Thursday, October 23, 2008

I wasn't actually tagged . . .

and I wasn't going to tag myself or anything but I was curious . . . yesterday Liz had a post with this cute picture of her daughter Anna on her 8th birthday with the explanation "fourth picture from the fourth folder of my picture files." Cute, but I was worried what would come up if I tried it. Blogging, combined with digital photography, for better or worse, has changed the way I take photos. I snap pics of anything and everything. Multiple times. I take pictures of my plants, I snap photos of the food I make, the food I eat, the weather out my window, the contents of my fridge, my redecorated bathroom, the new taxi designs, flowers, hotel rooms, new haircuts, new clothes I'm not sure I like, my feet, the street, babies, visitors, sporting events . . . you never know what tragedy could strike by pulling out a random photo from my folders. 

Which is why I decided to just peek in my photo file and see, you know, just for fun, what I might pull out. And because I think it is awesome (and slightly ironic), I'm going to post it for all to see:

First off, it is not a digital photo. It is a picture I scanned in a couple of years ago when I was making a very special cd entitled "A Region Dance Valentine" for several of the ladies featured in the above photo. And that puff sleeved beauty on the far right? None other than Liz, the blogger with the tag that inspired me to root around in folder #4. As you might guess, this is not a recent photo. It was taken circa February 1993 at a high school dance. And despite the (ahem) 15 years that have passed since this lovely photo was taken, I am lucky enough to remain friends (even blogging friends!) with the majority of these ladies.

Let's take a closer look at these innocent girls showing off their legs (our signature pose I'll have you know). 

First up, we have hovergirl, you can tell she is the runner of the group since she is clearly exhibiting the best leg, even if her shoe looks a little big. She is also wearing a dress I coveted that day, even though I completely hated formal gowns or dresses of any sort at the time. I still remember that it was an Oscar de la Renta. Very elegant. Oh, and she later married her date from that evening.

Next in line is sassy Tara of the big hair. Wow, was her hair ever meant for that era! This photo doesn't fully capture its capabilities. Oh, and she always wore fresh and BRIGHT! lipstick. How were we even friends? Band is the answer, my friend. Jazz band brought us together. Unfortunately I haven't seen her in years and years. Although I did just receive a wedding announcement about a wedding in Samoa or Tonga or somewhere . . . Tara Harrison are you out there? I miss you, email me!

Then we have Michele in the seaweed dress. I guess we thought it looked like seaweed . . . To know her is to love her, truly. Michele disliked (dislikes?) dresses even more than I did in high school. Probably why we got along so well. That and band. And the fact that neither of us had a curfew in high school so we had someone to hang out with to watch stupid movies after midnight. Her dress was slated to be a bridesmaid dress for her sister's upcoming wedding. But it disappeared shortly before the dance and she almost didn't have a dress that night. For some reason I think she picked up her date in a t-shirt and slip . . . am I making that up?

Front and center is Emily (my "associate" and occasional blog interloper and promotions department). All I can say is Emily and I both wore borrowed dresses and borrowed strapless bras. Neither of us managed to keep the bras in place all evening and dedicated a great deal of time that evening to pulling up (me) and pulling back around (her) our wayward bras. Oh, and she and hovergirl are the only two in this photo who can justify wearing those horrible WHITE nylons. But then again, even then Emily had more fashion sense than the rest of us put together. Probably still does (no offense to the other ladies).

Next is Mary. I cannot look at this photo without laughing about her February "mosquito bite" just above her unbelievable cleavage which shocked and amazed those of us who had not yet reached our full potential in that department. It was a ZIT! There, I said it. I wish she was still willing to talk to us. .  . 

Not sure why we were all scrunched up on this end of the photo but I'm next in line. I was wearing a dress borrowed from Tara. I felt a little bit scandalous for wearing it due to its off-the-shoulder-sort-of-strapless-ness. Of course you can't tell in this photo. Or any photos because I had so. much. HAIR! This is one of two times in my life it has ever been curly. I had to sleep in perm rods to make it do this. And why oh why oh why did I wear those heinous WHITE nylons?

Which brings us back to flirty Liz whose dress was also selected from a collection found at Tara's house. I thought it looked like a Disney-princess dress (before the Disney princess fad was mass marketed) due to those uber puffy sleeves. At least she had the good sense to wear dark hose.


lizzie said...

so funny! this has made my late, chaotic, unpleasant morning completely better. thanks for the laugh and the good memories! and for the record...i LOVED that dress!

lizzie said...

particularly the sleeves...and dan was mesmerized by them. i remember he kept poking them.

Tiffany said...

One word, ladies: MEEEOOOOOWWWWW!

katie said...

You all were strange.

michele said...

i love that picture. my mom just made me take 5 boxes of pictures home from her house, and i was looking at some from that evening. there was a sombrero involved at one point, and the toothpaste? what was that about? anywho, we were sexy, and yes i think i did pick up my date in my slip and t-shirt!

Terry said...

What a fun post! What beautiful young ladies! I love seeing the old school fashions! I actually had that exact same seaweed dress that Michele is wearing and at the time I thought it was so beautiful!

Rachel said...

That is awesome! My mom should do this because she has an entire external hard drive of pictures. Clasic.

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