Tuesday, September 16, 2008

this day in history

1620 - Mayflower leaves Plymouth, England
1776 - General George Washington led troops into Harlem Heights to restore American confidence during the Revolutionary War
1810 - Mexican war of indepence begins
1893 - the largest land race in history began with more than 100,000 people chasing land in Oklahoma
1903 - Rolls Royce successfully tested the first gas engine
1920 - Wall Street explodes - a horse-drawn wagon full of explosives detonated killing approximately 30 people
1924 - Lauren Bacall was born
1932 - Ghandi began his fast in protest of caste separation
1940 - the first US peace time draft imposed
1949 - Warner Brothers debut the Road Runner
1977 - opera singer Maria Callas dies
1978 - 7.7 magnitude earthquake rocks Iran killing more than 25,000 people
1981 - Sugar Ray Leonard knocks out Thomas Hearns to unify middleweight title
1995 - I got married

You can read a short blurb about it here. Or, if you haven't done so already, catch up on the lengthier version here (start reading from the bottom). I should have another chapter ready sometime toward the end of the week.

**all of my historical events (save one) came from here.


Tiffany said...

I'm wishing you a happy anniversary, not to celebrate that day, but to celebrate who you've become because of that day.

Happy anniversary. I'm proud of you!

Leslie said...

Ditto what my sis said.

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