga and a few other posts. I plan on browsing more.
2. There was a link from babysteals.com, which I got to from some sort of search about Signing Time!
3. Oklahoma for now.
4. NO.
5. No.
6. Like the majority of people before me, it increased the odds, but commenting on a stranger's blog does feel weird, even in the randomness of blogdom.

MaryLee said...

1. So far only the Divorce story, but I like your writing very much and will probably read more.
2. Found the link from babysteals.com
3. Utah
4. Yes
5. No
6. Not necessarily. Probably wouldn't have commented until I got to the part where you asked for it. I feel strange as a lurker leaving a comment, but since I see that you appreciate them, I would like you to know that I couldn't stop reading your story. Very moving.

Jinii said...

1. I have only read the divorce saga so far. I hhav scanned the blog but not had time to read anything else.
2.I found your blog from baby steals last Sunday.
3. Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Yes.
5. No
6. Maybe. Leaving a comment all depends on if I take the time. I have a newborn and she is often on my lap while reading blogs and typing can be complicated.

KamilahNYC said...

1) I read them all through googlereader, although 90% of the time I'm at work, so can't say I always read every word.
2) yes, I found your blog through a comment you left on my blog! so happy that you did!
3) Brooklyn
4) Yes
5) Yes!
6) probably not, I used to comment more than I do now, I think I follow too many blogs!

Arah said...

1. I have just started reading your blog within the last few days. So far, I have only read about your divorce, but plan on reading more. your a great writer.
2. my SIL's, hakesfam and j.call, led me to your blog.
3. spokane, wa
4. yes
5. no
6. not really. I tend to leave comments when i feel like I have something worth saying. Although, I do let people know I am lurking.

Mel said...

1) I just found your blog a few days ago but I have been sitting here reading for hours!
2) a few days ago on www.babysteals.com's blog
3) good ole' KY
4) my husband is, I have not joined the church yet but we do attend together
5) no
6) I'll read it anyways ;-) 2 kids, husband deployed..I love anything with adults

Lance said...

1) I read 95% of your posts, but the divorce saga is what pulled me over to your blog int he first place.
2) I found your blog over a year ago from Tiffany's blog.
3) I am in the Salt Lake Valley.
4) I am active in the LDS Church.
5) We don't know each other in real life, but through one of your posts I found that we have another mutual friend besides Tiffany (Levi).
6) Sure, I'm a sucker for giveaways.

David said...

1) So far I have only read your Divorce story (and glanced at a couple of other posts) but I just found your blog a couple of days ago.
2) A link from woodscrosscitizen.com on 10/24/08
3) Bountiful, Utah
4) Yes
5) No
6) No. I'm a pretty regular commentor anywhere I read regularly (which I expect you will be based on what I've read so far).

Jessica said...

1) so far I have only read the divorce and Q&A. I will get to the ramblings
2) Yesterday and from a post on Babysteals
3) Oklahoma
4) Not a Morman
5) Highly unlikely, but hey it's a small world
6) I kind of felt awkward about commenting because I don't know you. Kind of like, it is OK to spy but not leave my input. For what it is worth, your writing really grabs my attention.

julie said...

1) only the divorce so far
2) my sisters sister-in-law posted it on her blog hakesfam...
3) washington
4) yes
5) no
6) not necessarily. i am a major lurker... i end up on random blogs when i should be working or sleeping. however, i've been wanting to write a similar story about the memoirs of my life so far and your story fascinated me. the honesty of it. i went through some stuff, but not a divorce. this is AMAZING to read. i read the whole thing last night in about 2 hours....serious talent you have.

Bug, Holli & Abby said...

1. So far I have only tuned in for the divorce story.
2. I found your blog linked to the babysteals blog...I felt like it was odd that someone would recommend reading a divorce story for entertainment.
3. SLC
4. Yes
5. No
6. I am not easily bribed. I would like to say that I am currently a substance abuse therapist, and have done work with domestic violence victims and perps. I wish more of them had your insight and ability to associate important details about yourself with the events that occurred. It is always overwhelming how prevelant this problem is, but glad to hear that the cycle has stopped for you in your story. It is always refreshing to hear from someone with a healthy perspective on unhealthy situations. I also am a Young Woman pres. in my ward and I think I want my yw to read your story. Good lessons learned early. Thank you for sharing.

Tamara said...

1) came for the divorce story, stayed for the other fun stuff
2) Katie told me I had to check out the saga...I think it was about 6 months ago
3) Utah
4) yes
5) no
6) yes...what can I say, I'm a sucker for free stuff

Tiffany said...

OK, thanks for having this, because now I don't have to giveaway anything to meet some of my blurkers. Seriously!

Marianne said...

I recently came across your blog via babysteals as well. So far I've only read the divorce posts and have found them to be totally engrossing. Neglect-your-child engrossing. (Ok, I really didn't neglect her) I'm Mormon and located in St. George, Utah (though it is a recent move). I spent several summers in Cedar but that was after you left so I'm sure we don't know each other. (or, rather, I'm relatively sure we don't know each other) Ok. I think that's all the questions. Since I'm too late for the contest I won't worry about going back and double checking!

nhsphoto said...

Hi Alyssa. I know that I'm too late for the contest (dang!), but I wanted to comment and let you know that I'm reading your fascinating story. It's weird that I've known you for all these years (well... you know what I mean, not that we hung out all the time or anything like that, but i DO know you)and I had no idea about any of the facts of your divorce. I guess I had this idea in my head of a typical divorce and didn't really think much of it. but i'm BLOWN AWAY. i can't stop reading. so:
1. only read the divorce so far. but will be adding a link to my blog (www.nhsphotography.blogspot.com)
2.clicked a link from michele's blog
6.i am easily bribed and can't wait for the next one so that i can particiapte

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